Hambalan Press

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-962-7866-01-5Larry FeignAIEEYAAA!
978-962-7866-02-2Larry FeignAIEEYAAA, Not Again!
978-962-7866-03-9   ''The World of Lilly Wong: A far-eastern cross-cultural cartoon love story
1993978-962-7866-04-6   ''Quotations From Lily Wong
  ''978-962-7866-05-3   ''The Adventures of SuperLily
  ''978-962-7866-06-0   ''Postcards from Lily Wong
1994978-962-7866-08-4Larry FeignHong Kong Fairy Tales
1995978-962-7866-09-1   ''Banned in Hong Kong
1996978-962-7866-10-7John KeatingTwo Billion Armpits: How Experts Sell China What It Really Wants
  ''978-962-7866-11-4Cathy Tsang-FeignKeeping Your Life, Family and Career Intact While Living Abroad
978-962-7866-12-1Larry FeignAIEEYAAA! I'm Pregnant!
1997978-962-7866-13-8   ''Let's All Shut Up and Make Money!
2002978-962-7866-14-5   ''Snake Soup: an animated flip book
2011978-962-7866-17-6   ''How the Animals Do It: The Weird Mating Habits of the Wild Beasts
2013978-962-7866-18-3Cathy Tsang-FeignKeep Your Life, Family and Career Intact While Living Abroad: What every expat needs to know