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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-962-7762-01-0Multiple contributionsExplaining Hedge Funds in the Shari'ah Context: Dubai as the Hedge Fund Jurisdiction of Choice
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2008978-962-7762-05-8Robert AgnewThe Capital Guide to China's Investment Management Industry
978-962-7762-09-6The Practitioner's Guide to the Codes on Takeovers and Mergers and Share Repurchases (Hong Kong)
2009978-962-7762-13-3Eleanor Bramah · Sarah BarhamThe Practitioner's Guide to the Code on Takeovers and Mergers and Share Repurchases in Hong Kong
1994978-962-7762-15-7Sarah Barham · Ian HallsworthThe Asian Stockmarket Factbook
2009978-962-7762-17-1Multiple contributions · Ian Hallsworth · Sarah BarhamHow to Start and Grow a Successful Hedge Fund in Europe
1995978-962-7762-19-5Sarah Barham · Ian HallsworthSecurities Trading in New Europe
  ''978-962-7762-20-1Foreign Investment in Asian Markets
2010978-962-7762-21-8Multiple contributionsComparative Jurisdiction Guide
1996978-962-7762-22-5The Practitioner's Guide to the Listing Rules of the Australian Stock Exchange
2010978-962-7762-25-6Scott Charaneka · Michelle AsimusEstablishing a Funds Management Business in Australia
1996978-962-7762-27-0Ian Hallsworth · Sarah BarhamFinancial Futures and Traded Options in Asia
1997978-962-7762-29-4The Asian Bond Market
  ''978-962-7762-30-0Ian Hallsworth · Sarah BarhamThe Bermuda International Business Guide
  ''978-962-7762-34-8The Practitioner's Guide to the Listing Rules of the New York Stock Exchange
1998978-962-7762-35-5ROPGER CROMBIEConyers, Dill & Pearman: A History
1997978-962-7762-36-2Sarah BarhamOffshore Funds Guide 1998
1998978-962-7762-40-9Sarah · Hallsworth, Ian BarhamListing Rules of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong
  ''978-962-7762-41-6Japan's Pension Market to 2005
1998978-962-7762-42-3Ian HallsworthMarketing Unit Trusts and Mutual Funds in Asia
978-962-7762-43-0Custodial Services in Asia
1993978-962-7762-44-7VariousPRC Securities Market Handbook
1998978-962-7762-45-4VariousAsset Securitisation in Asia
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1999978-962-7762-51-5Stuart LeckiePension Funds in China
1999978-962-7762-52-2Offshore Funds- 2000 Edition
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  ''978-962-7762-54-6   ''Marketing Unit Trusts And Mutual Funds In Asia
2002978-962-7762-56-0Sarah Barham · Carol BonnettBermuda International Business Guide
1999978-962-7762-57-7VariousA Capital Report on Custodial Services to 2005
978-962-7762-58-4The Capital Guide To Alternative Investment
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978-962-7762-61-4The Global Guide to Marketing Funds
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978-962-7762-64-5Starting a Hedge Fund: A US Perspective
2001978-962-7762-65-2Alternative Investment
  ''978-962-7762-66-9VariousThe Practitioner's Guide to the Listing Rules of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong
978-962-7762-68-3Offshore E-commerce: A Comparative Jurisdiction
2001978-962-7762-69-0Jeffrey Lee FunkThe Mobile Internet: How Japan Dialled up and the West Disconnected
  ''978-962-7762-71-3Various · Sarah Barham · Ian Hallsworth · Carol BonnettThe Capital Guide to Offshore Funds
2002978-962-7762-72-0David WyldBusiness 2 Government: We the People Speak on e-Government--Interviews with Leading B2G Players
2002978-962-7762-73-7David C. WyldB2G: Using E-business to Make Government More Efficient
2001978-962-7762-74-4Jiesi Wu · Wu JiesiThe Chinese Phoenix: The Debt Restructuring of the Guangdong Enterprises Group
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  ''978-962-7762-91-1   ''The Capital Guide to Alternative Investment
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978-962-7762-95-9Starting a Hedge Fund: A U.S. Perspective
978-962-7762-96-6Marketing Unit Trusts and Mutual Trusts in Asia
978-962-7762-97-3Starting a Hedge Fund: A European Perspective
2014978-962-7762-98-0Multiple AuthorsHow to Start and Grow a Successful Hedge Fund in Canada
2005978-962-7762-99-7Sarah BarhamThe Practitioner's Guide to the Listing Rules of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange