year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-962-7287-01-8Robert W. L. KleinerChinese Snuff Bottles from the Collection of Mary and George Bloch
1990978-962-7287-03-2Dominic Man-Kit LamImagery and illusion: The paintings of Dominic Man-Kit Lam
1991978-962-7287-07-0Yang YanwenPromises
  ''978-962-7287-08-7Plum Blossoms GalleryUncorked Soul (Contemporary Art from Vietnam)
2014978-962-7287-12-4Mee-Seen LoongA Collection of Pagodas: 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco
1993978-962-7287-14-8Nancy Chu WOOThe Emerging Harmony Of Forms
1994978-962-7287-20-9Moment to Moment
  ''978-962-7287-21-6C.C. WANGLandscapes And Calligraphic Images
  ''978-962-7287-22-3Judith Huges, ed. DAYFine contemporary Vietnamese art: Poetic reflections
  ''978-962-7287-24-7Zhu WeiZhu Wei: The Story of Beijing
1995978-962-7287-26-1Nie OuNie Ou: Visions
1996978-962-7287-27-8Wei-Liang ChowShanghai large dragons: The first issue of the Shanghai local post
1996978-962-7287-28-5Stair Sainty Mattheisen Inc.The Mattheisen Gallery Catalogue 1996
  ''978-962-7287-29-2Robert KleinerChinese Jades from The Collection of Alan and Simone Hartman
  ''978-962-7287-30-8Li Huayi Landscape Paintings (1993-95)
1997978-962-7287-34-6Wan Kyun Rha KimArt of the Chinese Cultural Revolution and Beyond
  ''978-962-7287-37-7Robert KleinerChinese Snuff Bottles (The White Wing Collection)
  ''978-962-7287-39-1Le Cheval Chinois Heavenly Horses
1999978-962-7287-40-7Peter C SuttonOtto Naumann LTD Old Master Paintings Of
2000978-962-7287-41-4Robert KleinerPrecious Playthings: Important Chinese Snuff Bottles From the Mack Collection
2004978-962-7287-48-3Robert D. Jacobsen · Julian ThompsonImperial Perfection: The Palace Porcelain of Three Chinese Emperors, Kangxi - Yongzheng - Qianlong
2006978-962-7287-49-0Elsa GlickmanChinese Snuff Bottle Mania: Stories of Collectors, Trade, Intrigues and Gotham's Auctions
2013978-962-7287-51-3Malcolm BarnettArt and Imitation in China: Art & Imitation in China

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