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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-962-7283-01-0Trea WiltshireOld Hong Kong: 1860-1900 (Volume 1)
1999978-962-7283-02-7FormAsiaHONG KONG: Great Cities Of The World
1989978-962-7283-03-4Robin HutcheonChinnery: Premier Painter
1998978-962-7283-04-1Jan MorrisBuilding Hong Kong
1997978-962-7283-05-8Trea WiltshireHong Kong: The Last Prize of Empire
1998978-962-7283-06-5Trea Wiltshire · Trea Wilshire · Benno Gross · Kwan Kwong ChungEchoes of Old China: Traditional Shops in Contemporary Hong Kong
1994978-962-7283-07-2Anthony LawrenceThe Taipan Traders
  ''978-962-7283-08-9Michael RobsonOpium: The Potent Poppy
1998978-962-7283-09-6Donald WiseAbove the Barren Rock
1995978-962-7283-10-2Lynn Pan · Trea WiltshireSaturday's Child: Hong Kong in the Sixties
1994978-962-7283-11-9Mark TullyMother
1998978-962-7283-12-6Russell SpurrEXCELLENCY: The Governors of Hong Kong
1997978-962-7283-13-3Trea WiltshireOLD HONG KONG - Volume Two - 1901-1945 - II
1999978-962-7283-14-0   ''Encounters With China: Merchants, Missionaries & Mandarins
2000978-962-7283-15-7Lynn PanTrue to Form: A Celebration of the Art of the Chinese Craftsman
1999978-962-7283-16-4   ''True to Form a Celebration of the Art Of
1998978-962-7283-17-1Postcard from Hong Kong
1997978-962-7283-18-8Tim LuardHong Kong The Imperial Orphan
1998978-962-7283-19-5Nigel Cameron · Patrick H. HaseThe Hong Kong Collection: Memorabilia of a Colonial Era
1999978-962-7283-20-1Lynn PanMao Memorabilia: The Man and the Myth
1997978-962-7283-21-8Trea WhiltshireOld Hong Kong: 1950-30 June 1997 (Volume Three)
1999978-962-7283-22-5Peter MossHong Kong Handover: Signed, Sealed & Delivered
  ''978-962-7283-23-2Trea WiltshireOld Hong Kong: Volume One (1860-1900), Volume Two (1901-1945), Volume Three (1950-30 June 1997)
  ''978-962-7283-24-9Roberts · Lung · ChengThe Heritage Of Hong Kong: Its History, Architecture & Culture
  ''978-962-7283-25-6Peter MossHong Kong Style
1999978-962-7283-26-3Peter MossSkylines: Hong Kong
2000978-962-7283-39-3   ''Skylines: Hong Kong
  ''978-962-7283-40-9Peter. MossSkylines: Hong Kong
2006978-962-7283-41-6Peter MossSkylines: Hong Kong
2004978-962-7283-42-3Trea WhltshireTrue to Form: The Art of the Chinese Craftsman
2005978-962-7283-43-0Willy Wo-Lap LamClassical Chinese Furniture
2002978-962-7283-46-1Peter MossAnother City Another Age (Hong Kong: Another City Another Age)
2004978-962-7283-47-8Trea WhltshireEchoes of Old China
2006978-962-7283-48-5Trea WiltshireA Street in China
2002978-962-7283-49-2Peter MossHong Kong What's to See in Asia's Most Concentrated Travel Destination
2004978-962-7283-50-8May HoldsworthAdorning the Empress
2005978-962-7283-51-5Trea. WiltshireOLD HONG KONG: 1860 - 30 JUNE 1997.
2004978-962-7283-55-3Peter SherwoodMount Everest: Legendry, Victors, and Vanquished
2003978-962-7283-56-0Trea WiltshireHong Kong: Pages from the Past
2004978-962-7283-57-7Sherry LeeHong Kong Past & Present
2007978-962-7283-58-4Sheila GibbsHong Kong: Great Cities of the World
2008978-962-7283-62-1Peter MossPassing Shadows - Hong Kong
2003978-962-7283-63-8Stella DongShanghai: Gateway to the Celestial Empire
2004978-962-7283-64-5Nigel CameronThe Chinese Scholar's Desk
2003978-962-7283-65-2Peter MossThe Colour of Asia
  ''978-962-7283-66-9Stella DongSun Yat-sen: The Man Who Changed China
  ''978-962-7283-67-6Peter MossThe Long March Back
  ''978-962-7283-68-3   ''Essence of Ancient Wisdom
2004978-962-7283-69-0Nigel CameronOld Peking Revisited
2003978-962-7283-70-6Trea WiltshireEncounters with China
2003978-962-7283-73-7Peter Moss · Wiltshire WiltshireOld Hong Kong: Vol. 1 (1860 1900), Vol. 2 (1901 1945), Vol. 3 (1950 30 June 1997)
  ''978-962-7283-75-1Trea WiltshireAngkor
2006978-962-7283-76-8Nigel CameronThe Buddha
  ''978-962-7283-77-5M. K. Shankar (Author)Tools of the Carpenter's Trade: Takenaka Carpentry Museum - Kobe
2003978-962-7283-78-2M.K. ShankerClassic Japanese Furniture: Worlds Within the Japanese Home
2004978-962-7283-79-9Essence of Ancient Wisdom: Chinese Proverbs
2006978-962-7283-80-5Trea WiltshireBamboo
  ''978-962-7283-81-2Peter MossChinese Symbolism: The Sublime Language
2004978-962-7283-84-3Harry RonickFeng Shui: The Chinese System of Elements
2002978-962-7283-85-0May HoldsworthAdorning the Empress
2005978-962-7283-87-4Lynn PanTrueToForm
2004978-962-7283-88-1Trea WiltshireEchoes of Old China
2005978-962-7283-89-8Pete SpurrierThe Serious Hiker's Guide to Hong Kong
2004978-962-7283-90-4Peter MossHong Kong
2004978-962-7283-91-1Peter MossLijiang: The Imperiled Utopia
  ''978-962-7283-92-8May HoldsworthWarriors of Ancient China
  ''978-962-7283-93-5David Clive PriceWithin the Forbidden City
2005978-962-7283-94-2Stella DongPeking: Heart of the Celestial Empire
  ''978-962-7283-95-9Anna HestlerShanghai Posters: The Power of Advertising
  ''978-962-7283-96-6Peter MossBuilding Hong Kong
2008978-962-7283-97-3David Clive PriceBUDDHISM The Fabric of Life in Asia
2005978-962-7283-98-0Anna HestlerThe Legacy of Lhasa
2007978-962-7283-99-7Peter MossAsian Furniture