Daga Press

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-962-7250-06-7AnonymousEvolution of Labour Legislation in Asia
1991978-962-7250-07-4Nai Wang KwokHong Kong 1997: A Christian perspective (URM series)
1992978-962-7250-09-8Trade Unions and TNCs Building Workers' Unity in the New Super States
  ''978-962-7250-12-8Marion Kennedy (ed) Kim"Once I Had a Dream...": Stories Told By Korean Women Minjung
1993978-962-7250-13-5Women's freedom: Proceedings of the Second Grassroots Women's Leadership Formation, 10-17 October 1992, Bangkok, Thailand (URM concerns)
1994978-962-7250-15-9Mathews George ChunakaraThe militarisation of politics & society: Southeast Asian experiences
1995978-962-7250-17-3Christianity & modernization: A Chinese debate
1996978-962-7250-19-7Nai Wang Kwok1997: Hong Kong's struggle for selfhood
2000978-962-7250-25-8The People of God Among All God's Peoples: Frontiers in Christian Mission
2002978-962-7250-30-2Ninan KoshyThe War on Terror: Reordering the World