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1985978-962-7160-01-4Tiziano TerzaniThe Forbidden Door
1986978-962-7160-03-8H. Steiner · Evans J. Richer · R. MoyerBayan Ko! Images of the Philippine Revolt
1987978-962-7160-04-5Tiziano TerzaniBehind the Forbidden Door: China Inside Out
1982978-962-7160-05-2Burma's Golden Triangle: On the Trail of the Opium Warlords
2002978-962-7160-06-9Bill PurvesChina on the Lam
1989978-962-7160-07-6Bernard KrisherJapan As We Lived It: Can East And West Ever Meet?
1999978-962-7160-08-3Asia 2000Chinese Horoscope: For the Year 2000
1989978-962-7160-10-6Aye SaungBurman in the back row (Burma reader series)
1999978-962-7160-14-4Yu Yaosheng · Sheng PeilinQuaille's Practical Chinese Students' Dictionary
1992978-962-7160-15-1Melinda LiuBeijing Spring
2000978-962-7160-19-9Fred SchneiterGetting Along With the Chinese: For Fun and Profit (Travel/China)
1992978-962-7160-20-5Andre Boucaud · Louis BoucaudBurma's Golden Triangle: On the Trail of the Opium Warlords
1996978-962-7160-21-2Bogert Carroll · L.H. ShingUSSR: Collapse of an Empire
1992978-962-7160-26-7Liu Heung and Bogert, Carroll ShingUSSR The Collapse of an Empire
1998978-962-7160-27-4Wendy TeasdillWalking to the Mountain: A Pilgrimage to Tibet's Holy Mount Kailash
978-962-7160-28-1MA, MFCC Cathy Tsang-FeignSelf-Help For Foreigners - How to Keep Your Life, Family and Career Intact While Living Abroad
1993978-962-7160-29-8Sue DownieDown Highway One...journeys Through Vietnam and Cambodia
1994978-962-7160-30-4Donald KirkKorean dynasty: Hyundai and Chung Ju Yung
  ''978-962-7160-31-1Korean Dynasty
  ''978-962-7160-32-8Sussy ChakoChinese Walls: A Hong Kong Family Unlike Any Other
1995978-962-7160-35-9Vietnam Land of the Blue Dragon
1999978-962-7160-37-3Shirley Ingram · Rebecca S. Y. NgCantonese Culture: Aspects of Life in Modern Hong Kong and Southeast Asia (Travel/Hong Kong/Se Asia)
2003978-962-7160-38-0Alan PierceCheung Chau Dog Fanciers' Society
1998978-962-7160-39-7Charles DeTrenck -Red Chips -
1999978-962-7160-40-3Xu XiDaughters of Hui
1996978-962-7160-45-8Concise World Atlas
2002978-962-7160-47-2Rebecca Bradley · Stewart SloanTemutma
978-962-7160-49-6Jan AlexanderGetting to Lamma
2002978-962-7160-50-2Robert AbelRiding a Tiger
1997978-962-7160-51-9Agnes LamWoman to woman: And other poems
  ''978-962-7160-52-6Louise HoNew Ends Old Beginnings
2002978-962-7160-53-3Mary Chan Ma LaiEgg Woman's Daughter: A Tanka Memoir
1999978-962-7160-54-0Todd CrowellFarewell My Colony: Last Days in the Life of British Hong Kong
  ''978-962-7160-55-7xu-xiHong Kong Rose
1998978-962-7160-58-8Christopher LingleRise and Decline of the Asian Century: False Starts on the Path to the Global Millennium
1999978-962-7160-59-5Alex KuoChinese Opera
1998978-962-7160-61-8The World Bank China Library: China 2020 and Other Sector Reports
1998978-962-7160-62-5World BankThe World Bank China Library: China 2020 and Other Sector Reports
  ''978-962-7160-63-2Christopher LingleThe Rise and Decline of the Asian Century: False Starts on the Path to the Global Millennium
  ''978-962-7160-64-9Charles De TrenckRed Chips: And the Globalisation of China's Enterprises
1999978-962-7160-65-6Madeleine Marie Slavick · Barbara BakerRound: Poems and Photographs of Asia
  ''978-962-7160-66-3Annabel JacksonHong, Kong, Macau and the Muddy Pearl
1998978-962-7160-67-0KavitaAn Amorphous Melody: A Symphony in Verse -- First 1st Printing, Signed By Author
2002978-962-7160-68-7Leung Ping-kwanTravelling with a Bitter Melon: Selected Poems (1973-1998)
2000978-962-7160-69-4Heather StroudThe Ghost Locust
1999978-962-7160-70-0World development report, 1978-1998/9 ;: And, Selected world development indicators 1998/99
  ''978-962-7160-72-4M. WilliamsHong Kong Pathfinder: 21 Day Walks in Hong Kong
2002978-962-7160-73-1Christopher NewShanghai
1999978-962-7160-75-5Jonathan EleyGreat Red Hope: How China's Red Chip Companies Took Hong Kong
1999978-962-7160-76-2Khoo Seow Hwa · Nancy L. PenroseBehind the Brushstrokes: Appreciating Chinese Calligraphy
  ''978-962-7160-77-9Donald KirkHyundai: The Korean Dynasty of Chung Ju Yung (Business/Asian Studies)
2001978-962-7160-78-6Xu XiChinese Walls
2002978-962-7160-80-9Todd Crowell · Stephanie Forman MorimuraTokyo: City on the Edge
1998978-962-7160-81-6Howard TurkLast Seen in Shanghai
1999978-962-7160-83-0K. S. JomoRethinking Malaysia (Malaysian studies)
2000978-962-7160-84-7Francisco M. Caldeira Cabral · Annabel JacksonMacau's Gardens and Landscape Art
  ''978-962-7160-85-4World Development Report 1978-99/2000
  ''978-962-7160-86-1World Development Report 1978-99/2000
  ''978-962-7160-90-8QuailleQuailles Practical Chinese English Dictionary (Chinese Edition)
2001978-962-7160-92-2Barry Lowe · Agnes Chen · Robert StoneChina Now
2000978-962-7160-93-9JARDINS ET ART DU PAYSAGE A MACAO
2002978-962-7160-95-3Christopher NewA Change of Flag
2001978-962-7160-96-0WongtinYour Chinese Horoscope for the Year of the Snake: January 24th 2001 to February 11th 2002
2001978-962-7160-97-7Stephen RogersThe Last Puppet Master
  ''978-962-7160-98-4Nell NelsonEat Cook Hong Kong
2002978-962-7160-99-1Alex KuoLipstick And Other Stories- P

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