year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1985978-962-7018-01-8Cecilia Au-YeungChopsticks Recipes: Introduction/English-Chinese
1984978-962-7018-02-5MRS. CECILIA J. AU YEUNGChopsticks Recipes, Dim Sum (1)
1988978-962-7018-03-2Chopsticks Recipes Traditional Dishes
1985978-962-7018-04-9Cecilia Au-YeungQuick Meals/English-Chinese (Chopsticks Recipes)
1984978-962-7018-05-6chopsticks recipes everyday menu
1985978-962-7018-07-0Cecilia Au-YeungVegetarian Dishes/English-Chinese (Chopsticks Recipes)
1982978-962-7018-08-7Cecilia J. Au YeungDim Sum II (Chopsticks Recipes)
1985978-962-7018-10-0Cecilia Au-YeungChinese Casseroles/English-Chinese (Chopsticks Recipes)
  ''978-962-7018-11-7   ''Bean Products/English-Chinese (Chopsticks Recipes)
1988978-962-7018-12-4Ti Pu · Hong Kong Arts CentreThe World of Bu Di (English and Chinese Edition)
1982978-962-7018-13-1Cecilia Au-YeungChopsticks Recipes: Introduction
1981978-962-7018-31-5Au-YeungCookery Cards - Grade 1 (Set 1)
  ''978-962-7018-32-2Cecilia Au-YeungChopsticks Cookery Cards for Beginners: Set 2
1986978-962-7018-41-4   ''First Steps in Chinese Cooking
  ''978-962-7018-42-1   ''More Steps in Chinese Cooking: Recipes for Parents and Children
1985978-962-7018-51-3   ''Chopsticks Wok Miracles
1987978-962-7018-61-2Cecilia Au-YeungChopsticks Recipes: Introduction
  ''978-962-7018-62-9   ''Chopsticks Recipes Dim Sum
1988978-962-7018-63-6   ''Chopsticks Recipes Traditional Dishes
1986978-962-7018-64-3   ''Chopsticks Recipes: Quick Meals
1988978-962-7018-65-0   ''Chopsticks Recipes Everyday Menus
1988978-962-7018-66-7Cecilia Au-YeungChopsticks Recipes Cakes & Bread
  ''978-962-7018-67-4   ''Chopsticks Recipes Vegetarian Dishes
  ''978-962-7018-68-1   ''Chopsticks Recipes More Dim Sun
  ''978-962-7018-69-8   ''Chopsticks Recipes Budget Meals
  ''978-962-7018-70-4   ''Chopsticks Recipes Chinese Casseroles
1988978-962-7018-71-1Cecilia Au-YeungChopsticks Recipes: Healthy Bean Dishes
1988978-962-7018-72-8Cecilia Au-YeungChopsticks Recipes Vegetable Carvings
1991978-962-7018-73-5   ''Chopsticks Gourmet Collection
1994978-962-7018-74-2   ''Healthy Soups and Chowders
1985978-962-7018-81-0   ''Cookeries for Beginners/English-Chinese (Chopsticks Recipes)

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