year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-962-7010-03-6No AuthorAll Asia Guide
2000978-962-7010-06-7Hiro PunwaniAsia1980Yearbook Asia 1980 Yearbook [English original](Chinese Edition)
1978978-962-7010-08-1All Asia Guide
1983978-962-7010-14-2Far Eastern Economic ReviewAsia Yearbook, 1983
1984978-962-7010-18-0Bill CranfieldAll Asia Guide
  ''978-962-7010-19-7Richard HughesBarefoot reporter: The best of the Richard Hughes columns from the Far Eastern Economic Review, 1971-83
1985978-962-7010-20-3Asia 1985 Yearbook
1997978-962-7010-22-7David BonaviaHong King 1997: The Final Settlement
1986978-962-7010-23-4Asia Yearbook, 1986
  ''978-962-7010-25-8Brian Jeffries · Donald WiseAll-Asia Guide
  ''978-962-7010-26-5Geremie Barme · John MinfordSeeds of Fire Chinese Voices of Conscience
1987978-962-7010-29-6Anthony RowleyAsian stockmarkets: The inside story
1988978-962-7010-32-6William. McGurnBasic law, basic questions: The debate continues
1989978-962-7010-35-7Bertil LintnerOutrage: Burma's struggle for democracy
1991978-962-7010-37-1Asai 1991 Yearbook
1992978-962-7010-38-8Far Eastern Economic ReviewAll-Asia Guide: Northeast Asia
  ''978-962-7010-39-5   ''All-Asia Guide: Southeast Asia
1992978-962-7010-40-1Far Eastern Economic ReviewAll-Asia Guide: South Asia
  ''978-962-7010-41-8   ''All-Asia Guide
1991978-962-7010-42-5Asia Yearbook 1991
  ''978-962-7010-43-2Asai 1991 Yearbook
  ''978-962-7010-44-9All Asia Guide: v. 1-3
  ''978-962-7010-45-6Nigel HollowayJapan in Asia (Far Eastern Economic Review)
1992978-962-7010-46-31992 32ndAsia Yearbook 1992 Pb
1992978-962-7010-47-0Gavin (editor) GreenwoodAsia Yearbook 1992
1993978-962-7010-48-71993 33rdAsia Yearbook 1993 Pb
  ''978-962-7010-49-4   ''Asia Yearbook 1993 Cl
1994978-962-7010-50-0Far Eastern Economic ReviewAll-Asia Guide
1993978-962-7010-51-7Michael [editor] MalikALL-ASIA TRAVEL GUIDE (16th edition)
  ''978-962-7010-52-4Murray HiebertVietnam notebook
  ''978-962-7010-53-11994 34thAsia Yearbook 1994 Pb
  ''978-962-7010-54-81994 35thAsia Yearbook 1994 Cl
1995978-962-7010-55-5Murray HiebertVietnam Notebook
1995978-962-7010-56-2Frank ChingChina in Transition
978-962-7010-57-9Nury VittachiTravellers Tales the Original Book of Th
1995978-962-7010-58-61995 35thAsia Yearbook 1995 Pb
  ''978-962-7010-59-3   ''Asia Yearbook 1995 Cl
  ''978-962-7010-60-9Not AvailableAll-Asia Travel Guide (ALL-ASIA GUIDE)
1996978-962-7010-62-31996 36thAsia Yearbook 1996 Pb
1996978-962-7010-63-01996 36thAsia Yearbook 1996 Cl
  ''978-962-7010-64-7Asian trade and investment: Annual guide to China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
  ''978-962-7010-65-4Designer-Pat Elliott ShircoreFar Eastern Economic Review: Telling Asia's Story for Fifty Years
1997978-962-7010-68-537th EdAsia Yearbook 1997 Pb
  ''978-962-7010-69-2   ''Asia Yearbook 1997 Cl
  ''978-962-7010-70-8Hong Kong: 1997 and beyond
1997978-962-7010-71-5Frank. (Editor). ChingChina In Transition: Towards the New Millennium
  ''978-962-7010-72-238th EdAsia Yearbook 1998 Pb
  ''978-962-7010-73-9   ''Asia Yearbook 1998 Cl
1998978-962-7010-74-6Crash of '97
  ''978-962-7010-76-0Asia Yearbook 1999
  ''978-962-7010-77-7Asia Yearbook 1999
2000978-962-7010-78-4Asia Yearbook 2000
2001978-962-7010-79-1Asia Yearbook 2001
2002978-962-7010-80-72002 42edAsia 2002 Yearbook

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