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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1996978-962-661-011-4Howard GenslerAuditing standards of the People's Republic of China
2002978-962-661-014-5Practical Approach to Intellectual Property Law in Hong Kong
1992978-962-661-017-6Raymond HayesLandlord and Tenant
1998978-962-661-018-3HEWITT LIU MCDONAGH MELLOY ETCHewitt Legal Pract Man Family
1996978-962-661-019-0P P Sherrington · Lovell White DurrantCivil Litigation 1 From Instruction to Trial
1998978-962-661-020-6LOVELL WHITE DURRANTLovell Leg Pract Man Civ Lit 2
2002978-962-661-021-3Kala Anandarajah · Bob Baxt · Michael Bradley · Nick Bradley · Douglas M. Branson · Chris Comber · James D. Cox · George S. DallasCorporate Governance: An Asia-Pacific Critique
  ''978-962-661-022-0China and the WTO: Going West
  ''978-962-661-023-7Terri MottersheadEnvironmental Law and Enforcement in the Asia-Pacific Rim
1996978-962-661-024-4Barry Bannister · Andy Chan · Wai-Ming Mak · Catherine NgManaging Human Resources in Hong Kong
2001978-962-661-026-8G JonesHochelaga Lectures Restit Law
1996978-962-661-031-2Vanessa StottHong Kong Company Law: Hong Kong Company Law 6E
978-962-661-033-6Dobinson Intro Law Hong Kong
2001978-962-661-034-3Mary L. RileyProtecting Intellectual Property Rights in China (China Law)
1998978-962-661-037-4TERRY STerry Establishing Company Hk
978-962-661-039-8Criminal Litigation
978-962-661-040-4Wacks,BERTHOLD & WACKS BertholdBerthold Prof Guide Data Priv
1998978-962-661-042-8EVANS SEvans Prof Guide Offshore Juri
2002978-962-661-044-2ZHENINTEChinese Intell Prop Law 21cent
1996978-962-661-045-9Case studies of China international economic and trade arbitration: International trade disputes
  ''978-962-661-046-6Sheng-ch°ang WangResolving disputes in the PRC: A practical guide to arbitration and conciliation in China (China law handbook)
1997978-962-661-048-0China's emerging capital markets
1998978-962-661-049-7FARRELL C Colin FarrellFarrell Understand Tax Hk
1997978-962-661-050-3Asia Pacific Securities Markets
2000978-962-661-051-0Lin FengConstitutional Law in China (China Law)
2001978-962-661-053-4Ben BeaumontArbitration Procedure in Asia
  ''978-962-661-056-5Zhu GuobinThe Legal System of the PRC (China Law)
1997978-962-661-057-2Roman and Little Tomasic PeterInsolvency Law and Practice in Asia
1998978-962-661-058-9J O'connellOconnell Prof Guide Succ Pract
2002978-962-661-064-0Allan Leung · Crispin RapinetCivil Litigation
1998978-962-661-065-7Averil C. Waters WatersHong Kong Patent Law: Professional Guide
1997978-962-661-066-4The FT Guide to Investment Managers in Asia
1997978-962-661-067-1Sek Hong NgStructuring for success in China: Critical organisational and HR issues
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1997978-962-661-071-8Jean-Raphaël ChaponnièreKorea: Open for business
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1999978-962-661-077-0Hong XueSoftware protection in China: A complete guide (The China law series)
1997978-962-661-081-7Robert BrownThe globalisation of Asian firms: Strategies and implications
  ''978-962-661-083-1Ismail DallaAsia's Emerging Bond Markets
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1997978-962-661-091-6Peter J WilliamsonNew competitive strategies in Asia: How should Western companies respond?
2001978-962-661-093-0Chen Guang · Zhang Wang Xian Chu · Wang Chen Guang · Zhang Xian ChuIntroduction to Chinese Law (China Law)
1998978-962-661-097-8Desmond Li Wing PingProfessional Guide: Mergers and Acquisitions in Hong Kong
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978-962-661-181-4Tort Law in Hong Kong
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978-962-661-186-9Hong Kong Privacy Law in the Digital Age
2003978-962-661-193-7Corporate Governance Hong Kong
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