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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-962-634-874-1T. H. WhiteThe Sword in the Stone (abridged) (Classic Fiction)
  ''978-962-634-875-8Sheridan · Richard BrinsleyThe School for Scandal
  ''978-962-634-876-5Synge · J. M.The Playboy of the Western World
  ''978-962-634-877-2Nietzsche · FriedrichBeyond Good and Evil
  ''978-962-634-878-9Paine · ThomasRights of Man
2008978-962-634-879-6Basho Matsuo · Chomei Kamono · Togo IgawaThe Narrow Road and Hojoki
  ''978-962-634-880-2T.H. WhiteThe Candle in the Wind and The Book of Merlyn (Complete Classics)
  ''978-962-634-881-9VoltaireCandide and Zadig (Naxos Complete Classics) (The Complete Classics)
  ''978-962-634-882-6Marryat · FrederickThe Children of the New Forest
2010978-962-634-883-3Oscar WildeLord Arthur Savile's Crime and Other Stories (Complete Classics)
2008978-962-634-884-0Collins · WilkieThe Woman in White (Complete Classics)
  ''978-962-634-885-7John MiltonThe Essential Milton: Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained, Shorter Poems, Prose, Biography
2008978-962-634-886-4Shakespeare · WilliamThe Merchant of Venice (Classic Drama)
  ''978-962-634-887-1Thomas · DylanUnder Milk Wood and other plays (Classic Drama)
2009978-962-634-888-8Arthur Conan DoyleThe Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (Classic fiction) (The Complete Classics)
2008978-962-634-889-5Dickens · CharlesLittle Dorrit (Complete Classics)
  ''978-962-634-890-1Conrad · JosephNostromo (Complete Classics)
  ''978-962-634-891-8Lawrence · D.H.Sons and Lovers (Complete Classics) (The Complete Classics)
  ''978-962-634-892-5Dickens · CharlesThe Old Curiosity Shop (Classic Fiction)
2009978-962-634-893-2William McGonagallThe Great Poets: William McGonagall
2008978-962-634-894-9Scott · Sir WalterIvanhoe
2010978-962-634-895-6Charles DickensThe Old Curiosity Shop (The Complete Classics)
2008978-962-634-896-3Mansfield · KatherineBliss and Other Stories (Naxos Classic Fiction)
2009978-962-634-897-0Georgette HeyerCotillion (Popular Classics)
2009978-962-634-898-7DescartesDescartes: An Introduction
2008978-962-634-899-4Dickens · CharlesLittle Dorrit (Naxos Classic Fiction)
  ''978-962-634-900-7Hopkins · Gerard ManleyGreat Poets: Hopkins (The Great Poets)
  ''978-962-634-901-4T. H. WhiteThe Once and Future King (Complete Classics)
1998978-962-634-902-1Naxos AudioThe Essential Gift Pack: A Case of Having It All with Book
2008978-962-634-903-8Brontë · CharlotteVillette
2009978-962-634-908-3Charles DickensBarnaby Rudge (Classic Fiction)
2010978-962-634-909-0   ''Barnaby Rudge (Naxos Complete Classics)
2008978-962-634-910-6Vasari · GiorgioThe Lives of the Great Artists
  ''978-962-634-911-3Charles Dickens · Oscar Wilde · Edgar Allan PoeChilling Ghost Stories (Classic Fiction)
  ''978-962-634-912-0Poe · Edgar Allan · Maupassant · Guy de · Saki · Kipling · Rudyard · JamesGreat Ghost Stories
2008978-962-634-913-7Hasek · JaroslavThe Good Soldier Svejk (Classic Fiction)
  ''978-962-634-914-4Coolidge · SusanWhat Katy Did at School (Junior Classics)
2009978-962-634-915-1Peter WhitfieldThe History of English Poetry (Naxos Audio)
  ''978-962-634-916-8Rudyard KiplingKim (The Complete Classics)
978-962-634-917-5The Gathering
2008978-962-634-918-2Marshall · H. E.Our Island Story (complete) (Complete Classics)
  ''978-962-634-919-9Timson · DavidStories from Shakespeare: The Plantaganets (Junior Classics)
2009978-962-634-920-5Elizabeth Barrett Browning · Christina RossettiThe Great Poets: Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Christina Rossetti
2008978-962-634-921-2Poe · Edgar AllanThe Essential Poe
2010978-962-634-922-9Robert BrowningThe Great Poets: Robert Browning
2009978-962-634-923-6Jack LondonThe Call of the Wild (The Complete Classics)
  ''978-962-634-925-0Georgette HeyerSylvester (Classic)
2010978-962-634-927-4Elizabeth GaskellWives and Daughters
2008978-962-634-928-1Hardy · ThomasTess of the D'Urbervilles (Classic Fiction)
2008978-962-634-929-8Shakespeare · WilliamOthello
2010978-962-634-930-4Brian GlanvilleThe History of the World Cup 2010 Edition
2008978-962-634-931-1Garner · AlanThe Owl Service (Junior Classics)
  ''978-962-634-932-8Mark SloukaThe Visible World
2009978-962-634-933-5Arthur Conan DoyleThe Poison Belt (The Complete Classics)
  ''978-962-634-934-2Sholem AleichemTevye the Milkman (Classic Fiction)
  ''978-962-634-935-9Mikhail BulgakovThe Master and Margarita (Complete Classics)
  ''978-962-634-936-6Mikhail BulgakovThe Master and Margarita (Modern Classics (Naxos Audiobooks))
2009978-962-634-937-3Montaigne · Swift · Carlyle · Addison: Johnson · ChestertonFavourite Essays: An Anthology (Classic Literature with Classical Music)
  ''978-962-634-938-0Herrick · Marlowe · Rochester · Jonson · Byron · Keats · Tennyson · BetjemanClassic Erotic Verse / Various
  ''978-962-634-940-3R. M. BallantyneThe Coral Island (Junior Classics)
  ''978-962-634-941-0Lost WorldSir Arthur Conan Doyle
  ''978-962-634-943-4Abraham Lincoln · Peter WhitfieldThe Essential Abraham Lincoln (Naxos Audio)
2009978-962-634-944-1Peter WhitfieldIn A Nutshell: Darwin (In a Nutshell (Naxos Audio))
  ''978-962-634-945-8JinanandaIn A Nutshell: Karma and Rebirth (In a Nutshell (Naxos Audio))
  ''978-962-634-946-5Rose TremainThe Road Home (Contemporary Fiction)
  ''978-962-634-947-2Charlotte BronteJane Eyre (Naxos Young Adult Classics)
  ''978-962-634-948-9Arthur Conan DoyleThe Hound of the Baskervilles (Young Adult Classics)
2009978-962-634-949-6Kenneth Grahame · Edith NesbitDragon Tales (Naxos Junior Classics)
  ''978-962-634-950-2L. Frank BaumThe Marvelous Land of Oz (Junior Classics)
  ''978-962-634-951-9Jeremy SiepmannJoseph Haydn: His Life and Works
  ''978-962-634-952-6David McCleeryDiscover: Music of the Romantic Era
  ''978-962-634-953-3Edgar Allan PoeThe Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket (Classic Fiction)
2009978-962-634-954-0Oliver Wendell HolmesThe Great Poets: Oliver Wendell Holmes
  ''978-962-634-955-7Arthur Conan DoyleThe Essential Sir Arthur Conn Doyle
  ''978-962-634-956-4William ShakespeareFrom Shakespeare with Love (Great Poets)
  ''978-962-634-957-1Jane AustenPride and Prejudice (Naxos Young Adult Classics)
  ''978-962-634-959-5Clive Unger-HamiltonDiscover: Music of the Baroque Era
2009978-962-634-960-1James JoyceFinnegans Wake (Modern Classics)
  ''978-962-634-961-8Tim AlborneIn A Nutshell: Afghanistan
  ''978-962-634-962-5Jonathan GregsonIn A Nutshell: Tibet
  ''978-962-634-963-2G K ChestertonThe Innocence of Father Brown Volume 1 (Father Brown Stories) (v. 1)
  ''978-962-634-964-9Flann O'BrienThe Third Policeman (Modern Classics (Naxos Audiobooks))
2009978-962-634-965-6Mary ShelleyFrankenstein (Naxos Young Adult Classics)
  ''978-962-634-966-3Robert Louis StevensonThe Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Naxos Young Adult Classics)
  ''978-962-634-967-0Sterne, Laurence: Tristram Shandy (U)
  ''978-962-634-968-7Robert BurnsThe Great Poets: Robert Burns
  ''978-962-634-969-4Alan GarnerElidor
2009978-962-634-970-0Thomas HardyFar from the Madding Crowd (Naxos Young Adult Classics)
2008978-962-634-971-7Cormack McCarthyThe Road
1995978-962-634-972-4Mark TwainHuckleberry Finn (Junior Classics)
2010978-962-634-973-1G.K. ChestertonInnocence of Father Brown: 2 (Complete Classics)
2009978-962-634-974-8Oscar WildeThe Canterville Ghost (Junior Classics)
  ''978-962-634-975-5Tremain, Rose: Music & Silence (A)
  ''978-962-634-976-2Degas, Rupert: Restoration (A)
  ''978-962-634-978-6Arthur Conan · Sir DoyleThe Complete Sherlock Holmes (Classics Fiction)
  ''978-962-634-979-3Peter WhitfieldIn a Nutshell: The Renaissance
2009978-962-634-980-9Cormac McCarthyNo Country for Old Men
  ''978-962-634-981-6Lord Tennyson AlfredThe Great Poets: Alfred, Lord Tennyson
  ''978-962-634-982-3Robert Louis StevensonThe Body Snatcher and Other Stories (Junior Classics)
2010978-962-634-983-0Charles DickensMartin Chuzzlewit (Naxos Complete Classics)
2009978-962-634-984-7T. S. EliotMurder in the Cathedral (Classic Drama)
  ''978-962-634-986-1Neil WenbornIn a Nutshell: The French Revolution
2010978-962-634-988-5Marcel Proust · Neville JasonThe Essential Remembrance of Things Past
2009978-962-634-989-2Charles DickensDombey and Son
  ''978-962-634-990-8   ''Dombey and Son (Classic Fiction)
2009978-962-634-991-5Oscar WildeThe Picture of Dorian Gray
2010978-962-634-993-9Peter WhitfieldThe History of Science
2009978-962-634-994-6Cormac McCarthyBlood Meridian
  ''978-962-634-995-3Edith NesbitNew Treasure Seekers (Junior Classics)
  ''978-962-634-996-0Giuseppe Tomasi di LampedusaThe Leopard (Complete Classics)
  ''978-962-634-997-7Arthur MillerDeath of a Salesman (Classic Drama)
  ''978-962-634-998-4Emily BronteYAC: Wuthering Heights (Young Adult Classics)
2009978-962-634-999-1Henry JamesYAC: The Turn of the Screw (Naxos Young Adult Classics)