year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-962-531-001-5An Overview of China's Gold & Silver Coins of Past Ages: The Gold and Silver Coins and Medals of Modern China
2000978-962-531-026-8BEN SHEChinese private economy Yearbook 1978-1993(Chinese Edition)
1994978-962-531-042-8Raymond Yin-Ching TseReal estate economics: Theory and policy with reference to Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan
1991978-962-531-091-6UnknownHong Kong Economic Yearbook (2001)
  ''978-962-531-111-1UnknownHong Kong Economic Yearbook (2002)
2000978-962-531-122-7WU LA TE ZHONG QI DI FANG ZHI BAN GONG SHIUrad Middle Banner Yearbook 2003(Chinese Edition)
2004978-962-531-135-7ZHONG GUO TONG JI CHU BAN SHEHong Kong Economic Yearbook 2004
1991978-962-531-141-8UnknownHong Kong Economic Yearbook (2005)
2000978-962-531-160-9BEN SHE.YI MINGHong Kong Economic Yearbook (2007)
1991978-962-531-171-5UnknownHong Kong Economic Yearbook (2008)
2000978-962-531-173-9BEN SHE.YI MING2008 Chinese market watches Yearbook
  ''978-962-531-178-4GUO JIA SHI PIN YAO PIN JIAN DU GUAN LI JU XIN XI ZHONG XINGenuine stock of 2009 approved the import of medical equipment the registered product catalog medical equipment Daquan(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-531-180-7BIAN WEI HUIThe market watches Yearbook 2008(Chinese Edition)
1991978-962-531-181-4UnknownHong Kong Economic Yearbook. Yearbook Club
2000978-962-531-183-8BU XIANGWatches Yearbook 2010(Chinese Edition)

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