Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-962-441-002-0Michael Ng-QuinnBureaucratic response to political change: Theoretical use of the atypical case of the Hong Kong Police (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-003-7Anthony Bing-leung CheungSocial conflicts in Hong Kong, 1975-1986: Trends and implications (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-004-4Anny WongJapans cultural diplomacy and cultivation of ASEAN elites (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-005-1Sung Yun-WingExplaining Chinas export drive: The only success among command economies (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-006-8Lok-Sang HoRetirement benefit programs: Analysis and a proposal for Hong Kong (Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies occasional paper)
1991978-962-441-007-5Yue-man Yeungurban poor and urban basic infrastructure services in Asia: past approaches and emerging challenges
  ''978-962-441-008-2Lok-sang HoInternational labour migration: The case of Hong Kong (Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-009-9Lok-Sang HoA proposal for deposit insurance in Hong Kong (Occasional paper)
1992978-962-441-010-5Thomas W. P WongFrom one brand of politics to one brand of political culture (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-011-2Zhaojia LiuPublic attitude toward political parties in Hong Kong (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-012-9Pak-wai LiuEconomic development of the four little dragons: Lessons for LDCS and China (Occasional paper)
1992978-962-441-013-6Yun-Wing SungNon-institutional economic integration via cultural affinity: the case of Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong
  ''978-962-441-017-4Wing Kwong TsangThe Class Structure in Hong Kong
1993978-962-441-019-8Yukun WangChina, urban development towards the Year 2000 (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-020-4Anita S MakPre-departure concerns of prospective migrants from Hong Kong to Australia (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-021-1Stephen W. K ChiuLabour under industrial restructuring in Hong Kong: A comparison of textiles and garments (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-022-8Yue-man YeungUrban and regional development in China (Occasional paper)
1993978-962-441-023-5Wing Kwong TsangEducational and early socioeconomic status attainment in Hong Kong (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-024-2Ernest Wing-tak ChuiElite-mass relationship in Hong Kong: A look into the perception of local level political representatives (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-025-9Tsze Sun LiThe world outside when the war broke out: A comparative study of two Chinese newspapers of different systems (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-026-6Wing-Shing TangA critical review of the English literature on Chinese urbanisation (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-027-3Chack-kie WongSocial Work And Social Change: A Profile Of The Activist Social Workers In Hong Kong
1993978-962-441-028-0Rance Pui-leung LeeThe birth and growth of acadmic sociology in Hong Kong (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-029-7Yuet-wah CheungPredicting adolescent deviant behavior in Hong Kong: A comparison of media, family, school, and peer variables (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-030-3Thomas W. P WongMorality, class and the Hong Kong way of life
  ''978-962-441-031-0Kit-chun LamAre immigrants assimilating better now than a decade ago?: The case of Hong Kong (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-032-7Power and dignity: Sexual harassment on campus in Hong Kong (Occasional paper)
1994978-962-441-033-4Richard E StrenUrban research in developing countries: Towards an agenda for the 1990s (Occasional paper)
1994978-962-441-034-1Yue-man YeungUrban research in Asia: Problems, priorities, and prospects (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-035-8Tien-tung HsuehChina's regional economic development and its policy implications (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-036-5Norton GinsburgPlanning the future of the Asian city: A twenty-five year retrospective (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-037-2Hsin-huang Michael HsiaoTaiwan-mainland economic nexus: Socio-political origins, state-society impacts, and future prospects (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-038-9Tai-lok LuiChinese entrepreneurship in context (Occasional paper)
1994978-962-441-040-2Stephen W. K ChiuThe politics of laissez-faire: Hong Kong's strategy of industrialization in historical perspective (Occasional paper)
1995978-962-441-041-9Quansheng ZhaoInformal mechanisms in Japanese politics (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-042-6Yue-man YeungDEVELOPMENT CORRIDOR IN FUJIAN: Fuzhou to Zhangzhou
  ''978-962-441-043-3Wing-shing TangUrbanisation in China's Fujian Province since 1978 (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-044-0Ernest Wing-tak ChuiThe ambivalence of local level political elites: Views of the 1994 District Board election candidates (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-045-7Tak Wing ChanIntergenerational social mobility in Hong Kong: A review of recent studies (Occasional paper)
1995978-962-441-046-4Sun tongwenZheng gang yu xuan ju yi jiu jiu si nian xianggang qu yi hui xuan ju de hui gui fen xi (Occasional paper no.46)
  ''978-962-441-047-1Sun Milan Tung wenIndigenization of social science methodolgy in Hong Kong (Occasional paper no. 47)
1996978-962-441-048-8Wang jiayingHou guo du qi Xianggang qing shao nian gong min yi shi quan gang yu sha tian de bi jiao (Occasional paper no.48)
  ''978-962-441-049-5Tan shao weiXuan ju xing wi yu yi shi de xing bie cha yi yi sha tian qu qing shao nian wei li (Occasional paper no.49)
  ''978-962-441-050-1Wang jaiyingXianggang ren de zu qun ren tong yu min zu ren tong yi ge zi you zhu yi de jie shi (Occasional paper no.50)
  ''978-962-441-051-8Jik Joen LeeThe road to the development of social welfare in Hong Kong: The historical key issues (Occasional paper / Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies)
1996978-962-441-052-5Cheris Shun-ching ChanHong kong in reenchantment: A case study of the new religious discourse (Occasional paper)
1997978-962-441-060-0T. G. McGeeFIVE DECADES OF URBANIZATION IN SOUTHEAST ASIA: A Personal Encounter
  ''978-962-441-065-5Lau Siu kaiHongkongese Or Chinese: the Problem of Identity on the Eve of Resumption of Chinese Sovereignty Over Hong Kong (Occasional paper)
1998978-962-441-072-3Zhaojia LiuDemocratization, poverty of political leaders, and political inefficacy in Hong Kong (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-076-1Robert Edward MitchellVelvet colonialism's legacy to Hong Kong, 1967 and 1997 (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-077-8Thomas W. P WongColonial governance and the Hong Kong story (Occasional paper)
  ''978-962-441-081-5Ho-fung HungRethinking the Hong Kong cultural identity: The case of rural ethnicities (Occasional paper)
1998978-962-441-089-1Pak Wai LiuThe Asian financial crisis and after: Problems and challenges for the Hong Kong economy (Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies occasional paper)
2010978-962-441-200-0Tze-wai WongWho Would Change Their Vote and Why? 2006: A Case Study on the 2006 Taipei and Kaohsiung Mayoral Elections
2009978-962-441-202-4{登β} 広良 · 王 卓祺家庭友善政策与生育決定:香港的例子(中国語) (Occasional Paper No.202)
2010978-962-441-204-8楊 春 · 廖 海峰珠三角港台資的変遷及其対地方産業昇級影響之比較研究-以東莞為例(中国語)
  ''978-962-441-205-5祝 玉紅児童視角下対于父母躯体虐待的認識:来自中国南京市的個案分析(中国語) (Occasional Paper No.203)
978-962-441-207-9Rising Wages: Has China Lost Its Global Labor Advantage?
2010978-962-441-209-3Ho Chun-KitMass Movement and Interactive Political Process: Labour's Struggle for a Minimum Wage in Post-colonial Hong Kong, 1998-2006
2000978-962-441-211-6Simon ShenCould the Soviet-Ukrainian and Lateran Models Work in China?(Chinese Edition)
1991978-962-441-501-8Liang an jing ji fa zhan yu Ya Tai qu yu hu dong (Yan jiu cong kan) (Mandarin Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-441-502-5Indicators of social development: Hong Kong 1988 (Research monograph)
  ''978-962-441-503-2Fanny M. Cheung · Wan Po-san · Choi Hang-keung · Choy Lee-manSelected Papers of Conference on Gender Studies in Chinese Societies (Research Monograph No. 3) (English and Mandarin Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-441-504-9Zhongguo jia ting ji qi bian qian ([Yan jiu cong kan) (Mandarin Chinese Edition)
1991978-962-441-505-6A bibliography of gender studies in Hong Kong (Research monograph)
  ''978-962-441-506-3Anny WongJapans comprehensive national security strategy and its economic cooperation with the ASEAN countries (Research monograph)
  ''978-962-441-507-0Tien-tung HsuehThe economics of industrial development in the Peoples Republic of China
1992978-962-441-508-7Hua ren she hui she hui zhi biao yan jiu di fa zhan =: The development of social indicators research in Chinese societies (Mandarin Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-441-509-4A Bibliography of Asia-Pacific studies (Research monograph)
  ''978-962-441-510-0Diana ChanA bibliography of Asia-Pacific studies (Research monograph)
1992978-962-441-511-7Diana ChanA Bibliography of Asia-Pacific Studies: Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand
1993978-962-441-512-4Kuang-Sheng LiaoPolitics of Economic Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region (Research Monograph No. 12)
1992978-962-441-513-1Indicators of social development: Hong Kong 1990 (Research monograph)
1993978-962-441-515-5LAU SIU-KAI · LOUIE KIN-SHEUNHonk Kong tried democracy: The 1991 elections in Hong Kong (Research monograph)
1994978-962-441-517-9Liu ZhaojiaFa zhan yu bu ping deng - da lu yu tai wan zhi she hui jie ceng yu liu dong (China: PRC/TW)
  ''978-962-441-518-6Inequalities and development: Social stratification in Chinese societies (Research monograph)
1995978-962-441-519-3Xianggang xuan ju zi liao hui bian, 1982 nian--1994 nian (Yan jiu cong kan) (Mandarin Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-441-520-9Productivity, efficiency and reform in China's economy
  ''978-962-441-521-6Liao guangshengLiang an jing mao hu dong de yin you yu sheng ji
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1995978-962-441-523-0R. I WestwoodGender and Society in Hong Kong: A Statistical Profile
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1996978-962-441-525-4Joseph Man ChanHong Kong journalists in transition (Research monograph)
  ''978-962-441-526-1Y YeungGlobal change and the Commonwealth
  ''978-962-441-528-5Liang an si di de hu dong zheng he: Ji yu yu zhang ai (Xianggang Ya Tai yan jiu suo yan jiu cong kan) (Mandarin Chinese Edition)
1995978-962-441-529-2Lei jinyuanXianggang xuan ju zi liao hui bian 1995 nian
1996978-962-441-530-8China's regional economic development (Research monograph)
1997978-962-441-536-0David Y.H. · McQueen, Humphrey (ed.) · Yasushi, Yamamoto (ed.) WuEmerging Pluralism in Asia and the Pacific
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1998978-962-441-538-4Yue-man YeungUrban Development in Asia: Retrospect and Prospect
1998978-962-441-540-7Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific StudiesOn the South China track: Perspectives on anthropological research and teaching (Research monograph)
  ''978-962-441-541-4A bibliography of gender studies in Hong Kong, 1991-1997 (Research monograph)
1999978-962-441-543-8Indicators of social development: Hong Kong 1997 (Research monograph)
  ''978-962-441-544-5Hong Kong politics: A bibliography (Research monograph)
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2003978-962-441-558-2Y. M. YeungFifty Years of Public Housing in Hong Kong: A Golden Jubilee Review and Appraisal
2005978-962-441-565-0Zhaojia Liu · Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific StudiesIndicators of Social Development: Hong Kong 2004
2006978-962-441-566-7楊 汝万 · 黄 揚略港澳與珠三角西部発展-掌握発展新機遇(中国語)
2008978-962-441-574-2黄 紹倫 · 尹 宝珊 · 第3回社会意向与社会指標調査研討会での発表論文10篇を、法律、家庭、社会政策、台湾比較の4テーマに分けて収録。台湾民衆対廃除死刑的態度(瞿海源)等。新世紀台湾社会風貌(中国語)
2009978-962-441-579-7馬 傑偉 · 清末南京的城市管理与城市認同(羅暁翔)/従維多利亜公園看香港的殖民空間政治(李祖喬)など論文12篇を収録。中国城市研究探索(中国語)
2010978-962-441-581-0Joseph M. ChanPolicies for the Sustainable Development of the Hong Kong Film Industry
1991978-962-441-701-2Dorothy J SolingerChinas transients and the state: A form of civil society?
  ''978-962-441-702-9Claude AubertRural China, 1985-1990: Are the reforms really bogging down? (USC seminar series)
1992978-962-441-703-6Joyce K KallgrenStrategies for support of the rural elderly in China: A research and policy agenda (USC seminar series)
1992978-962-441-704-3Edward FriedmanNew nationalist identities in post-Leninist transformations: The implications for China (USC seminar series)
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  ''978-962-441-706-7Andrew WatsonConflict over cabbages: The reform of wholesale marketing in China (USC seminar series)
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1994978-962-441-709-8James TongTHE 1989 DEMOCRACY MOVEMENT IN CHINA: A Preliminary Spatial Analysis
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1996978-962-441-711-1William L., Shen Chonglin, Chang Chi-hsiang ParishFAMILY SUPPORT NETWORKS IN THE CHINESE COUNTRYSIDE
2008978-962-441-718-0孫 万国 · 泰 偉斯第一次天安門事件再探-毛沢東時代末期的精英政治与危機応対(中国語)
2012978-962-441-751-7Stephen Wing-kai Chiu · Siu-lun WongHong Kong Divided? Structures of Social Inequality in the Twenty-First Century
2005978-962-441-812-5Yue-Man YeungPearl River Delta Mega Urban Region
2010978-962-441-902-3Stephen Chiu · Richard K. C. WongWelfare Reform and Social Enterprise: Towards an Institutional Theory of Social Enterprise