year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-962-300-002-4NaNewest Illustrations of Acupuncture Points
1986978-962-300-003-1Plum Blossom Needle Therapy
  ''978-962-300-005-5Zhongguo dang dai san wen xuan (Mandarin Chinese Edition)
1987978-962-300-006-2Medine and HealthPractical Ear-Needling Therapy
  ''978-962-300-007-9Bangjian YuanXianggang shi lue (Mandarin Chinese Edition)
1988978-962-300-017-8   ''Aomen shi lue (Mandarin Chinese Edition)
1999978-962-300-030-7L. K. KhoHow to Apply Face Nose Hand & Foot Acupuncture
2003978-962-300-041-3P.S. YauScalp-Needling Therapy - Revised and Enlarged Edition
1993978-962-300-059-8Medicine and Helath Publishing CoAn Explanatory Book of the Newest Illustrations of Acupuncture Points
2004978-962-300-063-5The Treatment Of 100 Common Diseases By New Acupuncture
1995978-962-300-064-2Leng XiBao jian yin shi liao fa (Chinese medicine: food)
1994978-962-300-066-6Cai SongfangWujishi Breathing Exercises
  ''978-962-300-067-3Yang XiaoquanGuo ji mao yi jie suan ye wu
  ''978-962-300-068-0Qiao RongzhenGuo ji mao yi fang shi
1994978-962-300-069-7Xu YuMao yi zong xie ding yu zhong guo wai mao ti zhi gai ge
1996978-962-300-083-3The Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Basic Theory, Diagnostics, and Clinical Applications
2004978-962-300-099-4Lee-KinA Handbook of Acupuncture Treatments for Dogs and Cats

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