year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-962-291-004-1Joy CowleyThe Birthday Cake
  ''978-962-291-048-5Margaret MabyThe Terrible Topsy-Turvy, Tissy-Tossy Tangle
  ''978-962-291-051-5Margaret MahyMy Wonderful Aunt Story Three
1990978-962-291-072-0George CiantarZe King Shall Sing
1987978-962-291-073-7George CiantarShuttle - X4
1988978-962-291-159-8King of the Beasts
  ''978-962-291-168-0No Author CreditedThe Shoemaker and The Elves: A Play Adapted From the Traditional Tale
1990978-962-291-433-9john lockyerPapil (sunshine books)
  ''978-962-291-434-6john lockyerTime Warp (sunshine books)
1990978-962-291-435-3lois burleighThe Stranger From the Sea (sunshine books)
  ''978-962-291-436-0jack gabolinscyThe Beauty Contest (sunshine books)
  ''978-962-291-440-7Jill EggletonWhole Language Evaluation - Reading, Writing and Spelling
1992978-962-291-521-3Joy CowleyMy Bike Can Fly!
1999978-962-291-642-5Wind and Storms
1994978-962-291-823-8Julie HamstonFavourite Games Around the World
1995978-962-291-956-3Margaret MahyThe Greatest Binnie in the World

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