Greenwood Press,Hong Kong

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-962-279-069-8Tse Kwok WingComprehensive Notes on Human Biology
1988978-962-279-080-3L. Lau & K. K. YuLecture Notes on Certificate Geography 2
1989978-962-279-090-2Stanley C. M. LeungA Level Mathematics Series Sets
  ''978-962-279-091-9C.C. ChiuIntroduction to the Theory of Inequalities Via Worked Examples
1992978-962-279-112-1Chan Kwok Kim · William CreweLearn Chinese Characters in Hong Kong
1994978-962-279-144-2Y. K. ToComplete Multiple Choice Biology
1996978-962-279-146-6Chan Kwok Kin · Betty HungA Cantonese Book
1994978-962-279-147-3S. M. C. BrownRead and Write Chinese (English and Chinese Edition)
1995978-962-279-169-5Betty HungStreet Cantonese
1996978-962-279-173-2Semmi BrownChinese in the Market Place: Learn Chinese from Advertising (English and Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-279-174-9Betty HungCantonese Express: English-Cantonese Classified Phrase Book
  ''978-962-279-175-6J. Wong · Betty HungPutonghua Express: English-Chinese Classified Phrase Book
  ''978-962-279-176-3K. K. Chan · W. CreweLearn Chinese Characters in Hong Kong: Characters and Roman (English and Chinese Edition)
1996978-962-279-179-4Betty HungPhrases in Cantonese
1997978-962-279-180-0   ''Write Chinese with Betty
  ''978-962-279-182-4Judy Hunter · Wen Fai HaggardChildren's Mandarin
  ''978-962-279-186-2E.B. Chow · C.H. ChanLiving Cantonese for Intermediate Learners
1998978-962-279-187-9Yin-Ping C. LeeA Short Cut to Cantonese: An Innovative Approach for Speakers of Mandarin
  ''978-962-279-188-6   ''Advanced Level Current Cantonese Colloquialisms
2002978-962-279-192-3T.W. ChengUseful Expressions and Vocabulary for English Composition
1999978-962-279-193-0A.A.L. Ju · Keung.M.M.L.Mandarin Listening Tasks
2000978-962-279-194-7Y.K. ToHKAL Biology: Cell,Metabolism and Functioning of the Organisms
  ''978-962-279-196-1Betty HungInteractive Cantonese
2000978-962-279-199-2Yin-Ping C. LeeListening to Cantonese: Basic Skills v. 1 (English and Multilingual Edition)
  ''978-962-279-200-5jack saddlerSchool Daze
  ''978-962-279-201-2S. Kataoka · C.Y.P. LeeLaai Maai Tin Cheung: Wedding Bells (Japanese Edition)
2002978-962-279-202-9Philip Yungkin LeeIntermediate Cantonese: Themes for Listening and Speaking Volume 2
2001978-962-279-203-6Cream Yin-Ping LeeWedding Bells: Cantonese Reading Material for Intermediate and Advanced Learners (English and Multilingual Edition)
2002978-962-279-206-7S.C. Lee · M. TanakaLearning Cantonese Through Stories: The Story of Minami
  ''978-962-279-209-8Betty HungCantonese Express
2003978-962-279-210-4V.C. Lee · M.H. ChoiCantonese: A Practical Guide to Mastering Cantonese Sounds and Tones
2004978-962-279-222-7Y.C. Lee · S. KataokaFun with Cantonese: Sounds and Tones
  ''978-962-279-223-4Y.C. Lee · S. KataokaFun with Cantonese: Verbs
2004978-962-279-225-8Betty Hung · C.M. SiAbout Hong Kong: Or Intermediate Cantonese Learners - Script and Roman
2005978-962-279-233-3A Level Physics - Problems and solutions
2006978-962-279-244-9L.S. LunA Feng Shui Master: Learning Cantonese Through Stories
2005978-962-279-247-0K.K. Chan · C.M. SiCantonese in Hong Kong: Roman and Char.
  ''978-962-279-248-7Chan Kwok Kin · Betty HungA Cantonese Book
1996978-962-279-254-8Betty HungPhrases in Cantonese: English-Cantonese: Roman and Character (English and Multilingual Edition)
978-962-279-256-2Cantonese for English Speakers
2008978-962-279-257-9B. C. ChowLearn Chinese Using Cantonese: A Comparison Between Written Chinese and Cantonese (Chinese and English Edition)
  ''978-962-279-258-6頼 玉華 · 「日本人のための広東語」出版後、「ライ式音標」を用いた広東語辞書が強く要望され、1992年「日広辞典」を発刊、本書は若干の修正変更を加えた「新日広辞典」。一般日常用語から新聞、会議等の文語まで、常用日本語語彙25000語、広東語45000語を収録する。日本語読み・日本語表記・品詞・広東語表記・発音で構成。新日広辞典(中国語)
2010978-962-279-259-3Y. C. Lee · S. KataokaFun with Cantonese: Nouns
  ''978-962-279-260-9S. Kataoka · Y. C. LeeFun with Cantonese: Basic Patterns
2008978-962-279-261-6K. C. Chen · T. M. CheungUseful Expressions and Vocabulary for English Composition
2009978-962-279-262-3C. B. ChingSpoken Cantonese for International Students
2001978-962-279-266-1Chan Kwok Kin · Betty HungA Cantonese Book (English and Multilingual Edition)
2013978-962-279-293-7Yin-Ping C. Lee · S. KataokaA Short Cut to Cantonese: An Innovative Approach for English and Putonghua Speakers
2014978-962-279-305-7S. Kataoka · Y. C. LeePutonghua-Cantonese-English Convertor: The Cantonese Words You Need Today. With English Index