year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1977978-962-03-0024-0John ClemensDiscovering Macau: A visitors guide
1972978-962-03-0025-7A.C. MoralesEast Meets West: The Modern History of East Asia
1977978-962-03-0048-6Bob BergerHong Kongs hidden treasures: An insiders guide to forty-nine of Hong Kongs most intriguing shops
1982978-962-03-0107-0A.C. MoralesEurope: The Last Hundred Years
1980978-962-03-0138-4   ''The Story of Man. Book 1. Ancient Times (A World History)
  ''978-962-03-0142-1   ''The Story of Man. Book 2: Medieval Times (A World History)
1981978-962-03-0159-9   ''The Story of Man: Modern Times (Story of Man) (Book 3)
1980978-962-03-0161-2Mark Brazier · Shann DaviesViva Macau!
1982978-962-03-0183-4Rex HeyworthChemistry: A New Approach
  ''978-962-03-0184-1Rex HeyworthChemistry: A New Approach. Experimental Workbook
  ''978-962-03-0197-1Colin N CrisswellThe Royal Hong Kong Police, 1841-1945
1983978-962-03-0200-8John ClemensDiscovering Macao
1984978-962-03-0208-4A. C. MoralesEast Meets West, The Modern History of East Asia (Pinyin Version)
1983978-962-03-0218-3Paul GillinghamAt the Peak: Hong Kong Between the Wars
1984978-962-03-0221-3W.O. ChanPhysics, a New Approach
  ''978-962-03-0222-0   ''Physics, a New Approach. Experimental Workbook
1984978-962-03-0225-1J. WakefieldBiology, a New Approach. Part 1
1984978-962-03-0226-8J. WakefieldBiology, a New Approach. Part 1: Experimental Workbook
1986978-962-03-0253-4A.C. MoralesThe Story of Man. Book 1: Ancient Times (A World History)
  ''978-962-03-0254-1   ''East Meets West. Vol. I. 1815-1919
  ''978-962-03-0255-8   ''East Meets West. Vol. II. 1920-1980
1985978-962-03-0256-5J. WakefieldBiology, a New Approach. Part 2
  ''978-962-03-0257-2   ''Biology, a New Approach. Part 2: Experimental Workbook
1987978-962-03-0298-5A.C. MoralesThe Story of Man. Book 2. Medieval Times (A World History)
  ''978-962-03-0306-7Tony Fisher · Keith HiltonGeography a Man-land Approach. Book 5
1987978-962-03-0336-4Proceedings of the 6th International Conference of Racing Analysts and Veterinarians, Hong Kong, 1-7 December 1985
1988978-962-03-0350-0Rex HeyworthChemistry: A New Approach
  ''978-962-03-0367-8A.C. MoralesCertificate History: A Practical Study Guide
  ''978-962-03-0380-7Peter B HarrisHong Kong: A study in bureaucracy and politics
978-962-03-0381-4Introduction to Computer Studies
1989978-962-03-0417-0J. WakefieldBiology, a New Approach 1
  ''978-962-03-0418-7   ''Biology, a New Approach 1. Experimental Workbook
1989978-962-03-0420-0J. WakefieldBiology, a New Approach 2
  ''978-962-03-0421-7   ''Biology, a New Approach 2. Experimental Workbook
  ''978-962-03-0426-2Alberto C. MoralesEast Meets West: 1760-1815 (Vol 1)
  ''978-962-03-0427-9   ''East Meets West. Volume II. 1815-1919
  ''978-962-03-0443-9John WilkinsonPhysics, a New Approach 1
1989978-962-03-0444-6John WilkinsonPhysics, a New Approach 1. Experimental Workbook
  ''978-962-03-0445-3   ''Physics: A New Approach 2
1990978-962-03-0467-5The World of Lily Wong
1989978-962-03-0477-4Mary StewartThe Process of Writing: A Composition Workout for the Senior School
  ''978-962-03-0478-1Philip LeetchA Guide to Writing (New Use of English)
  ''978-962-03-0487-3Larry FeignQuotations from Lily Wong: Cartoons from pre-1997 Hong Kong
1990978-962-03-0528-3Stephen DaviesPolitical dictionary for Hong Kong
  ''978-962-03-0534-4A.C. Morales · Sue NicholsonThe Story of Man: Ancient Times (Story of Man) (Book 1)
1991978-962-03-0535-1A.C. Morales · Sue NicholsonThe Medieval Times (The Story of Man)
1990978-962-03-0537-5Lam Pun LeeAdvanced Level Macroeconomics (reprinted with amendments)
1990978-962-03-0547-4Philip LeetchNew Use of English: Guide to Further Writing
1991978-962-03-0550-4A.C. Morales · Sue NicholsonModern Times (The Story of Man)
1990978-962-03-0560-3John WilkinsonCertificate Physics 1: Worked Examples & Problems
  ''978-962-03-0561-0   ''Certificate Physics 2: Worked Examples & Problems
  ''978-962-03-0640-2Larry FeignPostcards from Lily Wong
1991978-962-03-0641-9Simon ChiangAdvanced Level Biology Revision Tests. Volume Two
1991978-962-03-0642-6Simon ChiangAdvanced Level Biology Revision Tests. Volume One
1992978-962-03-0649-5Ray MackayShakespeare's life and times (Macmillan focus)
  ''978-962-03-0666-2Alberto C. MoralesEast Meets West: 1815-1919 (East Meets West) (Vol 2)
1991978-962-03-0711-9Simon ChiangAdvanced Level Biology Revision Tests. Volume Three
1992978-962-03-0769-0Sarah BrownThe history of European fairy tales (Macmillan focus)
  ''978-962-03-0770-6Teresa Bruner CoxAcross America: A history of the USA and its regions (Perspectives)
1995978-962-03-0819-2Advanced Level Microeconomics
  ''978-962-03-1204-5Alberto C. MoralesEast and West 1815-1919 (Volume 1)
2014978-962-03-1365-3Zakir QureshiChat Patay Paapri Dahi Bhallay Aur Fruit Chart
1998978-962-03-1412-4Teresa Law'A' level Geography Notes Volume 1 - Natural Landscapes
2000978-962-03-1513-8Lam Pun LeeAdvanced level Microeconomics
2003978-962-03-1808-5GovernmentGazetteer Of The Attock Distt. 1930
1998978-962-03-1854-2Morag ReiveGrammar Practice 2000
2014978-962-03-2602-8Maimoona KhursheedSar Phiri Hua
  ''978-962-03-4633-0Hamkeem Muhammad Tariq Mahmood ChughtaiPurkashish Zindagi Guzarnay Kay Gur: Elaj-e-Nabvi Aur Jadeed Science
2014978-962-03-4780-1Nicholas HorsburghOxford Reading Treasure: Mr Mack and Other Stories
  ''978-962-03-6309-2Nasir KazmiIntikhab-e-Nazir
978-962-03-6900-1Nokia N95 8GB Phone Crystal Case

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