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1991978-955-9122-02-9J. P. C GuimaraesIndustrialisation in Sri Lanka: What can we learn from the NICS? (Research studies. Industrialisation series)
  ''978-955-9122-03-6David DunhamConsolidation of fragmented paddy land: Is it really necessary? (Research studies. Agricultural policy series)
1992978-955-9122-08-1Ravindra A YatawaraThe Sri Lanka economy: On a path of progress: economic review 1991-outlook 1992
  ''978-955-9122-09-8David M DunhamIncreased productivity and commercialisation of non-estate agriculture (Research studies. Agriculture policy series)
  ''978-955-9122-10-4K. K. Y. W PereraEnergy status of Sri Lanka: Issues, policy, suggestions (Research studies. Energy & environment series)
  ''978-955-9122-13-5Buddhadasa HewavitharanaRural non-farm employment: Problems, issues & strategies (Research studies. Employment series)
1992978-955-9122-14-2R. B. M KoraleA statistical overview of employment and unemployment trends (Research studies. Employment series)
  ''978-955-9122-17-3Sri Lanka: State of the economy, 1991/92
  ''978-955-9122-18-0Saman KelegamaPrivatization: The Sri Lankan experience (Research studies. Public enterprises series)
  ''978-955-9122-22-7Saman KelegamaLiberalization and industrialization: The Sri Lankan experience of the 1980s (Research studies. Industrialization series)
1993978-955-9122-24-1Howard WhiteExternal shocks, adjustment policies, and the current account: The case of Sri Lanka, 1971-1991 (Research studies. Macroeconomic series)
  ''978-955-9122-25-8Terence F KellyLabour and the numbers racket: An assessment of labour market information in Sri Lanka (Research studies. Employment series)
1993978-955-9122-27-2Chris EdwardsDevelopment strategy and industrial policy: Issues for Sri Lanka (Research studies. Industrialization series)
  ''978-955-9122-28-9Rohan J FernandoThe Sri Lanka economy: Economic review 1992-outlook 1993
  ''978-955-9122-29-6Sri Lanka, reform and development, 1992/93
1994978-955-9122-33-3Shelton WanasingheActivating the administrative reform process in Sri Lanka (Research studies. Governance series)
  ''978-955-9122-36-4David M DunhamStabilization and liberalization: A closer look at the Sri Lankan experience, 1977-93 (Research studies. Macroeconomic series)
1995978-955-9122-39-5   ''Contract farming and export horticulture: Can agribusiness revitalise the peasant sector in Sri Lanka? (Research studies. Agricultural policy series)
  ''978-955-9122-40-1   ''Economic reform and governance: The second wave of liberalisation in Sri Lanka, 1989-93 (Research studies. Governance series)
1995978-955-9122-42-5Long-run trends in the Sri Lankan economy (Research studies)
  ''978-955-9122-44-9Dushni WeerakoonHow open has the Sri Lanka economy become?: Trends in trade and trade taxes, 1977-93 (Research studies)
  ''978-955-9122-45-6P SamararatneMacroeconomic policy implications of foreign capital inflows: The Sri Lankan experience (Research studies)
1996978-955-9122-46-3Dushni WeerakoonJapan's role in Asian development: Lessons for Sri Lanka (Research studies)
  ''978-955-9122-47-0David M DunhamProducer price statistics for staple foodcrops in Sri Lanka: The case of paddy (Research studies)
  ''978-955-9122-48-7Chris EdwardsThe Uruguay Round and MFA quotas: The textiles and garment industries in Sri Lanka, the next 10 years (Research studies. Industrialization series)
1996978-955-9122-49-4Premachandra AthukoralgeThe Uruguay round agreement on agriculture: Implications for Sri Lanka (Research studies. Agricultural policy series)
1997978-955-9122-53-1Tilak SiyambalapitiyaElectricity policy in Sri Lanka (Research studies)
1996978-955-9122-54-8David HulmePublic accountability, public expenditure management, and governance in Sri Lanka, 1948-1993 (Research studies. Governance series)
1997978-955-9122-55-5David DunhamThe labour situation on Sri Lankan tea estates: A view to 2005 (Research studies)
  ''978-955-9122-57-9Premachandra AthukoralgeCultivating the pearl: Australia's economic relations with Sri Lanka (Research studies)
  ''978-955-9122-59-3Ramani GunatilakaThe problems and prospects of Sri Lanka's handloom industry (Research studies. Industrialization series)
  ''978-955-9122-60-9   ''Credit-based, participatory poverty alleviation strategies in Sri Lanka: What have we learned? (Poverty & income distribution series)
  ''978-955-9122-61-6Malathy Knight-JohnPerformance contracting: A strategy for public enterprise reform in Sri Lanka? (Research studies)
1997978-955-9122-62-3David M DunhamRural poverty and an agrarian crisis in Sri Lanka, 1985-95: Making sense of the picture (Research studies)
  ''978-955-9122-64-7W. I De SilvaPopulation projections for Sri Lanka, 1991-2041 (Research studies. Human resource development series)
1998978-955-9122-66-1Wimal HettiarchchiGlobalization: Liberalizing the capital account in Sri Lanka (Research studies)
  ''978-955-9122-67-8Malik RanasingheA method to analyze viability of private sector participation in new infrastructure projects in Sri Lanka (Research studies)
  ''978-955-9122-68-5Paul SteeleThe introduction of effluent charges as a means for controlling industrial water pollution in Sri Lanka (Research studies)
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1998978-955-9122-71-5Paul SteeleA strategy for nature tourism management in Sri Lanka (Research studies)
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1999978-955-9122-77-7Ramani GunatilakaHow successful is Samurdhi's savings and credit programme in reaching the poor in Sri Lanka? (Research studies)
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2000978-955-9122-80-7Nishan C De MelDesigning retirement-income-security arrangements: Theory, issues, and applications to Sri Lanka (Human resources development series)
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2005978-955-9122-82-1D. D. M WaidyasekeraDecentralization and provincial finance in Sri Lanka (Research studies)
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