Social Scientists' Association

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-955-9102-00-7Newton GunasingheChanging socio-economic relations in the Kandyan countryside
2012978-955-9102-03-8Daya Somasundaram, K Sritharan, Rajani Thiranagama, Rajan HooleBiduna Thalruka (The Broken Palmyra) VOL: 2
1994978-955-9102-05-2Deloraine BrohierDr. Alice De Boer and some pioneer Burgher women doctors in Sri Lanka
1995978-955-9102-06-9R. A. L. H GunawardanaHistoriography in a time of ethnic conflict: Construction of the past in contemporary Sri Lanka
  ''978-955-9102-07-6Unmaking the nation: The politics of identity and history in modern Sri Lanka
1996978-955-9102-09-0Jonathan S WaltersThe history of Kelaniya
1997978-955-9102-14-4Matters of violence: Reflections on social and political violence in Sri Lanka
1998978-955-9102-17-5Unitarism, devolution, and majoritarian elitism: A response to the interim report of the Sinhala Commission
  ''978-955-9102-18-2Ēkīyavēdaya, balaya bedā hărīma, hā bahutarayē prabhutvavēdaya: Siṃhala Komiṣan Sabhāvē aturu vārtāvaṭa piḷiturak
  ''978-955-9102-21-2Sumanasiri LiyanageInterventions in the devolution debate
  ''978-955-9102-25-0Y. Ranjith AmarasingheRevolutionary Idealism and Parliamentary Politics: A Study of Trotskyism in Sri Lanka
2000978-955-9102-26-7Kumari JayawardenaNobodies to somebodies: The rise of the colonial bourgeoisie in Sri Lanka
2000978-955-9102-32-8Cat's eye: A feminist gaze on current issues
2001978-955-9102-34-2Charles W ErvinPhilip Gunawardena: The making of a revolutionary
  ''978-955-9102-37-3P. R. C. Peterson · Manel FonsekaGreat Days: Memoirs of a Ceylon Government Medical Officer of 1918, P.R.C. Peterson
  ''978-955-9102-38-0Malathi de AlwisCasting pearls: The women's franchise movement in Sri Lanka
  ''978-955-9102-40-3Hector AbhayavardhanaHector Abhayavardhana: Selected writings
2004978-955-9102-42-7The Hybrid Island ; Culture Crossings and the Invention of Identity in Sri Lanka
2001978-955-9102-43-4N ShanmugaratnamForced migration and changing local political economies: A study from north-western Sri Lanka
2002978-955-9102-51-9Human Rights, Politics and States ; Burma, Cambodia, Sri Lanka
  ''978-955-9102-52-6The Colonial Economy on Track ; Roads and Railways in Sri Lanka, 1800-1905
2003978-955-9102-54-0Sri Lanka's Peace Process - 2002 ; Critical Perspectives
2003978-955-9102-58-8Conflict, Negotiation, Mediation and Peace
2005978-955-9102-71-7Sarojini JayawickramaWriting that Conquers ; Re-reading Knox?s: An Historical Relation of the Island Ceylon
2004978-955-9102-72-4Tesawalamai ; Protection of Community Rights or Discrimination of Women
  ''978-955-9102-73-1Negotiating Household Politics ; Women's Strategies in Urban Sri Lanka
2006978-955-9102-83-0Charles Wesley ErvinTomorrow is Ours: The Trotskyist Movement in India and Ceylon, 1935-48
  ''978-955-9102-84-7Alan StrathernRoyal 'We', The: Sinhala Identity in the Dynastic State