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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-955-24-0000-1DneanaveiraThe Tragic, The Comic and The Personal: Selected Letters of Nanavira Thera
  ''978-955-24-0001-8S. DhammikaGemstones of the Good Dharma
1986978-955-24-0002-5Nyanaponika TherThe Power of Mindfulness: An Inquiry Into the Scope of Bare Attention and the Principal Sources of Its Strength
1998978-955-24-0003-2Venerable Nyanaponika A. TheraAnguttara Nikaya: Pt. 2
2010978-955-24-0004-9Nyanaponika TheraSimile of Cloth: Discourse on Effacement
978-955-24-0005-6Nanamoli TheraPractice of Loving-kindness
1998978-955-24-0006-3Vajira · F. StoryLast Days of the Buddha: Maha Parinibbana Sutta
2010978-955-24-0014-8Bhikkhu KhantipaloPractical Advice for Meditators
1998978-955-24-0015-5Venerable Nyanaponika A. TheraLife of Sariputta
2016978-955-24-0017-9H. R. PereraBuddhism in Sri Lanka: A Short History
1987978-955-24-0018-6L.M. JoshiBrahmanism, Buddhism, & Hinduism
1998978-955-24-0019-3NyantilokaBuddhist Dictionary: Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines
  ''978-955-24-0020-9R.L. SoniLife's Highest Blessings: Maha Mangala Sutta
1990978-955-24-0021-6Nyanaponika TheraKamma and Its Fruit
1998978-955-24-0022-3Francis StoryRebirth as Doctrine and Experience: Essays and Case Studies
1990978-955-24-0023-0Acaeiya BuddhaghosaThe Path of Purification: Visuddhimagga
1998978-955-24-0024-7Piyadassi TheraThe Buddha's Ancient Path
1988978-955-24-0025-4Maha Thera NaradaThe Buddha and His Teachings
2010978-955-24-0026-1Hellmuth HeckerMaha Kassapa Father of the Sangha/Wl
1998978-955-24-0027-8Sandell (editor)Buddhist Perspectives on the Ecocrisis
  ''978-955-24-0028-5A. PereriaLive Now: Buddhist Essays
1995978-955-24-0032-2S. Elbaum JootlaInspiration from Enlightened Nuns
2002978-955-24-0033-9Venerable Ajahn ChahTaste of Freedom
1988978-955-24-0035-3Mahathera H. GunaratanaThe Jhanas in Theravada Buddhist Meditation
2013978-955-24-0036-0A. BuddharakkhitaMetta: Philosophy & Practice of Universal Love
1998978-955-24-0037-7Bhikkhu KantipaloBuddha My Refuge: Contemplation of the Buddha Based on the Pali Suttas
1989978-955-24-0038-4Hellmuth · Nyanaponika Thera (Trans) HeckerANURUDDHA: Master of the Divine Eye: Lives of the Disciples: The Wheel Publication No. 362
  ''978-955-24-0042-1Jack KornfieldLiving Buddhist Masters
1989978-955-24-0045-2Bhikkhu BodhiDiscourse on the Fruits of Recluseship: Samannaphala Sutta and Its Commentaries by Bhikkhu Bodhi (1998-07-28)
1998978-955-24-0046-9Venerable Nyanaponika A. TheraAnguttara Nikaya: Pt. 3
  ''978-955-24-0047-6Bhikkhu NanajivakoSchopenhauer and Buddhism
1975978-955-24-0048-3Russell WebbAn Analysis of the Pali Canon
1998978-955-24-0050-6S. DhammikaMatrceta's Hymn to the Buddha (An English Rendering of The Satapancasatka, The Wheel Publication No. 360/361)
1992978-955-24-0052-0Bhikkhu BodhiThe Discourse on the All-Embracing Net of Views: The Brahmajala Sutta and Its Commentaries
1998978-955-24-0054-4Soma Thera · N.R.M. EharaThe Path of Freedom: Vimuttimagga
1990978-955-24-0055-1John IrelandThe Udana Inspired Utterances of the Buddha
1998978-955-24-0057-5Bhikkhu NyanasobhanoTwo Dialogues on Dhamma
2016978-955-24-0058-2Nyanaponika TheraThe Worn-Out Skin
1993978-955-24-0059-9Ven. Mahathera Matara Sri NanaramaThe Seven Stages of Purification and The Insight Knowledge (A Guide to the Progressive Stages of Bud
1998978-955-24-0063-6Bhikkhu NanomoliThe Life of the Buddha: According to the Pali Canon
  ''978-955-24-0064-3Bhikkhu BodhiThe Discourse on the Root of Existence: Mulapariyaya Sutta and Its Commentaries
  ''978-955-24-0065-0Seneviratna AnuradhaKing Asoka and Buddhism: Historical and Literary Studies
1991978-955-24-0066-7John IrelandThe Itivuttaka: Buddha's Sayings
1993978-955-24-0067-4N.K.G. Mendis (Editor)The Questions of King Milinda
1998978-955-24-0070-4P.R. FleischmanTherapeutic Action of Vipassana: Why I Sit
2010978-955-24-0072-8Bhikkhu BodhiNourishing the Roots
1993978-955-24-0073-5Bhikkhu (translator) NanamoliThe Buddha's Words on Kamma
1998978-955-24-0074-2K.N. JayatillekeBuddhist Attitude to Other Religions
  ''978-955-24-0077-3Bhikkhu BodhiDana: The Practice of Giving
2016978-955-24-0078-0Mahasi SayadawSatipatthana Vipassana
1991978-955-24-0079-7Bhikkhu (ed.) · Bodhi · Bhikkhu (ed.) NanamoliDiscourse on Right View: Sammaditthi Sutta and Commentary
2010978-955-24-0083-4S. Elbaum JootlaScale of Good Deeds
1998978-955-24-0084-1Tan Acharn Kor Khao-suan-luangLooking Inward: Observations on the Art of Meditation
1998978-955-24-0085-8Webu SayadawEssential Practice: Dhamma Discourses Part 1 (The Wheel Publication No. 375/376)
  ''978-955-24-0086-5Bhikkhu NanamoliPali Glossary of Technical Terms compiled by Bhikkhu Nanamoli
1991978-955-24-0089-6Mahasi SayadawPRACTICAL INSIGHT MEDITATIONS Basic and Progressive Stages
1998978-955-24-0090-2   ''Progress of Insight: Treatise on Buddhist Satipathana Meditation
2000978-955-24-0094-0Sayadaw U. PanditaIn This Very Life
1998978-955-24-0095-7Shrvasti DhammikaMiddle Land Middle Way: Pilgrim's Guide to Buddhist India
  ''978-955-24-0097-1Lily De SilvaBuddha and Christ as Religious Teachers
  ''978-955-24-0098-8U.Chit TinComing Buddha, Arriya Metteyya
  ''978-955-24-0099-5Webu SayadawEssential Practice: Dhamma Discourses Pt. 2 (The Wheel Publication No. 384/385)
1998978-955-24-0100-8Venerable Nyanaponika A. TheraHeart of Buddhist Meditation: A Handbook of Mental Training Based on the Buddha's Way of Mindfulness
1992978-955-24-0101-5Amadeo Sole-LerisTranquillity and Insight: An Introduction to the Oldest Form of Buddhist Meditation
1998978-955-24-0104-6S. DhammikaEdicts of King Asoka
  ''978-955-24-0105-3Acharn K. KhaoReading the Mind: Advice for Meditators
  ''978-955-24-0108-4Venerable Nyanaponika A. TheraThe Vision of Dhamma: Buddhist Writings of Nyanaponika a. Thera
  ''978-955-24-0109-1Nyanatiloka A. TheraThe Four Sublime States
1993978-955-24-0110-7Edward. CONZETHE WAY OF WISDOM: The Five Spiritual Faculties.
1998978-955-24-0111-4Nyanaponika TheraFive Mental Hindrances
  ''978-955-24-0112-1Nyanasatta A. TheraFoundations of Mindfulness
2006978-955-24-0113-8Being Nobody, Going Nowhere
1994978-955-24-0114-5Douglas M. BurnsBuddhist Meditation & Depth Psychology
1995978-955-24-0115-2Bhikkhu NanamoliThe Lion's Roar:: Sihanada Suttas
1994978-955-24-0116-9Bhikkhu BodhiThe Noble Eightfold Path
1998978-955-24-0117-6   ''Great Discourse on Causation: Mahanidana Sutta and Its Commentaries
1998978-955-24-0119-0Elizabeth HarrisViolence and Disruption in Society: Study of the Early Buddhist Texts
  ''978-955-24-0120-6Nyanatiloka A. TheraFundamentals of Buddhism
  ''978-955-24-0123-7Bhikkhu VisuddhagaraCurbing Anger, Spreading Love
  ''978-955-24-0124-4Matara Sri Nanarama MahatheraThe Seven Contemplations of Insight: Treatise on Insight Meditation
  ''978-955-24-0125-1R. BogodaSimple Guide to Life
1998978-955-24-0126-8A.G.S. KariyawasamBuddhist Ceremonies and Rituals of Sri Lanka
1995978-955-24-0127-5Buddhism in Myanmar ; A Short History
1998978-955-24-0128-2Lily De SilvaNibbana as a Living Experience: Buddha and the Arahant
1995978-955-24-0130-5Bhikku (ed.) BodhiNyanaponika: A farewell tribute: life sketch, bibliography, appreciations, and selections from the writings of venerable Nyanaponika Mahathera (1901-1994)
2017978-955-24-0135-0Bhikkhu NananandaThe Magic of the Mind:: An Exposition of the Kalakarama Sutta
1997978-955-24-0136-7Bhikkhu NananandaConcept and Reality in Early Buddhist Thought
1998978-955-24-0137-4Y. KarunadasaDhamma Theory
  ''978-955-24-0138-1Bhikkhu BodhiMaha Kaccana: Master of Doctrinal Exposition
  ''978-955-24-0145-9Upasika Kee NanayonUnentangled Knowing: Lessons in Training the Mind
  ''978-955-24-0146-6Achariya ChammapalaTreatise on the Paramis: From the Commentary to the Cariyapitaka
  ''978-955-24-0147-3Eugene Watson BurlingameA Treasury of Buddhist Stories: From the Dhammapada Commentary
1998978-955-24-0160-2S.Elbaum- JootlaTeacher of the Devas: Buddha's Relationship with the Gods
  ''978-955-24-0161-9J.D. IrelandVan gi sa: An Early Buddhist Poet
1999978-955-24-0162-6Ashin OttamaKamma, Rebirth, Samsara: A Gateway to Deeper Understanding
1998978-955-24-0164-0John Ireland"Udana" and the "Itivuttaka": Two Classics from the Pali Canon
2000978-955-24-0167-1Bhikkhu NanamoliMindfulness of Breathing: Buddhist Texts from the Pali Canon and Commentaries
1999978-955-24-0168-8Ananda W.P. GurugeThe Buddha's Encounters with Mara: Their Representation in Literature and Art
2000978-955-24-0170-1Venerable Nyanaponika A. Thera · Bhikkhu Nanamoli · Nyanatiloka MahatheraThe Four Sublime States: AND the Practice of Loving Kindness - Metta
1998978-955-24-0171-8The Buddha ; His Life and Teaching
2000978-955-24-0172-5PiyadassiDependent Origination
2003978-955-24-0176-3F. StoryRebirth as Doctrine and Experience: Essays and Case Studies
1999978-955-24-0179-4Elizabeth HarrisAnanda Metteyya: The First British Emissary of Buddhism
  ''978-955-24-0184-8Bhikkhu NyanasobhanoNight and Morning with Bhikkhu Tissa: Two Dialogues on the Dhamma
1998978-955-24-0188-6G.P. MalalasekeraPali Literature Ceylon
  ''978-955-24-0190-9The Noble Eightfold Path and its Factors Explained (Magganga-Dipani)
2000978-955-24-0193-0Bhikkhu BodhiThe Buddha's Teaching in His Own Words
  ''978-955-24-0194-7Ledi SayadawManual of Mindfulness of Breathing: Anapana Dipani
2001978-955-24-0195-4Vijitha RajapakseThe Therigatha: A Revaluation
2010978-955-24-0197-8S. DhammikaMiddle Land, Middle Way
978-955-24-0198-5Bhikkhu BodhiComprehensive Manual of Abhidh
2001978-955-24-0201-2   ''The Buddha and His Dhamma
2001978-955-24-0203-6Ledi SayadawA Manual of the Excellent Man: Uttamapurisa Dipani
1974978-955-24-0204-3Kulatissa Nanda JayatillekeThe Message of the Buddha
2001978-955-24-0205-0Sumano TongThe Real Facts of Life: Practical Reflections on the Three Marks of Existence
  ''978-955-24-0215-9Bhikkhu BodhiFacing the Future: Four Essays on Buddhism and Society
2002978-955-24-0220-3Sayadaw U. PanditaWay to the Happiness of Peace
  ''978-955-24-0223-4Helle SnellBuddhist Women Meditators of Sri Lanka
2006978-955-24-0224-1Nyanaponika TheraKamma and Its Fruit: Selected Essays
2000978-955-24-0226-5V. F. GunaratnaBuddhist Reflections on Death (The Wheel Publication, Nos. 102-103)
2002978-955-24-0229-6Bhikkhu DhammavihariBuddhist Essays 1: Five Titles
2006978-955-24-0237-1Ron WijewanthaRoad to Liberation: Dependent Origination
  ''978-955-24-0244-9Dhammavihari TheraWoman in Buddhism
2003978-955-24-0246-3Ven. Rerukane Chandavimala MahatheraAnalysis of Perfections
2006978-955-24-0248-7Sarath PereraGreat Revival: Commemorating the 250th Anniversary of Upasampada
2004978-955-24-0250-0Acharya BuddharakkhitaMind: Overcoming Its Cankers (An In-depth Study of Mental Effluents in the Buddhist Perspective)
2006978-955-24-0255-5Anandajoti BhikkhuSafeguard Recitals
  ''978-955-24-0256-2Soma TheraThe Way of Mindfulness: Satipatthana Sutta Commentary
2003978-955-24-0258-6Ron WijewanthaAchieving Transcendence: Dependent Origination: Pt. 2
2004978-955-24-0266-1   ''Attaining Nibbana (Paticcasamuppada (Dependent Origination), part 3)
2009978-955-24-0268-5Ledi SayadawManual of Light: AND The Manual of the Path to Higher Knowledge
2006978-955-24-0269-2S. DhammikaGolden Goose: And Other Jataka Stories
2009978-955-24-0271-5Ven S. DhammikaSacred Island: A Buddhist Pilgrim's Guide to Sri Lanka
2006978-955-24-0273-9David YoungWalking the Tightrope: Talks on Meditative Development
2009978-955-24-0277-7Joseph GoldsteinExperience of Insight: A Natural Unfolding
2006978-955-24-0280-7S. DhammikaThe Buddha and his Disciples
2016978-955-24-0286-9Ven PunnadhammoLetter from Mara (WH461)
2009978-955-24-0287-6Sunthorn Na-RangsiFour Planes of Existence (WH462)
2009978-955-24-0290-6Ayya KhemaWithin our hearts
2008978-955-24-0291-3Ledi SayadawThe Requisites of Enlightenment (Bodhipakkhiya Dipani)
2007978-955-24-0297-5Nyanapaonika TheraAnguttara Nikaya (An Anthology of Discourses from the Anguttara Nikaya, Selected and Traslated from
2009978-955-24-0309-5Dennis CandyPeace in the Buddha's Discourses: A Compilation and Discussion
  ''978-955-24-0310-1S. BodhesakoBeginnings: Collected Essays of S.Bodhesako
2016978-955-24-0311-8Ven. Bhikkhu KhantipaloBanner of the Arahants
2009978-955-24-0312-5Bhikkhu NanamoliThinker's Notebook: Posthumous Papers of a Buddhist Monk
  ''978-955-24-0313-2Piyadassi Thera · Helmuth Von Glasenapp · K.N. Jayatilleke · Robert F. Spencer · David Maurice · Nyanponika Thera · Nanamoli Thera · Soma Thera · Sister Vajira · Anagarika SugatanandaCollected Wheel Publications: v. 1-15
  ''978-955-24-0316-3Venerable Nyanaponika A. TheraRoots of Good and Evil
2011978-955-24-0318-7Bhikkhu Nyanatusita · Hellmuth HeckerLife of Nyanatiloka Thera: The Biography of a Western Buddhist Pioneer
2009978-955-24-0320-0Cynthia ThatcherJust Seeing: Insight Meditation and Sense Perception
  ''978-955-24-0321-7Nyanatiloka MahatheraGuide Through the Abhidhamma Pitaka: A Synopsis of the Philosophical Collection of the Theravada Buddhist Canon
2009978-955-24-0322-4Nyanaponika TheraCollected Wheel Publications Collected Wheel Publications: Numbers 16 to 30 Numbers 16 to 30: v. 2 v. 2
  ''978-955-24-0323-1Nyanaponika Thera · Ledi Sayadaw Mahathera · Piyadassi Thera · Dr. C.B. Dharamasena · Soma Thera · Francis Story · U Chan Htoon · Ananda Pereira · K.N. Jayatillake · Anagarika SugatanandaCollected Wheel Publications: Numbers 31 to 46 v. 3
  ''978-955-24-0324-8Buddhist Publication SocietyCollected Wheel Publications Collected Wheel Publications: Numbers 47 to 60 Numbers 47 to 60: v. 4 v. 4
  ''978-955-24-0325-5Ayya KhemaAll of Us: Beset by Birth Decay and Death
  ''978-955-24-0326-2Buddhist Publication Society · Sri LankaCollected Wheel Publications: Numbers 61 to 75 v. 5
2009978-955-24-0327-9Martha AitchisonLife of the Buddha: Colouring Book
978-955-24-0330-9Jataka Tales of the Buddha: Volume I
978-955-24-0331-6Jataka Tales of the Buddha: Volume II
978-955-24-0332-3Jataka Tales of the Buddha: Volume III
2013978-955-24-0334-7Leonard BullenTechnique of Living: Based on Buddhist Psychological Principles
2011978-955-24-0335-4K. N. JayatillekeFacets of Buddhist Thought: Collected Essays
2010978-955-24-0336-1Hellmuth HeckerSimiles of the Buddha: An Introduction
2011978-955-24-0337-8P.V. BapatVimuttimagga and Visuddhimagga: A Comparative Study
978-955-24-0339-2Collected Wheel Publications: v. 6, No. 76-89
2011978-955-24-0343-9Buddhist Publication SocietyCollected Wheel Publications: Volume VII
2011978-955-24-0344-6Buddhist Publication SocietyColllected Wheel Publications: Volume VIII
2010978-955-24-0345-3Mohan WijayaratnaBuddhist Nuns: Birth and Development of a Women's Buddhist Order
2011978-955-24-0347-7Margaret Lisa BuschmannMorals in the Life Story of the Buddha: Stories and Activities for Youth
  ''978-955-24-0348-4   ''Morals in the Life Story of the Buddha: Stories and Activities for Youth
2012978-955-24-0350-7Buddhist Publication SocietyCollected Bodhi Leaves: Numbers 31-60: Volume II
  ''978-955-24-0351-4   ''Collected Wheel Publications: Numbers 116 to 131: Volume IX
2016978-955-24-0352-1Narada TheraBuddhism in a Nutshell
2011978-955-24-0353-8Buddhist Publication SocietyCollected Bodhi Leaves: Bodhi Leaves 1-30: Volume I
  ''978-955-24-0356-9Paul PothecaryTales from Kosambi: From Buddhist Scriptures
  ''978-955-24-0357-6U DhammaratanaGuide Through the Visuddhimagga
2012978-955-24-0358-3Godwin SamaratneA Beautiful Way of Living: The Meditation Teachings of
2012978-955-24-0359-0Buddhist Publication SocietyCollected Wheel Publications: Numbers 132 to 151: Volume X
2011978-955-24-0360-6   ''Collected Bodhi Leaves: Bodhi Leaves 61-90: Volume III
2012978-955-24-0362-0   ''Collected Wheel Publications (Wheel Series)
2012978-955-24-0363-7Buddhist Publication SocietyCollected Wheel Publications (Wheel Series)
2016978-955-24-0364-4Nyanatiloka MahatheraWord of the Buddha
2012978-955-24-0365-1Buddhist Publication SocietyCollected Wheel Publications (Wheel Series)
  ''978-955-24-0366-8Francis. StoryDimensions of Buddhist Thought: Collected Essays
  ''978-955-24-0367-5Buddhist Publication SocietyCollected Wheel Publications (Wheel Series)
2013978-955-24-0368-2   ''Collected Wheel Publications: Number 231 to 247 Volume XVI
2012978-955-24-0369-9   ''Collected Wheel Publications (Wheel Series)
  ''978-955-24-0373-6   ''Collected Bodhi Leaves
  ''978-955-24-0376-7Bhikkhu NyanatusitaAn Analysis of the Pali Canon: And a Reference Table of Pali Literature
2012978-955-24-0377-4Piyadassi TheraThe Book of Protection: The Cuta-bhanavara or Pirit Potha
2013978-955-24-0378-1Buddhist Publication SocietyCollected Wheel Publications: Volume XVII
  ''978-955-24-0382-8Khantipalo BhikkhuLay Buddhist Practice: The Shrine Room, Uposatha Day & Rains Residence
  ''978-955-24-0383-5Buddhist Publication SocietyCollected Bodhi Leaves: Volume V
2012978-955-24-0385-9Ayya KhemaThe Meditative Mind
2013978-955-24-0386-6Buddhist Publication SocietyCollected Wheel Publications: Volume XX
  ''978-955-24-0387-3   ''Collected Wheel Publications: Volume XXI
2013978-955-24-0388-0Buddhist Publication SocietyCollected Wheel Publications: Volume XIX
  ''978-955-24-0392-7R.L. SoniLife's Highest Blessings: The Maha Mangala Sutta
1998978-955-24-1135-9Bhikkhu BodhiComprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma