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2012978-953-51-0005-8Kenneth Zaslav · ZaslavAn International Perspective on Topics in Sports Medicine and Sports Injury
2014978-953-51-0007-2SOLONESKI SInsecticides: Basic And Other Applications
  ''978-953-51-0014-0RUGESCU R.D.Solar Power
  ''978-953-51-0025-6MOUSTAFA A.Advances In Geotehnical Earthquake Engineering (Hb 2014)
  ''978-953-51-0035-5KETOV S.Advances in Quantum Field Theory
  ''978-953-51-0037-9KAUMAYA P.Protein Engineering
2014978-953-51-0040-9VERDIOral Health Care Prosthodontiocs Periodontology Biology Research & Systemic Conditions (Hb 2014)
  ''978-953-51-0048-5KAZEMI G.A.Hydrogeology: A Global Perspective
  ''978-953-51-0050-8LARRAMENDY M.L.Integrated Pest Management And Pest Control: Current And Future Tactics
  ''978-953-51-0052-2JUAREZ L.H.Fluid Dynamics, Computational Modeling And Applications
  ''978-953-51-0058-4PAHLAVANI M. R.Measurements In Quantum Mechanics
2014978-953-51-0059-1PAHLAVANI M.R.Some Applications of Quantum Mechanics
  ''978-953-51-0061-4NAJAFPOUR M. M.Applied Photosynthesis
2012978-953-51-0064-5Mahmut CaliskanGenetic Diversity in Microorganisms
2014978-953-51-0068-3MARIN F.R.Crop Management - Cases and Tools for Higher Yield and Sustainability [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 2014] Fabio R ed. Marin
  ''978-953-51-0076-8EKINCI DBiochemistry
978-953-51-0079-9Molecular Interactions
2012978-953-51-0086-7Amin Al-KhursanSolid State Laser
2014978-953-51-0087-4COTAESCU I.Advances in Quantum Theory
  ''978-953-51-0090-4CLARK K.B.Bioenergetics
  ''978-953-51-0095-9WANG SModern Climatology
978-953-51-0096-6Innovations In Biotechnology
2014978-953-51-0098-0GARCIA M.L.Viral Genomes - Molecular Structure, Diversity, Gene Expression Mechanisms and Host-Virus Interactions
2012978-953-51-0105-5Dan C. DumitrasNd YAG Laser
2014978-953-51-0117-8KUMAR MProblems, Perspectives and Challenges of Agricultural Water Management
2014978-953-51-0123-9MOUSTAFA AEarthquake-Resistant Structures: Design, Assessment And Rehabilitation
  ''978-953-51-0130-7ZHENG J.Hydrodynamics: Theory And Model
  ''978-953-51-0131-4KAMANINA N.Nonlinear Optics
2016978-953-51-0132-1PATEL V.CHEMICAL KINETICS (HB 2016)
2012978-953-51-0134-5Sebastiano D'AmicoEarthquake Research and Analysis - Statistical Studies, Observations and Planning
2014978-953-51-0135-2DRUYAN L MClimate Models
  ''978-953-51-0143-7BOURZGUI F.Orthodontics Basic Aspects And Clinical Considerations (Hb-2014)
2014978-953-51-0150-5AGARWAL R.K.Recent Advances In Aircraft Technology
  ''978-953-51-0157-4CALISKAN MThe Molecular Basis Of Plant Genetic Diversity (Hb 2014)
2014978-953-51-0159-8PRICE AWeed Control
  ''978-953-51-0164-2SAMADI-BOROUJEN H.Hydropower: Practice And Application
  ''978-953-51-0167-3TANAKA KEmbedded Systems - Theory and Design Methodology
  ''978-953-51-0170-3DAS N.Optical Communications Systems
  ''978-953-51-0178-9TIRUNILAI PRecent Trends In Cytogenetic Studies: Methodologies And Applications
2014978-953-51-0179-6SEN JCryptography and Security in Computing
  ''978-953-51-0181-9CIFTCI Y.O.Transgenicplants: Advances And Limitations (Hb 2014)
  ''978-953-51-0182-6SANGUANSAT PPrincipal Component Analysis: Engineering Applications
  ''978-953-51-0188-8CHEVAL SNatural Disasters
2014978-953-51-0189-5EKSIM A.Wireless Communications And Networks: Recent Advances
  ''978-953-51-0191-8KATKOV I. I.Current Frontiers in Cryobiology
  ''978-953-51-0202-1BLANCO J. A.Forest Ecosystems - More than Just Trees
  ''978-953-51-0203-8RAO VPhytochemicals As Nutraceuticals: Global Approaches To Their Role In Nutrition And Health
  ''978-953-51-0215-1PALANISAMY C.Digital Communication
2012978-953-51-0217-5Kesara Anamthawat-JónssonCurrent Topics in Phylogenetics and Phylogeography of Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems
2014978-953-51-0218-2SEN JApplied Cryptography and Network Securtiy
2014978-953-51-0228-1OGBUREKEOral Cancer (Hb 2014)
  ''978-953-51-0236-6AGULNIK M.Head And Neck Cancer (Hb-2014)
  ''978-953-51-0241-0JONES S.A.Advanced Methods for Practical Applications In: Fluid Mechanics
  ''978-953-51-0244-1CAI J.Protein Interactions
  ''978-953-51-0246-5NAYAK P.Water Resources Management And Modeling
2014978-953-51-0249-6JIMENEZ-LOPEZ J. C.Biochemical Testing
  ''978-953-51-0252-6MALDONADO A I LHorticulture (Hb 2014)
2012978-953-51-0255-7Padmini Sudarshana · Madhugiri Nageswara-Rao · Jaya R. SonejiTropical Forests
2014978-953-51-0270-0OH H.W.Advanced Fluid Dynamics
  ''978-953-51-0271-7   ''Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics
  ''978-953-51-0272-4KURTBOKE I.Bacteriophages (Hb 2014)
  ''978-953-51-0278-6MITROVIC J.Heat Exchangers: Basic Design Applications
2012978-953-51-0280-9J. Apolinar Munoz RodriguezLaser Scanner Technology
2014978-953-51-0291-5RAMAKRISHNAN S.Speech Enhancement, Modeling And Recognition: Algorithms And Applications
2014978-953-51-0294-6TIEFENBACHER J.P.Approaches to Managing Disaster-assessing Hazards, Emergencies and Disaster Impacts
  ''978-953-51-0296-0RAO VPhytochemicals: A Global Perspective Of Their Role In Nutrition And Helth (Hb 2014)
  ''978-953-51-0301-1MARCELLI M.Oceanography
  ''978-953-51-0305-9LIContemporary Approach To Dental Caries (Hb 2014)
  ''978-953-51-0306-6ISALM N.Microelectromechanical Systems And Devices (Hb 2014)
2014978-953-51-0313-4FATOYINBO T.Remote Sensing Of Biomass: Principles And Applications
  ''978-953-51-0320-2TATARINOVA T.Dna Methylation: Form Genomics To Technology
  ''978-953-51-0323-3LIU G.Greenhouse Gases: Emission, Measurement And Management
  ''978-953-51-0341-7ORTIZ J.H.Telecommunications Networks: Current Status And Future Trends
  ''978-953-51-0343-1KOCHHAR P. K.Blood Transfusion In Clinical Practice (Hb 2014)
2012978-953-51-0351-6Dan C. DumitrasCO2 Laser: Optimisation and Application
2014978-953-51-0356-1NUSHEH MRecent Researches In Metallurgical Engineering
2014978-953-51-0368-4LAZKANO M. Z.Energy Transmission And Grid Integration Of Ac Offshore Wind Farms (Hb 2014)
2014978-953-51-0376-9MISRA A.N.Biophysics
  ''978-953-51-0378-3SAVSAR M.Qualityassurance And Management [Paperback] [Jan 01, 2014]
  ''978-953-51-0381-3KHARE M.Air Pollution: Monitoring, Modelling Health And Control (Hb 2014)
978-953-51-0384-4Solar Radiation
2014978-953-51-0386-8ASAO T.Hydroponics - A Standard Methodology for Plant Biological Researches
  ''978-953-51-0393-6DADIOS E.P.Fuzzy Logic Algorithms, Techniques And Implementations
2012978-953-51-0397-4Weibo Cai · Hao HongProtein-Protein Interactions - Computational and Experimental Tools
2014978-953-51-0408-7CHANG S. H.Nuclear Power Plants
  ''978-953-51-0411-7PATEL V.Petrochemicals
2014978-953-51-0412-4NAIK G RApplied Biological Engineering: Principles and Practice
2014978-953-51-0420-9LEE T.S.Irrigation Systems And Practices In Challenging Environments
  ''978-953-51-0421-6GARCIA-GARIZABAL I.Irrigation: Water Management, Pollution And Alternative Strategies
  ''978-953-51-0424-7KHARE M.Air Pollution: Monitoring, Modelling And Health (Hb 2014)
  ''978-953-51-0426-1LEE T. S.Water Quality, Soil And Managing Irrigation Of Crops
  ''978-953-51-0428-5ZERESHKI S.Distillation: Advances From Modeling to Applications
2014978-953-51-0432-2KARAHOCA A.Advances and Applications in: Mobile Computing
2012978-953-51-0443-8Lichang WangMolecular Dynamics - Theoretical Developments and Applications in Nanotechnology and Energy
2014978-953-51-0444-5WANG L.Molecular Dynamics: Studies Of Synthetic And Biological Macromolecules [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 2014] WANG LICHANG
  ''978-953-51-0445-2PETROVA R.Finite Volume Method-Powerful Means Of Engineering Design
2014978-953-51-0451-3PERPINA X.Reliability And Safety In Railway (Hb 2014)
  ''978-953-51-0453-7SALIH S. M.Fourier Transform: Signal Processing (Hb 2014)
  ''978-953-51-0471-1SEBAYANG D.Electroplating
  ''978-953-51-0474-2MORATAL DFinite Element Analysis: From Biomedical Applications To Industrial Developments
2014978-953-51-0483-4AL-AHMADI A.Quantum Dots: A Variety Of New Applications
  ''978-953-51-0489-6CUMAGUN C.J.R.Plant Pathology
  ''978-953-51-0490-2BANDANI A.R.New Perspectives In Plant Protection
  ''978-953-51-0492-6GENC M SLow Reynolds Number: Aerodynamics And Transition
  ''978-953-51-0494-0BALEANU D.Advances in Wavelet Theory and Their Applications in Engineering, Physics and Technology
2014978-953-51-0496-4BECH J.Doppler Radar Observations - Weather Radar, Wind Profiler, Ionospheric Radar, and Other Advanced Applications
  ''978-953-51-0500-8HASHIM A.A.Smart Nanoparticles Technology
  ''978-953-51-0501-5YU X.Municipal And Industrial Waste Disposal
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  ''978-953-51-0511-4GARCIA J. M.Sustainable Forest Management: Case Studies
2012978-953-51-0512-1Alessio Innocenti · Norlida KamarulzamanStoichiometry and Materials Science - When Numbers Matter
2014978-953-51-0513-8EKINCI D.Medicinal Chemistry And Drug Design (Hb 2014)
2014978-953-51-0518-3SALIH S. M.Fourier Transform: Applications
978-953-51-0527-5Crop Plant
2014978-953-51-0530-5AZIZ F.A.Manufacturing System
  ''978-953-51-0544-2NAJMAN S.Current Frontiers and Perspectives In: Cell Biology
  ''978-953-51-0555-8FARAGGI EProtein Structure
2012978-953-51-0557-2Giuseppe Montanaro · Bartolomeo DichioAdvances in Selected Plant Physiology Aspects
2014978-953-51-0560-2KAPIRIS K.Food Quality
  ''978-953-51-0564-0MUNSHI A.Dna Sequencing: Methods And Applications
  ''978-953-51-0567-1AFLAKPUI G.Agricultural Science
2014978-953-51-0578-7ELITOK O.Stratigraphic Analysis Of Layered Deposits
  ''978-953-51-0584-8COCCO LModern Metrology Concerns
  ''978-953-51-0586-2PANAGIOTARAS D.Geochemistry: Earth'S System Processes
2012978-953-51-0594-7Salih Mohammed SalihFourier Transform - Materials Analysis
978-953-51-0596-1Lg Bc1100d Desktop Charger for Kg800 Chocolate
2014978-953-51-0600-5SAHIN A.S.Modeling And Optimization Of Renewable Energy Systems
  ''978-953-51-0611-1LERNER J.C.Applied Aerodynamics
  ''978-953-51-0621-0GARCIA J. M.Sustainableforest Management: Current Research (Hb 2014)
2014978-953-51-0641-8MADDOCK J.Public Health Methodology, Environmental And Systems Issue (Hb-2014)
  ''978-953-51-0643-2KALLONIATIS C.Security Enhanced Applications For Information Systems (Hb 2014)
978-953-51-0651-7Remote Sensing Applications
2014978-953-51-0652-4ESCALANTE-RAMFREZ B.Remote Sensing: Advanced Techniques And Platforms
  ''978-953-51-0665-4AKPAN U GOilseeds
  ''978-953-51-0669-2YASSER H. A.Linear Algebra: Theorems And Applications (Hb 2014)
2012978-953-51-0675-3Evgenii SharkovTectonics - Recent Advances
2014978-953-51-0676-0MATINWireless Sensor Networks, Technology & Applications (Hb 2014)
  ''978-953-51-0677-7SERRA G.L.D.Frontiers In Advanced Control System
2014978-953-51-0680-7SOUNDARARAJANPesticides Advances In Chemical & Botanical Pesticides (Hb 2014)
  ''978-953-51-0686-9MAGISTER T.Advances in Air Navigation Services
  ''978-953-51-0688-3AIZED T.Total Quality Management And Six Sigma (Hb 2014)
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  ''978-953-51-0694-4SEZEN H.Earthquake Engineering (Hb 2014)
2012978-953-51-0695-1Ayman Amer EissaStructure and Function of Food Engineering
2014978-953-51-0699-9HOZ M.Z.Advances on Analysis and Control of Vibrations Theory and Applications
2014978-953-51-0705-7HARYANTO B.Air Pollution: A Comprehensive Perspective (Hb 2014)
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2014978-953-51-0728-6RAZZAK H.Atmospheric Aerosols (Hb 2014)
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2012978-953-51-0738-5Marta Valaskova · Gražyna Simha MartynkovaClay Minerals in Nature - Their Characterization, Modification and Application
2012978-953-51-0743-9Walter L. HurleyMilk Protein
2014978-953-51-0748-4KARAHOCA A.Advances in Data Mining Knowledge Discovery Ana Applications
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2014978-953-51-0769-9EBRAHIMI F.Finite Element Analysis: New Trends And Developments
978-953-51-0784-2Optical Communication (Hb 2014)
2014978-953-51-0787-3LEVA A.Recent Advances In Plant In Vitro Culture (Hb 2014)
2012978-953-51-0796-5Igor PeshkoLaser Pulses: Theory, Technology, and Applications
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2014978-953-51-0834-4LIU C.Advances in Modeling of Fluid Dynamics
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978-953-51-0842-9Organic Farming And Food Production (Hb 2014)
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2014978-953-51-0876-4BOARD J.E.A Comprehensice Survey of International Soybean Research-genetics, Physiology, Agronomy and Nitrogen Relationships
2014978-953-51-0882-5EINSCHLAG F. S. G.Waste Water: Treatment Technologies And Recent Analytical Developments (Hb 2014)
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2012978-953-51-0898-6Xihong PengNanowires - Recent Advances
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2014978-953-51-0930-3WU YAnalog Circuits
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2014978-953-51-0958-7TRDAN S.Insecticides Development Of Safer And More Effective Technologies (Hb-2014)
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978-953-51-1089-7ADVANCES IN QUANTUM MECHANICS (HB 2016)
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978-953-51-1092-7Water Resources: Planning, Development And Management (Hb 2014)
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978-953-51-1126-9Tribology In Engineering (Hb 2014)
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2014978-953-51-1237-2Thomas HeinbockelNeurochemistry
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