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2013978-94-6240-031-3Dorina AndoniThe Ultimate Space Law Collection: Volume 1: The Treaties and Declarations
  ''978-94-6240-039-9Kristina JanjacThe Mental Element in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court
2014978-94-6240-077-1Dorina AndoniThe Ultimate Space Law Collection: Volume 2: National Space Legislation Part I
  ''978-94-6240-078-8   ''The Ultimate Space Law Collection: Volume 2.1: National Space Legislation Part II
2015978-94-6240-207-2Jernej Letnar Cernic · Tara Van HoHuman Rights and Business: Direct Corporate Accountability for Human Rights
  ''978-94-6240-214-0Brando Matteo FioriDisclosure of Information in Criminal Proceedings: A Comparative Analysis of National and International Criminal Procedural Systems and Human Rights Law
  ''978-94-6240-258-4Carrie van der Kroon"I write with the right": The legal consciousness of Panamanian Ngabe children migrating to Costa Rica for the coffee harvest and the vernacularization of the UN CRC
2017978-94-6240-291-1European Court of Human RightsApercu de la Jurisprudence de la Cour Europeenne des Droits de l'homme: Issue: 2014
2017978-94-6240-292-8European Court of Human RightsApercu de la Jurisprudence de la Cour Europeenne des Droits de l'homme: Issue: 2015
2016978-94-6240-307-9Caterina ScaliseLife Imprisonment: A European Overview
  ''978-94-6240-340-6Aniel PahladsinghCrimmigration Law in the European Union (Part 2): The Return Directive: Return Decision and Detention
2017978-94-6240-348-2Deborah CivicoThe Doctrine of Command Responsibility and the Need to Avoid Arbitrary Punishments
  ''978-94-6240-356-7H. de Doelder · S. R. Bakker · B. A. Salverda · J. H.J. VerbaanWetboek van Strafrecht Curacao: Tweede Druk
  ''978-94-6240-359-8Amelie PomeonFRONTEX and the EBCGA: A Question of Accountability
  ''978-94-6240-360-4Lawrence Early · Anna Austin · Clare Ovey · Olga ChernishovaThe Right to Life under Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights: Twenty Years of Legal Developments since McCann v. the United Kingdom. In honour of Michael O'Boyle
2017978-94-6240-374-1Marieke Lancel · Frans Koenraadt · Karel 't LamGestoorde slaap: Een onschuldig probleem?
  ''978-94-6240-389-5Rolf HovingDeskundigenbewijs in het strafproces
  ''978-94-6240-396-3Petra ZvrzinaHumanitarian Intervention as an Exception to the Prohibition on the Use of Force
  ''978-94-6240-412-0L. Combrink-Kuiters · S.L. Peters · C. VerkleijMonitor Wsnp: Dertiende meting over het jaar 2016
2018978-94-6240-416-8Frans A.M. Alting von GeusauCultural Diplomacy: Volume I - Waging War by other Means (Footprints of the 20th Century - Third E)
2017978-94-6240-420-5Frans A.M. Alting von GeusauNeither Justice nor Order: Volume V - Reflections on the State of the Law of Nations (Footprints of the 20th Century - Third Edition)
  ''978-94-6240-436-6Petrus C. van Duyne · Jackie Harvey · Georgios A. Antonopoulos · Klaus von LampeThe Many Faces of Crime for Profit and Ways of Tackling it (Cross-border Crime Colloquium)
2018978-94-6240-450-2Jacques ClaessenForgiveness in criminal law through incorporating restorative mediation
2018978-94-6240-463-2Olivier VonkNationality Law in the Eastern Hemisphere: Acquisition and Loss of Citizenship in Asian Perspective
  ''978-94-6240-465-6Dario Dzananovic · Carolus GrüttersMigration and Religious Freedom: Essays on the Interaction between Religious Duty and Migration Law
  ''978-94-6240-477-9Wouter van der Spek · Evelien Flikweert · Ashley TerlouwDetentie van asielzoekers: vrijheidsontneming van asielzoekers: een onderzoek naar de toepassing van artikel 59b Vw
  ''978-94-6240-479-3Athar WaheedVictims of Terrorism in Pakistan: Review of Existing Victim Services and Scope of Improvement
  ''978-94-6240-499-1Tony MargueryMutual Trust under Pressure, the Transferring of Sentenced Persons in the EU: Transfer of Judgments of Conviction in the European Union and the Respect for Individual's Fundamental Rights
2018978-94-6240-513-4Eline GremmenDe kwetsbare psychisch gestoorde verdachte in het strafproces: Regelgeving, praktijk en Europese standaarden
2019978-94-6240-517-2Roberto Chenal · Iulia Antoanella Motoc · Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos · Robert SpanoIntersecting Views on National and International Human Rights Protection: Liber Amicorum Guido Raimondi (French Edition)
  ''978-94-6240-520-2Alice BosmaEmotive Justice: Laypersons'and legal professionals' evaluations of emotional victims within the just world paradigm
  ''978-94-6240-545-5The Charter and the Court of Justice of the European Union: Notable Cases from 2016-2018 (Fundamental Rights Protection in Europe)
  ''978-94-6240-550-9Karin ZwaanCaught In Between Borders: Citizens, Migrants and Humans. Liber Amicorum in Honour of prof. dr. Elspeth Guild