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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2018978-94-035-0014-0Alvin L. Goldman · Roberto L. CorradaLabour Law in the USA
  ''978-94-035-0073-7Juan-Luis Pulido-Begines · Maria-Victoria Petit-Lavall · Achim PuetzTransport Law in Spain
  ''978-94-035-0091-1James M. KlotzInternational Sales Agreements
  ''978-94-035-0093-5Frank Hendrickx · Jan Pichrt · Kristina KoldinskáLabour Law and Social Protection in a Globalized World: Changing Realities in Selected Areas of Law and Policy (Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations)
  ''978-94-035-0103-1Aleksandra BalTaxation, Virtual Currency and Blockchain (Series on International Taxation)
2018978-94-035-0120-8Michael Lang · Jeffrey OwensRemoving Tax Barriers to China's Belt and Road Initiative
  ''978-94-035-0154-3Jose Manuel Cid · Jorge Ferreras Gutierrez · Pablo A Gonzalez-BarredaCombating Tax Avoidance in the Eu: Harmonization and Cooperation in Direct Taxation (Eucotax Series on European Taxation)
2019978-94-035-0155-0Katia Fach Gomez · Ana Mercedes Lopez Rodriguez60 Years of the New York Convention: Key Issues and Future Challenges
  ''978-94-035-0282-3Brian J ArnoldInternational Tax Primer
2018978-94-035-0292-2Duff and PhelpsGuide to International Transfer Pricing: Law, Tax Planning and Compliance Strategies
  ''978-94-035-0293-9Stefano Simontacchi · Uwe StoschekGuide to Global Real Estate Investment Trusts
  ''978-94-035-0305-9Chen KeLabour Law in China
2018978-94-035-0313-4Samuel Obeng Manteaw · Ama Fowa HammondMigration Law in Ghana
  ''978-94-035-0322-6Jan Pichrt · Martin StefkoLabour Law in the Czech Republic
  ''978-94-035-0354-7Werner HaslehnerTime and Tax: Issues in International, Eu, and Constitutional Law (Eucotax Series on European Taxation)
2019978-94-035-0360-8Marc BenitahThe WTO Law of Subsidies, A Comprehensive Approach
  ''978-94-035-0361-5Werner Haslehner · Georg Kofler · Katerina Pantazatou · Alexander RustTax and the Digital Economy: Challenges and Proposals for Reform
  ''978-94-035-0362-2Andrey Kotelnikov · Sergey Kurochkin · Oleg SkvortsovArbitration in Russia
2018978-94-035-0373-8Julio Cesar Stefanoni Zani · Alfredo Enrique BetempsLabour and Employment Compliance in Argentina
2018978-94-035-0453-7Sang Wook Cho · Soojung Lee · Christopher MandelLabour and Employment Compliance in the Republic of Korea
  ''978-94-035-0460-5Susan Stelzner · Stuart Harrison · Brian Patterson · Zahida EbrahimLabour and Employment Compliance in South Africa (International Labour and Employment Compliance Handbook)
  ''978-94-035-0583-1Peter J. Wattel · Otto Marres · Hein VermeulenEuropean Tax Law: General Topics and Direct Taxation
  ''978-94-035-0590-9Peter J. Wattel · Otto Marres · Hein VermeulenEuropean Tax Law: General Topics and Direct Taxation
  ''978-94-035-0601-2Jean-Jacques Arnaldez · Yves Derains · Dominique T HascherCollection of ICC Arbitral Awards 2012-2015
2018978-94-035-0611-1Dennis CampbellComparative Law Yearbook of International Business 2018
  ''978-94-035-0624-1Aniruddha RajputRegulatory Freedom and Indirect Expropriation in Investment Arbitration
2019978-94-035-0640-1Eva EscribanoJurisdiction to Tax Corporate Income Pursuant to the Presumptive Benefit Principle: A Critical Analysis of Structural Paradigms Underlying Corporate Income Taxation and Proposals for Reform
  ''978-94-035-0711-8Hector Ferreira · Bernardo PorrasCompetition Law in Uruguay
  ''978-94-035-0804-7Fernando Elorza GuerreroMigration Law in Albania
  ''978-94-035-0811-5Fernando Elorza GuerreroMigration Law in Spain
2018978-94-035-0875-7Stephan W SchillYearbook Commercial Arbitration, Volume XLIII (2018) [crc] (Yearbook Commercial Arbitration Set)
2018978-94-035-0884-9Alvin See · Yip Man · Goh YihanProperty and Trust Law in Singapore
2019978-94-035-0904-4Kasper DziurdzNon-discrimination in Tax Treaty Law and World Trade Law: The Impact of Formal, Substantive and Subjective Approaches (International Taxation)
  ''978-94-035-0931-0Yulia LevashovaThe Right of States to Regulate in International Investment Law: The Search for Balance Between Public Interest and Fair and Equitable Treatment
  ''978-94-035-0941-9Gerald Nels OlsonMoney, Morality and Law: A Case for Financial Crisis Accountability
  ''978-94-035-1074-3Martinez Laguna Felix DanielHybrid Financial Instruments, Double Non-Taxation and Linking Rules
  ''978-94-035-1244-0Beata Gessel-Kalinowska Vel KaliszThe Legal, Real and Converged Interest in Declaratory Relief
2019978-94-035-1273-0Maximilian PikaThird-Party Effects of Arbitral Awards: Res Judicata Against Privies, Non-Mutual Preclusion and Factual Effects
  ''978-94-035-1463-5Fabio Bortolotti · Dorothy UfotHardship and Force Majeure in International Commercial Contracts: Dealing with Unforeseen Events in a Changing World