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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-93-80227-17-7Priya KumarI Am Another You: A Journey to Powerful Break Throughs
  ''978-93-80227-22-1Henry ToiThe Habits Of Success: Nurturing Intelligence in Every Aspect of Life
2010978-93-80227-26-9Kalim Khan Cyrus M. GondaSeal The Hole In The Bucket
2019978-93-80227-31-3Richard Fenton & Andrea WaltzGo For No: Yes Is The Destination. No Is How To Get There.
2010978-93-80227-37-5Garry KinderYour Daily Mental Vitamin
  ''978-93-80227-42-9Janki SharmaCounselling And Parenting Skills
  ''978-93-80227-48-1Priya KumarLicense to Live: A Seeker's Journey to Greatness
  ''978-93-80227-58-0Joseph MurphyThe Power Of Your Subconscious Mind
2010978-93-80227-59-7Tanisha AvarsekarSome Secrets Lie Beyond the Horizon
  ''978-93-80227-60-3Percy Dastur PH. D.The Art Of Change Management: Implementing Change from the Top
2011978-93-80227-70-2Cyrus M. Gonda · Smriti BAir Hostess Diaries
  ''978-93-80227-73-3Bejon N. DesaiTwo Minutes with Reality: Short Stories and Anecdotes On Encoutners With Truth
  ''978-93-80227-74-0Jim RohnFive Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle
  ''978-93-80227-77-1Jim RohnKeys to Success
2011978-93-80227-81-8Professor Nandini VaidyanathanEntrepedia