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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-93-80177-06-9Brig Vinod AnandMulti-Vector Policies of Central Asian Nations and India
  ''978-93-80177-07-6Prashant AgrawalChina and India: A Comparative Analysis of Approaches to Energy Security
  ''978-93-80177-08-3SahukarSuicide Terrorism
  ''978-93-80177-09-0Narendra Kumar TripathiWater Issues in Sino- Indian & Indo - Pak Relations
2010978-93-80177-19-9P J S Major General SandhuRising China: Opportunity or Strategic Challenge
  ''978-93-80177-20-5Y K Major General GeraPeace and Stability in Afghanistan: The Way Ahead
2010978-93-80177-22-9U. C. JhaThe Indian Armed Forces: Socio Legal Perspective
  ''978-93-80177-24-3Aribam Indubala DeviAmazing North East - Assam
  ''978-93-80177-25-0   ''Amazing North East- Arunachal Pradesh
  ''978-93-80177-26-7   ''Amazing North East- Manipur
  ''978-93-80177-27-4   ''Amazing North East - Meghalaya
2010978-93-80177-28-1Aribam Indubala DeviAmazing North East - Mizoram
  ''978-93-80177-29-8   ''Amazing North East - Nagaland
2010978-93-80177-30-4Aribam Indubala DeviAmazing North East - Sikkim
  ''978-93-80177-31-1   ''Amazing North East - Tripura
2011978-93-80177-37-3P K VijLexis of Tyranny: Speeches of Adolf Hitler
  ''978-93-80177-42-7Brig Sukhdeep SangwanIntegrated Force Projection by India
  ''978-93-80177-44-1V. R. RaghavanNuclear Disarmament: India -EU Perspectives
  ''978-93-80177-51-9Dhananjay Dr. TripathiDevelopment Role of EU in South Asia
2011978-93-80177-53-3Rohit SinghChina and India in Asia Power Politics
  ''978-93-80177-57-1Brig Rahul K. BhonsleCountering Transnational Terrorism
  ''978-93-80177-60-1Mridula MishraHuman Rights: Refugee Problem in India
  ''978-93-80177-62-5P J S Major General SandhuStrategies for Countering Non State Actors in South Asia
  ''978-93-80177-63-2V. R. RaghavanInternal Conflicts in Myanmar: Transnational Consequences
2011978-93-80177-64-9V. R. RaghavanInternal Conflicts in Nepal: Transnational Consequences
  ''978-93-80177-65-6Satyanarayan Dr. PattanayakIran's Relations with Pakistan: A Strategic Analysis
  ''978-93-80177-75-5U. C. JhaInternational Humanitarian Law: The Laws of War