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2009978-93-80009-00-1A.R. MohapatraSocial Philosophy of Swami Vivekananda
  ''978-93-80009-01-8   ''Social Philosophy of Swami Vivekananda
  ''978-93-80009-02-5Sohan Raj TaterThe Jaina Doctrine of Karma and The Science of Genetics
  ''978-93-80009-03-2Tabasum FirdousPeace Strategies in Central Asia
  ''978-93-80009-04-9V.S. SardesaiSanatana Dharma The Universal Religion
2012978-93-80009-05-6Michael NewtonHypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression: Life Between Lives
978-93-80009-06-3My Book of Auto Motor Mazes
978-93-80009-09-4Domestic Animals (Do to Dot)
978-93-80009-10-0Fruits (Do to Dot)
978-93-80009-11-7Birds (Do to Dot)
978-93-80009-12-4Wild Animals (Do to Dot)
978-93-80009-13-1Vegetable (Do to Dot)
978-93-80009-14-8Vegetables (Do to Dot)
2010978-93-80009-15-5Andrew LangThe Brown Fairy: What the Rose Did to the Cypress and Other Stories
2009978-93-80009-16-2Krishna V. RaoIs Globalization on the Wane?
2010978-93-80009-17-9Andrew LangThe Brown Fairy: Pivi Kabo and Other Stories
978-93-80009-18-6The Green Fairy: The Blue Bird and Other Stories
2010978-93-80009-19-3A.K. JainSpace for Shopping Planning and Designing: For Trade and Commerce
2009978-93-80009-20-9John H. Badgley · Aye KyawRed Peacocks: Commentaries on Burmese Socialist Nationalism
2009978-93-80009-21-6K.C. PandeyReligious Beliefs, Superstitions and Wittenstein
  ''978-93-80009-22-3Shashank SharmaQuiz Book
2010978-93-80009-23-0Andrew LangThe Green Fairy: The Magic Swan and Other Stories
2009978-93-80009-24-7A.K. JainUrban Land Policy and Public Private Partnership for Real Estate and Infrastructure Projects
2012978-93-80009-25-4Shashank SharmaMedia Glossary
2009978-93-80009-26-1Vijay VenkateshwarGod is God Only: Not More, Not Less
  ''978-93-80009-27-8Andrew LangAli Baba and the Forty Theives
2012978-93-80009-29-2Pallavi GoswamiRecent Trends in Indian English: A Linguistic Study of Print Media
  ''978-93-80009-30-8Vikas H. GandhiJudicial Approach in Criminal Justice System: An Experience of India
2010978-93-80009-31-5M.K.V. NarayanLyrical Musings on Indic Culture: A Sociological Study of Songs of Sant Purandara Dasa
  ''978-93-80009-32-2Mushtaq A. KawCentral Asia in Retrospect and Prospect
2009978-93-80009-35-3Rajesh AggarwalThe 7 Keys to Prosperity and Success
978-93-80009-36-0Rajasekhara Reddy: Tragic End of a Charismatic Chief Minister
2010978-93-80009-37-7Sohan Raj TaterEnlightened Knowledge
2012978-93-80009-38-4Sudhir JainWho Are We?
2010978-93-80009-39-1Andrew LangThe Red Fairy: The Twelve Dancing Pricesses and Other Stories
2010978-93-80009-40-7Andrew LangThe Red Fairy: The Voice of Death and Other Stories
  ''978-93-80009-48-3Malti BansalNow We Set to Settle on the Moon: Chandrayaan Discovery Paves the Way
  ''978-93-80009-61-2Arup MitraPoverty Profile: Poems on Human Deprivation
  ''978-93-80009-66-7Nilesh M. ShuklaBhagavad Gita and Hinduism: What Everyone Should Know (With English Translation of the Gita on CD)
  ''978-93-80009-74-2J.L. BhanKashmir Sculptures (2 Volume Set)
2010978-93-80009-76-6Shobha Khinvasara · Jyotsna Diwan MehtaSurviving the Stretch Strategies for More Effective Time and Stress Management
978-93-80009-94-0The Yellow Fairy: The Cat and the Mouse in Partnership
978-93-80009-95-7The Yellow Fairy: The Witch and Her Servants and Other Stories
2010978-93-80009-96-4Andrew LangThe Violet Fairy the Finest Liar in the World and Other Stories
  ''978-93-80009-97-1   ''The Violet Fairy
978-93-80009-98-8Black Beauty: The Autobiography of a Horse
2011978-93-80009-99-5Ritu ChauhanSpeeches of Mother Teresa & Other Women Leaders: Makers of History