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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-93-5062-000-7Prakash PillappaCivic Sense
聽 ''978-93-5062-001-4kundu/ punia/Narwal / SinghBusiness Management: Key Research Issues
978-93-5062-002-1Developing Strategies for Organisations in Global Economies
2012978-93-5062-003-8Biswajeet Pattanayak 路 Kalyan Shankar Ray 路 Phalgu Niranjana 路 Udayan DasEnvisioning the Future Business
聽 ''978-93-5062-004-5patel/ Tanted/phatak / sharmaBusiness Innovations and Entrepreneurship
978-93-5062-006-9MishraProject Management
2012978-93-5062-007-6Janakiram B/RAO/ ReddyManagement and Behavioural Processes
聽 ''978-93-5062-009-0R H G Rau 路 B V Ramana MurtyService Quality Excellence
聽 ''978-93-5062-010-6Dipak Kumar BhattacharyyaHuman Resource Management
2012978-93-5062-027-4Snigdha Mishra 路 Shrimi Shrivastava 路 Preeti NarendraRe-inventing HR in coming Decades
978-93-5062-057-1Bhattacharyya D KHuman Resource Planning
2012978-93-5062-058-8V S P RaoManagement- Text & Cases
聽 ''978-93-5062-059-5S H H Kazmi 路 J P MahajanPrinciples of Marketing
聽 ''978-93-5062-060-1Deepak BhariokeFundamentals of Information Technology
聽 ''978-93-5062-061-8S S GulshanCompany Law
978-93-5062-062-5WeyntonOrganise Meetings
978-93-5062-063-2Sandra GriffithImplement Customer Services Standards
2012978-93-5062-064-9HansfordAnalysis And Present Research Information
聽 ''978-93-5062-065-6GrahamCoordinate Business Resources
978-93-5062-066-3KellyMake A Presentation
2012978-93-5062-067-0KentUndertake Marketing Activities
978-93-5062-068-7Develop Teams And Individuals
2012978-93-5062-069-4HansfordWrite Complex Documents
2012978-93-5062-070-0KentAddress Customer Needs
978-93-5062-071-7LindsayPromote Products and Services
978-93-5062-072-4Sandra Griffith/ JonesImplement and Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices
978-93-5062-073-1Design And Develop Complex Text Documents
978-93-5062-074-8Design Databases: Access 2003
978-93-5062-075-5Produce Complex Desktop Published Documents
978-93-5062-076-2Develop And Use Complex Spreadsheets: Excel 2003
2012978-93-5062-077-9Sandra GriffithCoordinate Implementation of Customer Service Strategies
聽 ''978-93-5062-088-5Raj KumarInternational Business Environment
聽 ''978-93-5062-089-2Shekhawat / TakBusiness Strategies and Economics Growth