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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-92-9198-057-4Nicole Gnesotto · Javier SolanaEU Security and Defence Policy-The First Five Years (1999-2004)
2005978-92-9198-062-8Institute for Security StudiesChaillot Paper: The European Union and the United Nations
2003978-92-9198-063-5Philippe De SchoutheeteLa Coherence Par La Defense / Coherence by Defense: Une Autre Lecture De La Pesd / Another Reading of the Pesd (Cahiers De Chaillot, Octobre 2004) (French Edition)
2004978-92-9198-065-9Olivier RoyAfghanistan: La Difficile Reconstruction D´un Etat / the Difficult Rebuilding D´un State (Cahier De Chaillot) (French Edition)
2005978-92-9198-066-6Dmitry DanilovWhat Russia Sees (Chaillot paper)
  ''978-92-9198-069-7Not AvailableInformation Security a New Challenge for the Eu
  ''978-92-9198-070-3Burkard and Darryl Howlett SchmittChaillot Paper N° 77 Information Effective non-proliferation. The European Union and the 2005 NPT Review Conference (Chaillot papers)
  ''978-92-9198-073-4Burkard SchmittDefence Procurement in the European Union: the Current Debate (EUISS report)
  ''978-92-9198-078-9Gustav LindstromChaillot Paper n° 82 EU-US Burdensharing who does what?
2005978-92-9198-079-6Stefan Elbe · Lawrence Freedman · Antonio MissiroliChaillot Papers 83: Disasters, Diseases, Disruption: A New D-Drive for the EU
  ''978-92-9198-081-9Not AvailableInternational Terrorism: the Changing Threat And Europe's Response: Chaillot Paper 84
  ''978-92-9198-082-6Alexandra and Dov Lynch GoujonChaillot Paper n° 85 Changing Belarus
2006978-92-9198-084-0M. ZaborowskiFRIENDS AGAIN? EU-US relations After The Crisis
  ''978-92-9198-085-7WHY GEORGIA MATTERS
  ''978-92-9198-092-5Katajun AmirpurIranian Challenges (Chaillot paper)
2006978-92-9198-094-9EU STAKES IN CENTRAL ASIA
  ''978-92-9198-099-4Enforcing Non-proliferation the European Union and the 2006 Btwc Review Conference
  ''978-92-9198-100-7Facing China's Rise: Guidelines for an EU Strategy
2007978-92-9198-105-2MONITORING A REGION IN CRISIS The European Union in West Africa
  ''978-92-9198-110-6Martin OrtegaBuilding the future. The EU's contribution to global governance
2007978-92-9198-112-0Johanna ValeniusGender Mainstreaming in ESDP missions (101)
  ''978-92-9198-113-7FERMER YALTA
  ''978-92-9198-114-4Justin VaisseChaillot Papers No. 103, June 2007: Transformational Diplomacy
978-92-9198-115-1Regional Cooperation in the Western Balkans
2007978-92-9198-118-2Esther BrimmerSeeing Blue: American Visions of the European Union
2008978-92-9198-120-5Judy Battn 107: Is There an Albanian Question? (Chaillot Paper)
978-92-9198-123-6Occasional Paper, N° 71: Les enjeux des élections législatives en Algérie et au Maroc
2009978-92-9198-124-3Ukraine quo vadis ?
2008978-92-9198-129-8Cahier De ChaillotSécurité et défense de l'ue N° 112 oct 2008
  ''978-92-9198-131-1Erkki, Daniel Keohane, Christian Molling and Sophie de Vaucorbeil, Authors AaltoTowards a European Defence Market
2009978-92-9198-139-7Luis MartinezCahier de chaillot n°115 Avril 2009
  ''978-92-9198-140-3Catherine GliereCahier de chaillot n°117 juillet 2009
2009978-92-9198-142-7Judy BattChaillot paper n°116 june 2009
  ''978-92-9198-159-5Sabine (ed) FischerBACK FROM THE COLD? The EU And Belarus In 2009
2011978-92-9198-160-1Álvaro de Vasconcelos · Marcin ZaborowskiThe Obama Moment: European and American Perspectives
2010978-92-9198-170-0Zhu LiqunChina's foreign policy debates
2012978-92-9198-200-4Alvaro de VasconcelosListening to Unfamiliar Voices - The Arab Democratic Wave