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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-92-9190-000-8Financial reconstruction to conflict and post-conflict economies (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-002-2Michael GrimmA decomposition of inequality and poverty changes in the context of macroeconomic adjustment: A microsimulation study for Côte d'Ivoire (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-004-6Syed Mansoob MurshedConditionality and endogenous policy formation in a political setting (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-010-7Abdur R ChowdhuryExternal debt and growth in developing countries: A sensitivity and causal analysis (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-012-1Giovanni Andrea CorniaInequality, growth and poverty in the era of liberalization and globalization (WIDER policy brief)
2001978-92-9190-014-5Lisandro AbregoDebt relief under the HIPC initiative: Context and outlook for debt sustainability and resource flows (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-016-9Tony AddisonTaxation and fiscal reform in Ghana (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-018-3Ke-young ChuCollective values, behavioural norms, and rules: Building institutions for economic growth and poverty reduction (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-020-6Craig BurnsideHiccups for HIPCs (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-022-0Bernhard G GunterDoes the HIPC initiative achieve its goal of debt sustainability (WIDER discussion paper)
2001978-92-9190-024-4Syed Mansoob MurshedTax competition, globalization and declining social protection (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-026-8William EasterlyThe effect of IMF and World Bank programmes on poverty (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-028-2M. O OdedokunDeterminants of income inequality and its effects on economic growth: Evidence from African countries (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-030-5Arne BigstenDebt relief and growth: A study of Zambia and Tanzania (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-032-9J.-C BerthélemyHIPC debt relief and policy reform incentives (WIDER discussion paper)
2001978-92-9190-034-3Anders DanielsonCan HIPC reduce poverty in Tanzania? (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-036-7Adrian FozzardChanging approaches to public expenditure management in low-income aid dependent countries (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-038-1Aili Mari TrippNon-formal institutions, informal economies, and the politics of inclusion (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-040-4Dick DurevallReform of the Malawian public sector: Incentives, governance and accountability (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-042-8Debt reduction for poverty eradication in the least developed countries: Analysis and recommendations on LDC debt (WIDER discussion paper)
2001978-92-9190-044-2Stephen BrowneWaiving and drowning?: Debt and the Millennium Declaration Development goals (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-046-6Elaine ZuckermanWhy engendering PRSPs reduce poverty, and the case of Rwanda (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-048-0Kunibert RafferDebt relief for low-income countries: Arbitration as the alternative to present, unsuccessful debt strategies (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-050-3Rasmus HeltbergAgricultural supply response and poverty in Mozambique (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-052-7Moses L GololaDecentralization, local bureaucracies and delivery in Uganda (WIDER discussion paper)
2001978-92-9190-054-1Maureen WereThe impact of external debt on economic growth in Kenya: An empirical assessment (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-056-5Marko NokkalaSector investments as part of national fiscal policy (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-060-2Robert OseiThe HIPC initiative and poverty reduction in Ghana: An assessment (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-062-6Alison MarshallPolicies to roll-back the state and privatize?: Poverty reduction strategy papers investigated (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-064-0David BoothPRSP processes in eight African countries: Initial impacts and potential for institutionalization (WIDER discussion paper)
2001978-92-9190-066-4A. Geske DijkstraThe uncertainty of debt service payments and economic growth of HIPCs: Is there a case for debt relief? (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-068-8Neil McCullochPoverty, inequality and growth in Zambia during the 1990s (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-070-1Ahmad AssadzadehPoverty, growth and redistribution: A case of Iran (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-072-5Syed Mansoob MurshedTransaction cost politics, institutions for commitment and rent seeking (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-074-9Abdalla HamdokGovernance and policy in Africa: Recent experiences (WIDER discussion paper)
2001978-92-9190-076-3The pattern and valuation effects of corporate diversification: A comparison of the United States, Japan, and other East Asian economies (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-078-7Stephen KnowlesInequality and economic growth: The empirical relationship reconsidered in the light of comparable data (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-080-0Arne BigstenGrowth, income distribution, and poverty: A review (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-082-4Constantino J GodeSovereign debt and uncertainty in the Mozambican economy (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-084-8Arne BigstenRelevance of the Nordic model for African development (WIDER discussion paper)
2001978-92-9190-086-2Jennifer MbabaziAre inequality and trade liberalization influences on growth and poverty (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-088-6Orlando San MartinReaching the poor: Fine tuning poverty targeting using a poverty map: the case of Mozambique (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-090-9David Mayer-FoulkesConvergence clubs in cross-country life expectancy dynamics (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-092-3Vad. V RadaevThe development of small entrepreneurship in Russia (WIDER discussion paper)
2000978-92-9190-094-7Robert J McIntyreThe role of small and medium enterprises in transition: Growth and entrepreneurship (WIDER research for action)
2001978-92-9190-096-1Syed M AhsanInstitutional framework and poverty: A transition economy perspective (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-098-5Erich GundlachEducation is good for the poor: A note on Dollar and Kraay (2001) (WIDER discussion paper)
2001978-92-9190-100-5Justine NannyonjoThe HIPC debt relief initiative: Uganda's social sector reforms and outcomes (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-102-9Machiko NissankeDebt dynamics and contingency financing: Theoretical reappraisal of the HIPC initiative (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-104-3P. B AnandWater scarcity in Chennai, India (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-106-7Tony AddisonDo donors matter for institutional reform in Africa? (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-108-1Sanghamitra BandyopadhyayTwin peaks: Convergence empirics of economic growth across Indian states (WIDER discussion paper)
2001978-92-9190-110-4Ales BulirHow volatile and unpredictable are aid flows, and what are the policy implications? (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-112-8Karin KronlidHousehold welfare and education in urban Ethiopia (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-114-2P. B AnandConsumer preferences for water supply?: An application of choice models to urban India (WIDER discussion paper)
2002978-92-9190-116-6Henning Tarp JensenOn the choice of appropriate development strategy: Insights from CGE modelling of the Mozambican economy (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-118-0Ritva ReinikkaExplaining leakage of public funds (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-120-3Youssoufou CongoPerformance of microfinance institutions in Burkina Faso (WIDER discussion paper)
2002978-92-9190-122-7Helmut ReisenRatings since the Asian crisis (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-124-1John WilliamsonProposals for curbing the boom-bust cycle in the supply of capital to emerging markets (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-126-5Oliver MorrisseyMaking debt relief conditionality pro-poor (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-128-9Hulya DagdevirenRedistribution does matter: Growth and redistribution for poverty reduction (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-130-2Pedro AlbarranDo public transfers crowd out private transfers?: Evidence from a randomized experiment in Mexico (WIDER discussion paper)
2002978-92-9190-132-6Marcel FafchampsInequality and risk (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-134-0Ethan LigonTargeting and informal insurance (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-136-4Stuart L GillanInstitutional investors, corporate ownership and corporate governance: Global perspectives (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-138-8Jyotsna JalanHousehold income dynamics in rural China (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-140-1Masahiko AokiUnderstanding the Silicon Valley phenomena (WIDER discussion paper)
2002978-92-9190-142-5Steve Kayizzi-MugerwaPrivatization in Sub-Saharan Africa: On factors affecting implementation (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-144-9Jiahua CheFrom the grabbing hand to the helping hand: A rent seeking model of China's township-village enterprises (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-146-3Leonce YapoDéterminants de l'endettement extérieur des PPTE (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-148-7M. H SuryanarayanaPoverty in India: Misspecified policies and estimates (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-150-0Elisabetta BerteroHardening a soft budget constraint through 'Upward devolution' to a supranational institution: The case of Italian state-owned firms and the European Union (WIDER discussion paper)
2002978-92-9190-152-4Tilat AnwarImpact of globalization and liberalization on growth, employment and poverty: A case study of Pakistan (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-154-8Ricardo Ffrench-DavisHow optimal are the extremes?: Latin American exchange rate policies during the Asian crisis (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-164-7Can financial markets be tapped to help poor people cope with weather risks? (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-168-5Markus P GoldsteinIs a friend in need a friend indeed?: Inclusion and exclusion in mutual insurance networks in southern Ghana (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-178-4Jagdish N BhagwatiGlobalization and appropriate governance (WIDER annual lectures)
2002978-92-9190-179-1Jorge Landaburu · Jagdish N. BhagwatiGlobalization and Appropriate Governance
2001978-92-9190-180-7Frances StewartHorizontal inequalities: A neglected dimension of development (WIDER annual lectures)
2002978-92-9190-190-6Günther Rehme(Re)Distribution of personal incomes, education and economic performance across countries (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-192-0Alemayehu Geda FoleDebt issues in Africa: Thinking beyond the HIPC Initiative to solving structural problems (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-194-4Stephany Griffith-JonesThe new Basle Capital Accord and developing countries: Issues, implications and policy proposals (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-196-8Christiana E. E OkojieGender and education as determinants of household poverty in Nigeria (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-198-2Danny QuahOne third of the world's growth and inequality (WIDER discussion paper)
2002978-92-9190-200-2Producing an improved geographic profile of poverty: Methodology and evidence from three developing countries (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-202-6Simon FeenyAid, public sector fiscal behaviour and developing country debt (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-204-0Carlos Budnevich L.Countercyclical fiscal policy: A review of the literature, empirical evidence and some policy proposals (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-206-4John HawkinsInternational bank lending: Water flowing uphill? (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-208-8Andrew D McKayAssessing the impact of fiscal policy on poverty (WIDER discussion paper)
2002978-92-9190-210-1Lisandro AbregoDebt relief under the HIPC initiative: Context and outlook for debt sustainability and resource flows (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-212-5Barbara StallingsFinancial regulation and supervision in emerging markets: The experience of Latin America since the Tequila Crisis (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-214-9Paul CollierThe macroeconomic repercussions of agricultural shocks and their implications for insurance (Discussion paper / WIDER)
  ''978-92-9190-216-3Stijn ClaessensThe benefits and costs of group affiliation: Evidence from East Asia (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-218-7Tony AddisonBy how much does conflict reduce financial development? (WIDER discussion paper)
2002978-92-9190-220-0Samuel FambonEndettement du Cameroun: Problèmes et solutions (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-222-4Nancy BirdsallWill HIPC matter?: The debt game and donor behaviour in Africa (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-224-8Grzegorz W Ko±odkoGlobalization and catching-up in emerging market economies (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-228-6Era Dabla-NorrisDebt relief, demand for education, and poverty (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-230-9Tilat AnwarUnsustainable debt burden and poverty in Pakistan: A case for enhanced HIPC initiative (WIDER discussion paper)
2002978-92-9190-232-3Jane KiringaiDebt and PRSP conditionality: the Kenya case (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-234-7Jonathan MorduchConsumption smoothing across space: Testing theories of risk-sharing in the ICRISAT study region of South India (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-236-1Loïc SadouletIncorporating insurance provisions in microfinance contracts: Learning from Visa (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-238-5Joachim de WeerdtRisk-sharing and endogenous network formation (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-240-8Gisele GamanouMeasuring vulnerability to poverty (WIDER discussion paper)
2002978-92-9190-242-2Mohammed OmranTesting for a significant change in the Egyptian economy under the economic reform programme era (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-244-6Inna VerbinaWhat determines public education expenditures in a transition economy? (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-246-0David LubinBank lending to emerging markets: Crossing the border (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-248-4Marcin PiatkowskiThe 'new economy' and economic growth in transition economies: The relevance of institutional infrastructure (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-250-7Ashok K ParikhImpact of liberalization, economic growth and trade policies on current accounts of developing countries: An econometric study (WIDER discussion paper)
2002978-92-9190-254-5Paul Kieti KimaluDebt relief and health care in Kenya (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-256-9Nancy N NafulaAchieving sustainable universal primary education through debt relief: The case of Kenya (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-258-3Matti PohjolaNew economy in growth and development (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-260-6K LalE-business and export behaviour: Evidence from Indian firms (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-262-0Poh-Kam WongThe impacts of knowledge interaction with manufacturing clients on KIBS firms innovations behaviour (WIDER discussion paper)
2002978-92-9190-264-4Francesco DaveriThe new economy in Europe, 1992-2001 (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-266-8Shaun Hargreaves HeapThe market place for ideas: An analysis of knowledge diffusion in academic journals (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-268-2Steve OnyeiwuInter-country variations in digital technology in Africa: Evidence, determinants, and policy implications (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-270-5Sandeep KapurDeveloping countries in the new economy: The role of demand-side initiatives (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-272-9George R. G ClarkeDoes internet connectivity affect export performance?: Evidence from the transition economies (WIDER discussion paper)
2002978-92-9190-274-3Charles KennyThe internet and economic growth in least developed countries: A case of managing expectations? (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-276-7T. A BhavaniImpact of technology on the competitiveness of the Indian small manufacturing sector: A case study of the automotive component industry (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-278-1Mina N BaliamouneThe new economy and developing countries: Assessing the role of ICT diffusion (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-280-4K. J JosephGrowth of ICT and ICT for development: Realities of the myths of the Indian experience (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-282-8Sagren MoodleyCompeting in the digital economy?: The dynamics and impacts of B2B e-commerce on the South African manufacturing sector (WIDER discussion paper)
2002978-92-9190-284-2Valpy FitzgeraldThe instability of the emerging market assets demand schedule (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-286-6Ricardo Ffrench-DavisFinancial crises and national policy issues: An overview (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-288-0José Antonio OcampoCapital-account and counter-cyclical prudential regulations in developing countries (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-290-3Samia Satti O. M NourICT opportunities and challenges for development in the Arab world (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-292-7Albertus AochamubEconomic development potential through IP telephony for Namibia (WIDER discussion paper)
2002978-92-9190-294-1Stefan DerconRisk sharing and public transfers (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-296-5Ethan LigonMeasuring vulnerability: The director's cut (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-298-9Sumit JoshiAn endogenous group formation theory of co-operative networks: The economics of La Lega and Mondragón (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-300-9Youngsoo LeeDigital divide and growth gap: A cumulative relationship (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-302-3Christopher FormanThe corporate digital divide: Determinants of Internet adoption (WIDER discussion paper)
2002978-92-9190-304-7Danny CassimonLegal and institutional barriers to optimal financial architecture for new economy firms in developing countries (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-306-1Mina N BaliamouneAssessing the impact of one aspect of globalization on economic growth in Africa (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-308-5Daniel ChudnovskyThe software and information services sector in Argentina: Pros and cons of an inward-oriented development strategy (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-310-8Jeffrey G WilliamsonWinners and losers over two centuries of globalization (WIDER annual lecture)
  ''978-92-9190-312-2Randall DoddDerivatives, the shape of international capital flows and the virtues of prudential regulation (WIDER discussion paper)
2002978-92-9190-314-6Stijn ClaessensExplaining the migration of stocks from exchanges in emerging economies to international centres (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-316-0Patrice MullerInternet use in transition economies: Economic and institutional determinants (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-318-4Eric NeumayerArab-related bilateral and multilateral sources of development finance: Issues, trends, and the way forward (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-320-7Léonce NdikumanaAdditionality of debt relief and debt forgiveness, and implications for future volumes of official assistance (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-322-1Raghbendra JhaInnovative sources of development finance: Global cooperation in the twenty-first century (WIDER discussion paper)
2002978-92-9190-324-5N HermesFlight capital and its reversal for development financing (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-326-9Fadle NaqibEconomic aspects of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict: The collapse of the Oslo Accord (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-328-3Guang Hua WanRegression-based inequality decomposition: Pitfalls and a solution procedure (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-330-6Ilham HaouasThe impacts of trade liberalization on employment and wages in Tunisian industries (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-332-0   ''Labour-use efficiency in Tunisian manufacturing industries: A flexible adjustment model (WIDER discussion paper)
2002978-92-9190-334-4Guang Hua WanIncome inequality and growth in transition economies: Are nonlinear models needed? (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-336-8Oliver MorrisseyRecipient governments' willingness and ability to meet aid conditionality: The effectiveness of aid finance and conditions (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-338-2Howard WhiteLong-run trends and recent developments in official assistance from donor countries (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-340-5Syed Mansoob MurshedStrategic interaction and donor policy determination in a domestic setting (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-342-9Kandamuthan SubodhMarket concentration, firm size and innovative activity: A firm-level economic analysis of selected Indian industries under economic liberalization (WIDER discussion paper)
978-92-9190-398-6Africa's Recovery from Conflict: Making Peace Work for the Poor (Wider Policy Brief)
2003978-92-9190-540-9Sanghamitra BandyopadhyayConvergence Club Empirics: Some Dynamics and Explanations of Unequal Growth Across Indian States (Discussion paper)
2004978-92-9190-577-5Sustainability of External Development Financing to Developing Countries
2006978-92-9190-768-7Mark McGillivrayAid Allocation and Fragile States (WIDER discussion paper)
2006978-92-9190-830-1Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis · Gautam HazarikaWomen's Status and Children's Food Security in Pakistan (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-832-5George Rapsomanikis · Alexander SarrisThe Impact of Domestic and International Commodity Price Volatility on Agricultural Income Instability: Ghana, Vietnam and Peru (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-844-8Ha-Joon ChangUnderstanding the Relationship Between Institutions and Economic Development: Some Key Theoretical Issues (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-846-2Markus Jäntti · Juho Saari · Juhana VartiainenGrowth and Equity in Finland (WIDER discussion paper)
  ''978-92-9190-866-0Hongbin Li · Yi ZhuIncome, Income Inequality, and Health: Evidence from China (WIDER discussion paper)
2006978-92-9190-880-6Anthony Ian Clunies Ross · J. V LangmorePolitical Economy of Additional Development Finance (WIDER discussion paper)