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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-92-9173-000-1Elaboration De Strategies De Programme Favorisant L'integration Des Activities Liees Au Vih, a L'alimentation Et a La Nutrition Dans Les Milieux De Refugies (French Edition)
2000978-92-9173-020-9Olusoji AdeyiPutting knowledge to work: Technical resource networks for effective responses to HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS best practice collection)
2001978-92-9173-021-6Yinka AdeyemiA media handbook for HIV vaccine trials for Africa (UNAIDS best practice collection)
  ''978-92-9173-035-3Population mobility and AIDS (UNAIDS best practice collection)
  ''978-92-9173-051-3AIDS, poverty reduction and debt relief: A toolkit for mainstreaming HIV/AIDS programmes into development instruments
978-92-9173-055-1HIV Prevention Needs and Successes: A Tale of Three Countries: An Update on HIV Prevention Success in Senegal, Thailand, and Uganda (Unaids Best Practice Collection)
2001978-92-9173-057-5Migrants' right to health (UNAIDS best practice collection)
  ''978-92-9173-072-8The Asian harm reduction network: Supporting responses to HIV and injecting drug use in Asia (UNAIDS best practice collection)
  ''978-92-9173-076-6Promoting excellence in training (UNAIDS best practice collection)
2001978-92-9173-077-3Rachel BaggaleyThe impact of voluntary counselling and testing: A global review of the benefits and challenges (UNAIDS best practice collection)
  ''978-92-9173-100-8Infodev: Facilitating communications in response to HIV/AIDS in South-East Asia (UNAIDS best practice collection)
  ''978-92-9173-107-7Susan FoxInvesting in our future: Psychosocial support for children affected by HIV/AIDS: a case study in Zimbabwe and the United Republic of Tanzania (UNAIDS best practice collection)
2003978-92-9173-108-4UNAIDSReaching Out, Scaling Up: Eight Case Studies of Home and Community Care for and by People with HIV/AIDS (A UNAIDS Publication)
2001978-92-9173-123-7Working with men for HIV prevention and care (UNAIDS best practice collection)
2002978-92-9173-159-6Sex work and HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS best practice collection)
2003978-92-9173-161-9UNAIDSHandbook on Access to HIV/AIDS-Related Treatment: A Collection of Information, Tools and Resources for NGOs, CBOs and PLWHA Groups (A UNAIDS Publication)
2002978-92-9173-171-8Ancient Remedies, New Disease: Involving Traditional Healers in Increasing Access and AIDS Care and Prevention in East Africa (UNAIDS Best Practice Collection)
  ''978-92-9173-173-2UNAIDSEmployer's Handbook on HIV/AIDS: A Guide for Action (A UNAIDS Publication)
2003978-92-9173-178-7World Health OrganizationManual sobre el VIH/SIDA para empleadores. Guía para la acción
1999978-92-9173-184-8UNAIDSHandbook for Legislators on HIV/AIDS, Law and Human Rights: Action to Combat HIV/AIDS in View of its Devastating Human, Economic and Social Impact (A UNAIDS Publication)
2002978-92-9173-185-5Marais Hein · etc. · Albert R. JonsenReport on the Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic
  ''978-92-9173-190-9Keeping the promise: Summary of the declaration of commitment on HIV/AIDS
2003978-92-9173-202-9UNAIDSHIV/AIDS Counselling, Just a Phone Call Away: Four Case Studies of Telephone Hotline/Helpline Projects (UNAIDS Best Practice Collection)
2003978-92-9173-205-0Sue ArmstrongWhere There's a Will, There's a Way - Nursing and Midwifery, Champions of HIV/AIDS Care in Southern Africa - UNAIDS Publication
  ''978-92-9173-217-3The Private Sector Responds to the Epidemic: Debswana - A Global Benchmark
2002978-92-9173-223-4HIV/AIDS, human resources and sustainable development
  ''978-92-9173-232-6United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDSAIDS Epidemic Update: December 2002
  ''978-92-9173-253-1AIDS Epidemic Update: December 2002
2003978-92-9173-258-6World Health Organization · United NationsThe Unaids Report 2003
2006978-92-9173-262-3UNAIDSHIV and Men who Have Sex with Men in Asia and the Pacific (A UNAIDS Publication)
2003978-92-9173-264-7   ''Vouloir c'est pouvoir: Champions des soins infirmiers et obstetriques dans le domaine du VIH/SIDA en Afrique australe (A UNAIDS Publication)
  ''978-92-9173-280-7Uniformed Services Programming Guide - a Guide to HIV/AIDS/STI Programming Options for Uniformed Services - UNAIDS Publication
2003978-92-9173-281-4Peer Education Kit for Uniformed Services: Implementing HIV/AIDS/Sti Peer Education for Uniformed Services
  ''978-92-9173-288-3Progress Report on the Global Response to the HIV/Aids Epidemic, 2003: Follow-up to the 2001 United Nations General Assembly Special Session on HIV/Aids
  ''978-92-9173-292-0UNAIDSA Joint Response to HIV/AIDS: An Introduction to UNAIDS (A UNAIDS Publication)
2011978-92-9173-301-9World Health OrganizationEstuche de material didactico inter pares para servicios uniformados (Programa Conjunto de las Naciones Unidas Sobre el Vih/Sida)
2003978-92-9173-304-0AIDS Epidemic Update: December 2003
  ''978-92-9173-310-1Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS · Dept. of Public Information United NationsHiv/Aids and Young People: Hope for Tomorrow
  ''978-92-9173-314-9   ''Hiv/Aids: It's Your Business
978-92-9173-320-0Accelerating Action Against AIDS in Africa
2003978-92-9173-322-4Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDSFighting Aids: Hiv/Aids Prevention and Care Among Armed Forces and Un Peacekeepers: the Case of Eritrea (Engaging uniformed services in the fight against AIDS)
2003978-92-9173-323-1Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDSStepping Back from the Edge
2006978-92-9173-342-2UNAIDSCollaborating with Traditional Healers for HIV Prevention and Care in Sub-Saharan Africa: Suggestions for Programme Managers and Field Workers (A UNAIDS Publication)
2005978-92-9173-344-6   ''HIV-related Stigma, Discrimination and Human Rights Violations: Case Studies of Successful Programmes (A UNAIDS Publication)
2004978-92-9173-355-2Joint United Nations Programme on HIV AIDSReport On The Global Aids Epidemic 2004
2005978-92-9173-400-9UNAIDSAccess to Treatment in the Private-Sector Workplace: The Provision of Antiretroviral Therapy by Three Companies in South Africa (A UNAIDS Publication)
  ''978-92-9173-403-0Joint United Nations Programme On Hiv AidsReport of a Theological Workshop Focusing on HIV- And Aids-related Stigma
  ''978-92-9173-409-2Not AvailableStudy of the Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV/AIDS Pancap: Common Goals Shared Responses
  ''978-92-9173-410-8UNAIDSAIDS in Africa: Three Scenarios to 2025 (A UNAIDS Publication)
  ''978-92-9173-418-4   ''The Three Ones in Action: Where We Are and Where We Go From Here (A UNAIDS Publication)
2005978-92-9173-421-4UNAIDSExpanding Access to HIV Treatment through Community-based Organizations: A Joint Publication of SIDACTION, UNAIDS and WHO (A UNAIDS Publication)
2005978-92-9173-433-7UNAIDSMonitoring the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS: Guidelines on Construction of Core Indicators (A UNAIDS Publication)
  ''978-92-9173-437-5   ''Intensifying HIV Prevention: UNAIDS Policy Position Paper (A UNAIDS Publication)
  ''978-92-9173-439-9   ''AIDS Epidemic Update 2005
2006978-92-9173-450-4   ''Strategies to Support the HIV-related Needs of Refugees and Host Populations (A UNAIDS Publication)
  ''978-92-9173-458-0Point Sur L'epidemie De Sida: Decembre 2005 (French Edition)
  ''978-92-9173-459-7Situacion De La Epidemia De Sida: Deciembre De2005 (Spanish Edition)
2005978-92-9173-464-1UNAIDSFrom Advocacy to Action: A Progress Report on UNAIDS at Country Level (A UNAIDS Publication)
2005978-92-9173-465-8UNAIDSGetting the Message Across: The Mass Media and the Response to AIDS (A UNAIDS Publication)
2006978-92-9173-478-8   ''UN System HIV Workplace Programmes: HIV Prevention, Treatment and Care for UN System Employees and their Families (A UNAIDS Publication)
  ''978-92-9173-479-5Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDSReport on the Global HIV/Aids Epidemic, 2006
  ''978-92-9173-488-7UNAIDSCourting Rights: Case Studies in Litigating the Rights of People Living with HIV (A UNAIDS Publication)
2006978-92-9173-494-8UNAIDSHIV and Sexually Transmitted Infection Prevention Among Sex Workers in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (A UNAIDS Publication)
  ''978-92-9173-515-0   ''Development of Programme Strategies for Integration of HIV, Food and Nutrition Activities in Refugee Settings (A UNAIDS Publication)
  ''978-92-9173-516-7   ''Helping Ourselves: Community Responses to AIDS in Swaziland (A UNAIDS Publication)
  ''978-92-9173-519-8   ''Global Reach: How Trade Unions are Responding to AIDS: Case Studies of Union Action (A UNAIDS Publication)
2007978-92-9173-520-4Portee Mondiales: Comment S'organise La Riposte Des Synicats Au Sida (French Edition)
  ''978-92-9173-524-2Elaboration De Strategies De Programme Favorisant L'integration Des Activites Liees Au Vih, a L'alimentation Et a La Nutrition Dans Les Milieux De Refugies (French Edition)
2008978-92-9173-528-0Albert R. JonsenHIV and Men Who Have Sex with Men in Asia and the Pacific (UNAIDS Best Practice Collection)
2006978-92-9173-531-0UNAIDSHigh Coverage Sites: HIV Prevention Among Injecting Drug Users in Transitional and Developing Countries: Case Studies (A UNAIDS Publication)
2006978-92-9173-542-6World Health OrganizationAIDS Epidemic Update 2006
  ''978-92-9173-544-0UNAIDSSituación de la epidemia de SIDA: Diciembre de 2006 (A UNAIDS Publication)
  ''978-92-9173-546-4   ''A Faith-based Response to HIV in Southern Africa: The Choose to Care Initiative (A UNAIDS Publication)
2007978-92-9173-557-0UNAIDSPractical Guidelines for Intensifying HIV Prevention: Towards Universal Access: Uniting the World Against AIDS (A UNAIDS Publication)
  ''978-92-9173-563-1   ''Monitoring the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS: Guidelines on Construction of Core Indicators, 2008 Reporting (A UNAIDS Publication)
2008978-92-9173-564-8Directives Pour L'Elaboration D'indicateurs De Base: Etablissement Des Rapports 2008 (Programme Commun Des Nations Unies Sur Le Vih/Sida) (French Edition)
2007978-92-9173-565-5UNAIDSSeguimiento de la Declaración de compromiso sobre el VIH/SIDA: Directrices para el desarrollo de indicadores básicos. Informe 2008 (A UNAIDS Publication)
2010978-92-9173-589-1   ''UNAIDS: The First Ten Years (A UNAIDS Publication)
2007978-92-9173-591-4World Health Organization Staff · Who Staff · W. H. O. StaffDirectives Pratiques Pour L'intensification De La Prevention Du Vih En Vue De L'accces Universel (French Edition)
  ''978-92-9173-592-1Directrices Practicas Del Onusida Par Intensificar La Prevencion Del VIH/ Practical Guidelines for Intensifying HIV Prevention (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-92-9173-593-8UNAIDSThe Positive Partnerships Program in Thailand: Empowering People LIving with HIV (A UNAIDS Publication)
  ''978-92-9173-597-6   ''A Nongovernmental Organization's National Response to HIV: The Work of the All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV (A UNAIDS Publication)
2008978-92-9173-598-3La Riposte Nationale D'une Organisation Non Gouvernementale Au Vih: Action Du All-ukrainian Network of People Living With HIV (French Edition)
2008978-92-9173-599-0Respuesta nacional de una organizacion no gubernamental al VIH: El Trabajo De La Red Panucraniana De Personas Que Viven Con El Vih (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-92-9173-609-6El programa de asociaciones positivas en Tailandia: Capacitar a Las Personas Que Viven Conel Vih (Spanish Edition)
2007978-92-9173-621-8UNAIDSAIDS Epidemic Update, December 2007 (A UNAIDS Publication)
2008978-92-9173-625-6World Health · Albert R. JonsenEthical Considerations in Biomedical HIV Prevention Trials
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2009978-92-9173-638-6   ''Preventing Carer Burnout: Inter-Mission Care and Rehabilitation Society (IMCARES) (A UNAIDS Publication)
2009978-92-9173-639-3UNAIDSPrévenir l’épuisement des dispensateurs de soins: Inter-Mission Care and Rehabilitation Society (IMCARES) (A UNAIDS Publication)
  ''978-92-9173-640-9   ''Prevención del desgaste del cuidador: Inter-Mission Care and Rehabilitation Society (IMCARES) (A UNAIDS Publication)
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2009978-92-9173-700-0   ''UNAIDS Annual Report 2007: Knowing Your Epidemic (A UNAIDS Publication)
2008978-92-9173-701-7   ''Informe anual del ONUSIDA 2007: Conoce tu epidemia (A UNAIDS Publication)
2009978-92-9173-711-6   ''2008 Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic (A UNAIDS Publication)
  ''978-92-9173-712-3   ''Rapport sur l'épidémie mondiale de SIDA 2008 (A UNAIDS Publication)
2008978-92-9173-713-0UNAIDSInforme sobre la epidemia mundial de SIDA 2008 (A UNAIDS Publication)
2010978-92-9173-732-1   ''The Far Away From Home Club: HIV Prevention and Policy Implementation Feedback for Migrant and Mobile Populations in the Mekong River Delta, Viet Nam (A UNAIDS Publication)
  ''978-92-9173-734-5   ''UNAIDS Legal and Regulatory Self-Assessment Tool for Male Circumcision in Sub-Saharan Africa (A UNAIDS Publication)
  ''978-92-9173-751-2   ''Practical Guidelines for Intensifying HIV Prevention: Towards Universal Access: Five Steps to HIV Prevention Planning and Implementation (A UNAIDS Publication)
2008978-92-9173-753-6   ''Directrices practicas para intensificar la prevención del VIH: Hacia el accesso universal (A UNAIDS Publication)
2015978-92-9173-792-5UNAIDSUNAIDS Action Framework: Universal Access for Men who have Sex with Men and Transgender People (A UNAIDS Publication)
2010978-92-9173-800-7World Health Organization2008 UNAIDS Annual Report: Towards Universal Access (A UNAIDS Publication)
  ''978-92-9173-802-1UNAIDS2008 UNAIDS Annual Report: Towards Universal Access (A UNAIDS Publication)
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  ''978-92-9173-804-5   ''Informe anual del ONUSIDA 2008 (A UNAIDS Publication) (Spanish Edition)
2009978-92-9173-807-6   ''The Global Economic Crisis and HIV Prevention and Treatment Programmes: Vulnerabilities and Impact (A UNAIDS Publication)
  ''978-92-9173-808-3   ''Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic and Document Library (A UNAIDS Publication)
2010978-92-9173-832-8UNAIDSAIDS Epidemic Update: December 2009 (A UNAIDS Publication)
2009978-92-9173-833-5   ''Le Point sur l'épidémie de SIDA: Novembre 2009 (A UNAIDS Publication) (French Edition)
  ''978-92-9173-834-2   ''Situación de la epidemia de SIDA: Noviembre de 2009 (A UNAIDS Publication) (Spanish Edition)
2010978-92-9173-839-7   ''UNAIDS Outlook Report 2010 (A UNAIDS Publication)
  ''978-92-9173-859-5   ''UNAIDS Outlook Report July 2010 (Unaids Publication)
  ''978-92-9173-860-1Not AvailableOnusida Outlook: Juillet 2010 (French Edition)
2011978-92-9173-871-7UNAIDSGlobal Report: UNAIDS Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic 2010 (Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (Unaids))
2011978-92-9173-872-4UNAIDSRapport Mondial [OP]: Rapport ONUSIDA sur l'Épidémie Mondiale de SIDA 2010 (French Edition)
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  ''978-92-9173-883-0   ''Getting to Zero: 2011-2015 Strategy Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)
  ''978-92-9173-887-8   ''MDG6: Six Things You Need to Know About the AIDS Response Today
2011978-92-9173-891-5United Nations30: UNAIDS Outlook Report 2011
2012978-92-9173-895-3UNAIDSAIDS at 30: Nations at the Crossroads
2012978-92-9173-897-7UNAIDSCountdown to Zero: Global Plan towards the Elimination of new HIV Infections among Children by 2015 and Keeping their Mothers Alive, 2011-2015
978-92-9173-903-5United Nations (COR) United NationsHIV in Asia and the Pacific
2011978-92-9173-904-2United NationsWorld AIDS day Report 2011: How to Get to Zero - Faster. Smarter. Better (Unaids Publication)
2012978-92-9173-933-2UNAIDSWe Can Prevent Mothers from Dying and Babies from Becoming Infected with HIV: Joint Action for Results
  ''978-92-9173-934-9World Health OrganizationPlan mondial pour éliminer les nouvelles infections à VIH chez les enfants à l’horizon 2015 et maintenir leurs mères en vie
  ''978-92-9173-935-6   ''Cuenta Atras Hasta Cero: Plan Mundial para Eliminar las Nuevas Infecciones por VIH en Niños para el 2015 y para Mantener con Vida a sus Madres
  ''978-92-9173-937-0   ''Nous pouvons empêcher que les mères meurent et que leurs bébés soient infectés par le VIH
  ''978-92-9173-939-4   ''Podemos evitar que las madres mueran y que los bebés se infecten por el VIH
2012978-92-9173-974-5United NationsTogether We Will End AIDS
2013978-92-9173-996-7   ''Global Report 2012: UNAIDS Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic