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1999978-92-9068-051-2Un Transit Migrationturkey
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978-92-9068-070-3Annuska DerksTrafficking of Vietnamese women and children to Cambodia
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2000978-92-9068-093-2   ''To Japan and Back: Thai Women Recount their Experiences
1999978-92-9068-095-6   ''Migration in the CIS 1997-98: 1999 Edition
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978-92-9068-109-0Un Deceived Migrantstajikistan
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2001978-92-9068-123-6   ''Binational Study: The State of Migration Flows between Costa Rica and Nicaragua: Analysis of the Economic and Social Implications for both Countries
  ''978-92-9068-124-3   ''Estudio Binacional: Situacion Migratoria Entre Costa Rica Y Nicaragua, 'analisis Del Impacto Economico Y Social Para Ambos Paises (Spanish Edition)
2002978-92-9068-126-7International Organization for MigrationMigration Health Services Medical Manual: 2001 Edition
2003978-92-9068-141-0   ''Return and Reintegration of Migrants to the South Caucasus, The
2002978-92-9068-143-4   ''Conflict Resolution, Confidence-building and Peace Enhancement among Somali Women
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  ''978-92-9068-178-6   ''Irregular Migration and Trafficking in Women: The Case of Turkey
2004978-92-9068-190-8United NationsReturn Migration: Policies and Practices in Europe
2004978-92-9068-193-9United NationsArab Migration in a Globalized World
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  ''978-92-9068-201-1Children in the Cotton Fields
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2005978-92-9068-209-7   ''World Migration 2005: Costs and Benefits of International Migration (Iom World Migration Report Series)
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2005978-92-9068-228-8United NationsWorld in Motion: Short Essays on Migration and Gender
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  ''978-92-9068-441-1   ''Indigenous Routes: A Framework for Understanding Indigenous Migration
  ''978-92-9068-450-3   ''Property Restitution and Compensation: Practices and Experiences of Claims Programmes
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2012978-92-9068-454-1   ''Migration, Environment and Climate Change: Assessing the Evidence (International Dialogue on Migration)
2009978-92-9068-471-8International Organization For MigrationThe MIDA Experience and Beyond
2013978-92-9068-520-3United NationsInternational Migration Law and Policies in the Mediterranean Context (Iom Migration Research Series)
978-92-9068-526-5Climate Change, Environmental Degradation and Migration: Addressing Vulnerabilities and Harnessing Opportunities
2009978-92-9068-531-9Introduction to Basic Counselling and Communication Skills: IOM Training Manual for Migrant Community Leaders and Community Workers
  ''978-92-9068-552-4International Organization For MigrationWorking to Prevent and Address Violence Against Women Migrant Workers
978-92-9068-560-9The Mida Experience and Beyond (International Dialogue on Migration)
2012978-92-9068-578-4United NationsInternational Migration Law and Policies: Responding to Migration Challenges in Western and Northern Africa (Iom Migration Research Series) (Multilingual Edition)
2011978-92-9068-590-6   ''World Migration Report 2010: The Future of Migration - Building Capacities for Change (Iom World Migration Report Series)
2012978-92-9068-591-3United NationsL'Etat de la Migration dans le Monde 2010: L'Avenir des Migrations - Renforcer les Capacits Face aux Changements (Iom World Migration Report Series) (French Edition)
  ''978-92-9068-592-0   ''Informe Sobre las Migrationes en el Mundo 2010: El Futuro de la Migracicn - Creacicn de Capacidades para el Cambio (Iom World Migration Report Series) (Spanish Edition)
2011978-92-9068-597-5Bimal GhoshThe Global Economic Crisis and Migration: Where Do We Go From Here?
2013978-92-9068-598-2United NationsCrushed Hopes: Underemployment and Deskilling among Skilled Migrant Women (International Dialogue on Migration)
2012978-92-9068-619-4   ''World Migration Report 2011: Communicating Effectively about Migration (Iom World Migration Report Series)
2013978-92-9068-620-0   ''Etat de la migration dans le monde 2011: Bien communiquer sur la migration (Iom World Migration Report Series) (French Edition)
  ''978-92-9068-621-7   ''Informe Sobre Las Migraciones En El Mundo 2011 - Comunicar Eficazmente Sobre La Migración
2012978-92-9068-628-6Dovelyn Rannveig Agunias and Kathleen NewlandDeveloping a Road Map for Engaging Diasporas in Development: A Handbook for Policymakers and Practitioners in Home and Host Countries
  ''978-92-9068-629-3Luisa E. Marin-Avellan and Blandine MollardL impact psychosocial du sous-emploi sur la vie des femmes migrantes qualifiées travaillant à Genève (Suisse) (French Edition)
  ''978-92-9068-630-9United NationsClimate Change, Environmental Degradation and Migration (International Dialogue on Migration)
2012978-92-9068-634-7United NationsEconomic Cycles, Demographic Change and Migration (International Dialogue on Migration)
  ''978-92-9068-635-4Not AvailableDialogue International Sur La Migration N°19: Cycles Économiques, Évolution Démographique Et Migration (French Edition)
2012978-92-9068-636-1Not AvailableDiálogo internacional sobre la migración / International Dialogue on Migration: Ciclos económicos, cambio demográfico y migración / Economic cycles, demographic change and migration (Spanish Edition)
2013978-92-9068-648-4United NationsMigrants and the Host Society: Partnerships for Success (International Dialogue on Migration)
  ''978-92-9068-668-2   ''World Migration Report 2013: Migrant Well-being and Development (Iom Migration Research Series)
2014978-92-9068-669-9   ''Etat de la Migration dans le Monde 2013: Le Bien-etre des Migrations et le Developpement (French) (Iom Migration Research Series) (French Edition)
  ''978-92-9068-670-5   ''Informe Sobre las Migraciones en el Mundo 2013: El Bienestar de los Migrantes y el Desarollo (Iom Migration Research Series) (Spanish Edition)
2013978-92-9068-675-0Not AvailableRegional Inter-State Consultation Mechanisms on Migration: Approaches, Recent Activities and Implications for Global Governance of Migration (Mrs)
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  ''978-92-9068-681-1   ''Migration and the United Nations Post-2015 Development Agenda
2015978-92-9068-698-9United Nations PublicationsFatal Journeys: Tracking Lives Lost During Migration
2015978-92-9068-703-0United Nations PublicationsOutlook On Migration, Environment And Climate Change
2020978-92-9068-788-7United NationsWorld Migration Report 2020

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