ICIPE Science Press

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-92-9064-017-2Montague YudelmanForty years of agricultural development (ISP guest lecture series)
1987978-92-9064-021-9Thomas R OdhiamboLand-use literacy for sustainable food production in Africa (ICIPE Science Press monograph series)
1989978-92-9064-024-0Thomas R. Odhiambo · T.T. IsounScience for development in Africa: Proceedings of the Consultation on the Management of Science for Development in Africa, Duduville, Kasarani, Nairobi, Kenya, November 21-24, 1988
1991978-92-9064-032-5Integrated pest management of crop borers for resource-poor farmers in Africa: Contribution of plant resistance to insect pests: achievement and highlights, 1980-1990
  ''978-92-9064-033-2Biometry for development: Proceedings of the first scientific meeting of the Biometric Society, Kenya Group and East/Central African Network, Duduville, ICIPE-Kasarani, Nairobi, Kenya, April 2-6, 1990
  ''978-92-9064-037-0The new challenge of science and technology for development in Africa: Proceedings of a Symposium of Scientific Institution Building in Africa, held ... Centre, Bellagio, Italy, March 14-18, 1988
  ''978-92-9064-042-4Insect science education in Africa: The ICIPE Graduate School model: proceedings
  ''978-92-9064-044-8Proceedings of the International Conference on Capacity Building in Insect Science in Africa: Field Experience and Evaluation of the Impact of ARPPIS, ... Duduville, Nairobi, Kenya, 3-6 December 1990
1992978-92-9064-049-3Proceedings of the Planning Workshop on advanced Training in the Repair, Servicing, and Maintenance of Scientific Instruments and Equipment in Africa
1992978-92-9064-050-9Inventions of African scientists
1990978-92-9064-053-0Biopesticides and pest management in the developing world: Proceedings: an International Study Workshop on Newer Methods in the Isolation, Characterization, and Evaluation of Biopesticides
1993978-92-9064-055-4First Roundtable of Science Advisors for Science-led Development in Africa: Nairobi, Kenya, 20th-22nd January 1993: towards science-led development in Africa: a declaration of commitment
  ''978-92-9064-056-1J.W. SmithParasites of lepidopteran stemborers of tropical gramineous plants
  ''978-92-9064-059-2Fassil G. KirosThe subsistence crisis in Africa: The case of Ethiopia: root causes and challenges of the 1990s and the new century
  ''978-92-9064-062-2Community-based and environmentally safe pest management
  ''978-92-9064-067-7Ethics and accountability in African public services
1994978-92-9064-077-6A register of social scientists in eastern and southern Africa
1994978-92-9064-083-7Perspectives for the management of transport and communications in Africa
1998978-92-9064-118-6Esther Githanji-MwangiThe 21st-century woman scientist: From girl-student to woman-scientist
2003978-92-9064-149-0Ana Milena VarelaA Guide to Ipm in Tomato Production in Eastern and Southern Africa
  ''978-92-9064-156-8Meeting the Needs of a Changing World: Icipe's Vision and Strategy, 2003-2012
  ''978-92-9064-160-5Paths to Development: Operationalising Icipe's Vision and Strategy, 2003-2012