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1980978-92-9038-001-6La Gestion de la formation dans les entreprises publiques dans les pays en voie de développement: Compte-rendu d'un séminaire international tenu du ... en voie de développement) (French Edition)
  ''978-92-9038-002-3Antony ArmstrongManaging Training and Training Managers in Public Enterprises in Developing Countries
1982978-92-9038-003-0Irshad H. Kahn · Shahiruddin Alvi · Stane MozinaManagement Training and Development in Public Enterprises
1991978-92-9038-004-7Joseph ProkopenkoEntrepreneurship Development in Public Enterprises (Management Development Series)
1982978-92-9038-012-2Control systems for public enterprises in developing countries
1983978-92-9038-013-9Krishan C. SethiWorkers' Self-Management & Participation in Developing Countries: Comparative Analysis & Recent Developments
1980978-92-9038-014-6Workers' self-management and participation in developing countries: National reports
1986978-92-9038-015-3Ales VahcicWorkers' Self-Management and Participation in Practice-Case Studies: Bolivia, India, Malta, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Zambia (English and Spanish Edition)
1987978-92-9038-016-0   ''Workers' Self-Management and Participation in Practice-Case Studies: Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru
1991978-92-9038-017-7   ''Workers' Self Management and Participation in Practice Case Studies: Algeria, Peru, and Yugoslavia
1981978-92-9038-020-7Praxy FernandesFinancing of Public Enterprises in Developing Countries
1982978-92-9038-023-8Zia U. AhmedFinancial Profitability and Losses in Public Enterprises
  ''978-92-9038-024-5   ''Pricing Policy and Investment Criteria in Public Enterprises
1987978-92-9038-026-9Slah Eddine Ben Hadj AlayaElimination of Waste in Public Enterprises in Developing Countries
1981978-92-9038-030-6Praxy FernandesSeeking the Personality of Public Enterprise: An Enquiry into the Concept, Definition and Classification of Public Enterprises
1984978-92-9038-031-3International Center for Public Enterprises in Developing CountriesPublic Enterprises and Employment in Developing Countries
1980978-92-9038-040-5V. V. RamanadhamJoint Ventures & Public Enterprises in Developing Countries
1987978-92-9038-041-2Marjan SvetlicicJoint Ventures Among Developing Countries: The Arab Experience
1993978-92-9038-052-8Geeta Gouri · R. JayashankarEfficiency Through Competition in Public Utilities: Policies for Restructuring
1995978-92-9038-053-5Sadig Rasheed · Asmelash Beyene · Ejeviome Eloho OtoboPublic Enterprise Performance in Africa: Lessons from Country Case Studies
1985978-92-9038-061-0The Management of interlinkages
  ''978-92-9038-062-7VariousEssays on Relations Between Governments and Public Enterprises (Icpe Monograph Series)
1982978-92-9038-070-2State trading and development: A perspective view of state trading organizations in developing countries as instruments of national development and channels of international cooperation
  ''978-92-9038-080-1Praxy J. Fernandes · Vladimir G. KreacicCasebook of Public Enterprise Studies
1986978-92-9038-090-0K. L. K. RaoMarketing Perspectives of Public Enterprises in Developing Countries
1988978-92-9038-091-7K.L.K. RaoState Public Enterprises and the Market Place
1982978-92-9038-100-6Manca UmekBibliography of ICPE, 1974-1981
1986978-92-9038-101-3Matjaz Musek · Zdravka Pejova · Alenka SubicBibliography of Icpe, 1982-1984
1987978-92-9038-103-7Matjaz Musek · Zdravka PejovaBibliography of Icpe 1985-1986
1987978-92-9038-115-0The Role of Women in Developing Countries (English, Arabic, French and Spanish Edition)
1991978-92-9038-120-4Andreja BohmPrivatization in Eastern Europe: Current Implementation Issues: With a Collection of Privatization Laws
1993978-92-9038-140-2Zdravka PejovaConsultancy on Strategic Information Planning
1984978-92-9038-402-1Guide to evaluation of training (ICPE training series)
1987978-92-9038-404-5Lloyd A. StanleyGuide to Evaluation of Training (Icpe Training Series, No 2)
  ''978-92-9038-405-2   ''Guide to Training Need Assessment
1987978-92-9038-406-9Lloyd A. StanleyGuide to Training Curriculum Development
  ''978-92-9038-407-6Stane Mozina · Lloyd A. StanleyGuide to Planning for Human Resource Development
1983978-92-9038-801-2Abdulkadir H. DeriyeSomalia: The role of the public sector in developing countries: international research project (ICPE country studies series)
1984978-92-9038-802-9Muzaffer AhmadBangladesh: The role of the public sector in developing countries: international research project (ICPE country studies series)
  ''978-92-9038-803-6El Papel del sector público en los países en desarrollo: Costa Rica: proyecto internacional de investigación (Serie de estudios nacionales del CIEP) (Spanish Edition)
1987978-92-9038-804-3Istaqbal MehdiThe Role of the Public Sector in Developing Countries: Pakistan (Icpe Country Studies Series, No 4)
1981978-92-9038-900-2V. V. Ramanadham · Yash GhaiParliament and Public Enterprise (ICPE monograph series)
  ''978-92-9038-901-9V. V. RamanadhamThe Yugoslav Enterprise (Icpe Monograph Series ; No. 2)
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  ''978-92-9038-907-1Azfar IqbalFinancial Interrelationships Between Public Authorities and Public Enterprises: The Pakistan Experience (ICPE monograph series)
  ''978-92-9038-908-8Horacio BoneoGovernment Control over Public Enterprises in Latin America/Icpe Monographs: No. 9
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  ''978-92-9038-910-1Horacio BoneoGovernment control over public enterprises in Latin America (ICPE monograph series)
1983978-92-9038-911-8Eduardo WhiteChannels and Modalities for the Transfer of Technology to Public Enterprises in Developing Countries (ICPE monograph series)
  ''978-92-9038-912-5Zeineb Ben AmmarResponsabilités des entreprises publiques dans l'amélioration de la condition de la femme: Cas de la Tunisie (Série de monographies du CIEP) (French Edition)
  ''978-92-9038-913-2Payle SicherlThe Role of Public Enterprises in National Development (Icpe Monograph: No. 14)
1984978-92-9038-915-6Viljem RupnickPublic Enterprise: Its Future Via Sensitive Quantum Culture (Icpe Monograph Series)
1986978-92-9038-917-0Carlos M. CorreaThe Use and Promotion of Consultancy Joint Ventures by Public Entities in Latin America (Icpe Monograph Series)
1984978-92-9038-918-7Ivan TurkAccounting analysis of the efficiency of public enterprises (ICPE monograph series)
1987978-92-9038-919-4Yash P. Ghai · T. C. ChoongManagement Contracts and Public Enterprises in Developing Countries