Intl Air Transport Assn

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-92-9035-022-4International Air Transport AssociationPassenger reservations manual
1985978-92-9035-029-3Air distances manual
1986978-92-9035-053-8International Air Transport Association · International Aeradio plcAir Distances Manual
  ''978-92-9035-096-5Interfaces between the automated systems of customs and carriers (air mode): Phase 1 report, comparative analysis of existing and planned automated data exchange systems
1990978-92-9035-184-9Dangerous Goods Training Program Book 2
  ''978-92-9035-186-3Dangerous Goods Training Program Book 4
1989978-92-9035-194-8Airport Terminal Reference Manual
1990978-92-9035-217-4International Air Transport AssociationFlight simulator design & performance data requirements
1991978-92-9035-354-6   ''Guidance Material for the Design, Maintenance, Inspection and Repair of Thermosetting Epoxy Matrix Composite Aircraft Structures
  ''978-92-9035-355-3IataIata Dangerous Goods Regulations/ English
1992978-92-9035-446-8International Air Transport AssociationIata Dangerous Goods Regulations 1993
  ''978-92-9035-454-3World Air Transport Statistics, Number 36, Wats 6/92
1994978-92-9035-495-6Airport Handling Manual 1994
1993978-92-9035-528-1Live Animals Regulations
1993978-92-9035-543-4International Air Transport AssociationIata Dangerous Goods Regulations 1994
1994978-92-9035-596-0Airport Handling Manual 1994
  ''978-92-9035-608-0Air Distances Manual 1994
1995978-92-9035-639-4Dangerous Goods Regulations
  ''978-92-9035-729-2International Air Transport AssociationAirport Development Reference Manual
  ''978-92-9035-732-2   ''Environmental Review, 1995
1985978-92-9035-733-9Transport Assoc.Wings for the World: IATA 1945 - 1995 (Les Ailes Du Monde) (Alas Para El Mundo)
1995978-92-9035-754-4International Air Transport AssociationIata Dangerous Goods Regulations 1996
1996978-92-9035-849-7   ''Live Animals Regulatons: Iata Resolution 620, Attachment " a "
  ''978-92-9035-863-3   ''Iata Dangerous Goods Regulations 1997
1996978-92-9035-884-8International Air Transport AssociationEnvironmental Review, 1996
1996978-92-9035-891-6International Air Transport AssociationFlight Simulator Design & Performance Data Requirements
1997978-92-9035-984-5   ''Iata Dangerous Goods Regulations 1998