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2013978-92-893-2503-5Nordic Council of Ministers: Climate and Air Quality GroupNordic workshop on action related to short-lived climate forcers (TemaNord)
  ''978-92-893-2510-3Nordic Council of MinistersBiodiversity, carbon storage and dynamics of old northern forests (TemaNord)
  ''978-92-893-2515-8Nordic Council of MinistersTuition fees for international students: Nordic practice (TemaNord)
  ''978-92-893-2516-5Not AvailableControl Mechanisms for Nordic Ship Emissions
  ''978-92-893-2519-6Alina Pathan · Nordic Council of MinistersTracking environmental impacts in global product chains: rare earth metals and other critical metals used in the cleantech industry (TemaNord)
2013978-92-893-2526-4Nordic Council of Ministers · Hannele HyppenenNordic eHealth indicators: organisation of research, first results and the plan for the future (TemaNord)
  ''978-92-893-2533-2Sampo Seppenen · Nordic Council of MinistersDemand in a fragmented global carbon market: outlook and policy options (TemaNord)
  ''978-92-893-2534-9Leonardo Mazza · Nordic Council of MinistersNatural capital in a Nordic context: status and challenges in the decade of biodiversity (TemaNord)
  ''978-92-893-2535-6Not AvailableChina’s State-Owned Enterprises As Climate Policy Actors: The Power and Steel Sectors
  ''978-92-893-2545-5   ''Sustainability Certification of Nordic Tourist Destinations: Report from an Expert Workshop in Stockholm 11th September 2012
2013978-92-893-2548-6David Watson · Nordic Council of MinistersProposals for targets and indicators for waste prevention in four waste streams (TemaNord)
  ''978-92-893-2549-3Nordic Council of MinistersNature interpretation for children and young people in the Nordic countries (TemaNord)
978-92-893-2550-9Polar law textbook II (TemaNord)
2013978-92-893-2551-6Not AvailableYoung People on the Edge (Summary): Labour Market Inclusion of Vulnerable Youths
  ''978-92-893-2559-2   ''The Potential for Green Textile Sourcing from Tirupur: On the Path to More Sustainable Global Textile Chains
  ''978-92-893-2561-5Sandra Huber · Nordic Council of MinistersPharmaceuticals and additives in personal care products as environmental pollutants: - Faroe Island, Iceland and Greenland (TemaNord)
  ''978-92-893-2562-2Stefan Posner · Nordic Council of MinistersPer and polyfluorinated substances in the Nordic Countries: use, occurrence and toxicology (TemaNord)
2013978-92-893-2567-7Bjorn Halvorsen · Nordic Council of Ministers · Jenny TegtstremA matter of health and job satisfaction: seniors, work and retirement in the Nordic region (summary) (TemaNord)
  ''978-92-893-2568-4Solveig Bergman · Nordic Council of MinistersThe Nordic region: a step closer to gender balance in research?, joint Nordic strategies and measures to promote gender balance among researchers in academia (TemaNord)
  ''978-92-893-2569-1Not AvailableEfficient Strategy to Support Renewable Energy: Integration in Overall Climate and Energy Security Policies
  ''978-92-893-2571-4Trond W. Rosten · Nordic Council of MinistersPerspectives for sustainable development of Nordic aquaculture: the Paban report (TemaNord)
  ''978-92-893-2573-8Lars Foldspang · Nordic Council of MinistersNordic growth sectors: how can working life policies contribute to improving the framework conditions? (TemaNord)
2013978-92-893-2581-3Anna Edberg · Nordic Council of MinistersDiscovery and characterisation of dietary patterns in two Nordic countries: using non-supervised and supervised multivariate statistical techniques to analyse dietary survey data (TemaNord)
  ''978-92-893-2583-7Anja Marie Bundgaard · Nordic Council of Ministers · Remmen ZachoProduct policies on the environmental performance of washing machines: investigating the synergies and coherence between policy instruments (TemaNord)
  ''978-92-893-2591-2Nordic Council of MinistersTrafficking in human beings in working life: report from a Nordic conference in Helsinki, Finland 27-28 November 2012 (TemaNord)
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  ''978-92-893-2596-7Anders Portin · Nordic Council of MinistersThe role of forests in climate change: Nordic experience (TemaNord)
2014978-92-893-2668-1Best Environmental Practices in the Mining Sector in the Barents Region: International Conference 23-25 April 2013 (TemaNord)
2014978-92-893-2670-4Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2012: Integrating Nutrition and Physical Activity
  ''978-92-893-2685-8Part-Time Work in the Nordic Region: Part-Time Work, Gender and Economic Distribution in the Nordic Countries (TemaNord)
  ''978-92-893-2691-9Environmental Economic Research as a Tool in the Protection of the Baltic Sea: Costs and Benefits of Reducing Eutrophication (TemaNord)
  ''978-92-893-2702-2Julia Illman · Mikko Halonen · Shelagh WhitleyPractical Methods for Assessing Private Climate Finance Flows (TemaNord)
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2014978-92-893-2710-7Jorgen M. WestergaardWildlife and Infectious Animal Diseases: The Proceedings of a Nordic - Baltic Seminar on the Role of the Wildlife as Reservoir and /or Spread of ... the Baltic Sea 2 - 3 Octob (TemaNord)
  ''978-92-893-2711-4   ''Contingency Planning for Animal Diseases: Baltic Seminar on "Contingency Planning for the Next Decade" Held 19 - 20 September 2012 Helsinki, Finland (TemaNord)
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2014978-92-893-2724-4Lolo HeijkenskjoldArticles Treated with Antibacterial Agents: Outline of a Strategy to Reduce Unjustified Use (TemaNord)
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2014978-92-893-2750-3Steffen Kallbekken · Hakon Salen · Arild UnderdalEquity and Spectrum of Mitigation Commitments in the 2015 Agreement (TemaNord)
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2014978-92-893-2767-1Trafficking in Human Beings (TemaNord)
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