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2006978-92-844-1195-5World Tourism OrganizationMeasuring the Economic Importance of the Meetings Industry - Developing a Tourism Satellite Account Extension
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2007978-92-844-1220-4World Tourism OrganizationTourism Market Trends 2006 - Middle East
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2007978-92-844-1231-0World Tourism OrganizationObservations on International Tourism Communications - Americas (English and Spanish Edition)
2008978-92-844-1232-7World Tourism OrganizationTourism and Handicrafts
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2010978-92-844-1235-8   ''SET Tourism Market Trends + World Overview
2008978-92-844-1237-2   ''The Chinese Outbound Travel Market With Special Insight into the Image of Europe as a Destination
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2018978-92-844-2012-4World Tourism Organization · European Travel CommissionThe Gulf Cooperation Council (Gcc) Outbound Travel Market with Special Focus on Europe as a Tourism Destination