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2006978-92-842-0002-3John HowellThe Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
978-92-842-0006-1Hommage à Frédéric Eisemann
2006978-92-842-0007-8International Chamber of CommerceUCP 600 Leaflets (pack of 25 leaflets)
  ''978-92-842-0011-5ICC International Court of ArbitrationDocument Production in International Arbitration
2008978-92-842-0013-9International Chamber of CommerceFighting Corruption
1981978-92-842-0014-6   ''World Directory to Chambers of Commerce
2007978-92-842-0015-3   ''Commentary on UCP 600
  ''978-92-842-0019-1   ''International Standard Banking Practice (2007 Edition)
978-92-842-0020-7Règles et usances uniformes de l'ICC relatives aux crédits documentaires: Edition bilingue anglais-français
2008978-92-842-0022-1Icc Model International Trademark License
2009978-92-842-0023-8International Chamber of CommerceIcc Model International Transfer of Technology Contract: Icc Publication No. 674
978-92-842-0031-3Insight into UCP 600
2008978-92-842-0032-0Dan TaylorComplete Ucp: Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits: Texts, Rules and History 1920-2007
  ''978-92-842-0033-7Laurent LevyInterest, Auxiliary and Alternative Remedies in International Arbitration
  ''978-92-842-0034-4International Chamber of CommerceGuide to Export-Import Basics, 3rd Edition (Pub No. 685)
978-92-842-0036-8ICC Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees Including Model Forms
978-92-842-0040-5ICC- International Court of Arbitration Bulletin: 2007 Special Supplement - Independence of Arbitrators
2008978-92-842-0043-6Walter (Buddy) Baker · John F. DolanUsers' Handbook for Documentary Credits under UCP 600
2008978-92-842-0044-3David PlantWe Must Talk Because We Can: Mediating International Intellectual Property Disputes
  ''978-92-842-0045-0International Chamber of CommerceICC Uniform Rules for Bank-to-bank Reimbusements
978-92-842-0064-1Confidentially in Arbitration
978-92-842-0068-9Recueil des sentences arbitrales de la CCI 2001-2007
2011978-92-842-0069-6International Chamber of CommerceDecisions on ICC Arbitration Procedure: Selection of Procedural Orders issued by Arbitral Tribunals acting under the ICC Rules of Arbitration (2003-2004): International Court of Arbitration Bulletin
978-92-842-0072-6Key Words in International Trade (Publication (International Chamber of Commerce))
1989978-92-842-0073-3I.C.C.Key Words in International Trade
2012978-92-842-0078-8Roy Goode · Georges Affaki · Professor Sir Roy GoodeGuide to ICC Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees URDG 758 / 2011 Edition
2010978-92-842-0080-1ICC Chamber of CommerceIncoterms® 2010
1990978-92-842-0081-8Sigvard Jarvin · Yves DerainsCollection of ICC arbitral awards =: Recueil des sentences arbitrales de la CCI (ICC publication)
2011978-92-842-0082-5Jan RamburgICC Guide to Incoterms 2010
2010978-92-842-0083-2Bernard Hanotiau · Eric A. SchwartzMultiparty Arbitration
  ''978-92-842-0085-6ICCRègles uniformes de la Chambre de commerce internationale (ICC) relatives aux garanties sur demande et formulaires-types: Révision 2010
1990978-92-842-0086-3Institute of Business Law and Practice · International Chamber of CommerceTaking of Evidence in International Arbitration Proceedings
  ''978-92-842-0087-0International Chamber of CommerceIncoterms 1990: Entry into Force 1st July 1990 (No. 460) (English and French Edition)
2010978-92-842-0089-4   ''Incoterms 2010 (English and French Edition)
2010978-92-842-0090-0International Chamber of CommerceIncoterms Wallchart
1991978-92-842-0093-1   ''The arbitral process and the independence of arbitrators =: La procédure arbitrale et l'indépendance des arbitres (Publication)
978-92-842-0094-8Model Subcontract
1990978-92-842-0098-6International Chamber of CommerceInternational sales of works of art (ICC publication)
  ''978-92-842-0102-0   ''Guidelines on International Interbank Funds Transfer and Compensation
  ''978-92-842-0103-7   ''World Directory of Chambers of Commerce
978-92-842-0104-4International Commercial Transaction
2011978-92-842-0105-1ICC International Chamber of CommerceICC Model International Franchising Contract
1990978-92-842-0107-5Formation of Contracts and Precontractual Liability
2011978-92-842-0109-9Dossier VIII: is Arbitration Only as Good as the Arbitrator?: Status, Powers and Role of the Arbitrator
1991978-92-842-0117-4Martine · Freedberg, Judith · Lalive, Pierre et al. BriatInternational Art Trade and Law
  ''978-92-842-0120-4International Chamber of CommerceMulti-party Arbitration: Views from International Arbitration Specialists
978-92-842-0133-4Guillermo C. JimenezICC Guide to Export/Import Global Standards for International Trade
978-92-842-0136-5The Secretariat's Guide to ICC Arbitration
978-92-842-0138-9The G20 - A Business Guide: What it Is? What it Does?
978-92-842-0139-6Le G20: Guide pour les entreprises
1993978-92-842-0144-0International Chamber of CommerceCompetition and Arbitration Law
  ''978-92-842-0148-8Martine Briat · Judith A. Freedberg · Institute of International Business Law and Practice · Central Hispano · International Symposium on International Sales of Works of Art 1992 mLegal Aspects of International Art Trade: Aspects Juridiques Du Commerce International De L'Art (La vente internationale d'oeuvres d'art) (v. 4)
2012978-92-842-0164-8ICC Banking Commission Opinions 2009-2011: New Opinions on UCP 600, ISBP 681, UCP 500
2013978-92-842-0166-2Jin SaiboThe Law of Letters of Credit in China: Commentary and Materials on the Chinese Supreme People's Court's Judicial Interpretations of Letters of Credit
2012978-92-842-0167-9Vários AutoresDossier IX Players' Interaction in International Arbitration
1994978-92-842-0169-3Competition Law and Information-based Services
978-92-842-0170-9ICC Model International Sale Contract
1994978-92-842-0173-0Due Process and Anti-competitive Practices
978-92-842-0174-7Collected Docdex Decisions 2009 -2012: Decisionis by ICC Experts on Documentary Credits, Collections and Demand Guarantees
2013978-92-842-0176-1J. Kassum F. VinckeEthics and Compliance Training Handbook: Guidance by Practitioners for Practitioners
1994978-92-842-0178-5International Chamber of CommerceArbitration and expertise =: Arbitrage et expertise (Dossiers)
1995978-92-842-0180-8Louise BarringtonDumping - a Comparative Approach
1996978-92-842-0181-5Institute of International Business Law and Practice · Austria) Symposium on the Legal Aspects of International Trade in Art: Licit Trade in Works of Art (5th : 1994 : ViennaLegal Aspects of International Trade in Art: Les Aspects Juridiques Du Commerce International De L'Art (International Sales of Works of Art, 5.) (English and French Edition)
2013978-92-842-0182-2Fabio BortolottiDrafting and Negotiating: International Commerical Contracts: A Practical Guide
2009978-92-842-0183-9Emily O''ConnorIncoterms 2010 Q & A: Questions and Expert ICC Guidance on the Incoterms 2010 Rules
2012978-92-842-0184-6International Chamber of CommerceICC Uniform Rules for Forfaiting (URF 800): Including Model Agreements
2013978-92-842-0188-4   ''International Standard Banking Practice - ISBP 2013
2005978-92-842-0189-1ICCICC Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligations (URBPO)
2002978-92-842-0191-4David J. HennahThe ICC Guide to the Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obigations
978-92-842-0193-8Summaries of UAE Court's Decisions on Arbitration
1999978-92-842-0195-2Investment Guide for the Russian Federation
978-92-842-0202-7Dossier X: Third Party Funding in International Arbitration
978-92-842-0204-1Pratiques bancaires internationales standard pour l'examen de documents en vertu des RUU 600
1995978-92-842-0205-8Jean-Paul Beraudo · International Chamber of CommerceThe UNIDROIT principles for international commercial contracts: A new lex mercatoria? (ICC publication)
2010978-92-842-0217-1Icc PublicationIncoterms 2010 - English
1996978-92-842-0226-3Global competition and transnational regulations: New developments (Dossiers / Institute of International Business Law and Practice)
2013978-92-842-0240-9Emily O''ConnorUsing Franchising to Take Your Business International: ICC Strategies and Guidance for Master Franchising, Area Development and Other Arrangements.
978-92-842-0241-6Dossier XI of the ICC Institute of World Business Law: The Application of Substantive Law by International Arbitrators
2013978-92-842-0256-0Icc PublicationPratiques Bancaires Internationales Standard
978-92-842-0298-0International Commercial Mediation Training Role-Plays: Cases from the Icc International Commercial Mediation Competition
2017978-92-842-0317-8ICCThe ICC Model Contract: Occasional Intermediary (Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure)
978-92-842-0360-4Class and Group Actions in Arbitration: Dossier Xi of the ICC Institute of World Business Law (Dossier of the ICC Institute of World Business Law)
2019978-92-842-0510-3International Chamber of CommerceIncoterms® 2020
1980978-92-842-1011-4Saul L. Sherman · Hinrich GlashoffA Businessman's Guide to the Gatt Customs Valuation Code
1980978-92-842-1012-1International Chamber of CommerceDecisions (1975-79) of the I.C.C.Banking Commision on Queries Relating to Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits
1981978-92-842-1014-5International Chamber of CommerceArbitration Law in Europe
  ''978-92-842-1016-9   ''Futures Trading in Commodity Markets
1983978-92-842-1018-3   ''Guide to Arbitration and Related Services Offered by the International Chamber of Commerce: Center for Technical Expertise-Adaptation of Contracts-Co (Publication)
1984978-92-842-1020-6   ''Uniform Customs and Practice 1974-83 Revisions Compared and Explained (Publication / International Chamber of Commerce)
1911978-92-842-1021-3   ''Guide to Documentary Credit Operations (Publication)
1987978-92-842-1023-7Key Words in International Trade
1986978-92-842-1025-1Multinational Enterprises: Their Contribution to Economic Growth and Development
  ''978-92-842-1026-8International Chamber of CommerceStandard Documentary Credit Forms: Guidance Notes and Recommendations
1986978-92-842-1027-5International Chamber of CommerceStandard Documentary Credit Forms
  ''978-92-842-1033-6B. A. H. ParrittViolence at Sea: A Review of Terrorism, Acts of War, and Piracy, and Countermeasures to Prevent Terrorism (Publication, No. 439)
  ''978-92-842-1034-3International Chamber of CommerceFutures and Options Trading in Commodity Markets
1988978-92-842-1036-7   ''Commentary on General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade Customs Valuation Code
1987978-92-842-1037-4   ''International Code of Sales Promotion Practice
  ''978-92-842-1041-1   ''Exchange Rate Risks in International Contracts (Dossiers of the Inst of Intl Bus Law & Practice)
1998978-92-842-1047-3   ''The International Code of Advertising
1988978-92-842-1049-7International Chamber of CommerceOpinions of the International Chamber of Commerce Banking Commission: On Queries Relating to Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits
1987978-92-842-1050-3   ''Business Guide to the New General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade Round
1988978-92-842-1051-0Pierre LaliveInternational Sales of Works of Art
  ''978-92-842-1053-4International Chamber of CommerceInternational Trade Usages
  ''978-92-842-1057-2IccUnctad Icc Rules for Multimedia Transport Documents (ICC publication)
1911978-92-842-1070-1Torgovo-Promyshlennaia Palata SssrGuide to Joint Ventures in the USSR: Sovmestnye Predpriiatiia V Sssr: Laws, Regulations, Model Documents, and Practical Information (Icc Publication) (English and Russian Edition)
1989978-92-842-1071-8International Chamber of CommerceInternational Contracts for Sale of Information Services (The Dossiers of the Institute of International Business Law and Practice)
1988978-92-842-1076-3   ''Guide to Drafting International Distributorship Agreements (No. 441)
  ''978-92-842-1077-0DekkerBareboat Charter Registration: Legal Issues and Commercial Benefits: A Report on the 1987 Icc Symposium on Bareboat Charter Registration, No. 466 (Publication / International Chamber of Commerce)
1989978-92-842-1078-7Eric EllenPiracy at Sea
  ''978-92-842-1079-4J. DekkerCase Studies on Documentary Credits: Problems, Queries and Answers
1989978-92-842-1082-4International Chamber of CommerceRetention of Title: A Practical Guide to 19 National Legislations
1991978-92-842-1088-6Jan RambergGuide to Incoterms 1990/No. 461 (Icc Publication)
1989978-92-842-1089-3Environmental Auditing
  ''978-92-842-1090-9International Chamber of CommerceClean Transport Documents
978-92-842-1091-6Opinions of the ICC Banking Commission: 1987-1988 (ICC No. 469)
1989978-92-842-1092-3Institute of Business Law and PracticeCountertrade: Offset Contacts
1992978-92-842-1094-7International Chamber of CommerceUniform Rules for Demand Guarantees
1991978-92-842-1095-4   ''Foreign Investment in the USSR
1990978-92-842-1097-8Uwe Jahn · Jur U. JanhBills of Exchange: A Guide to Legislation in European Countries (Icc Publication, No 476)
  ''978-92-842-1099-2International Chamber of CommerceGuide to Penalty and Liquidation Damages Clauses (International Contracts)
  ''978-92-842-1103-6The New Icc World Directory of Chambers of Commerce
  ''978-92-842-1106-7The Greening of Enterprise: Business Leaders Speak Out on Environmental Issues (ICC Publication)
1991978-92-842-1110-4Jan DekkerMore Case Studies on Documentary Credits: Problems, Queries, Answers, Includes General Index/No. 489
1993978-92-842-1112-8Ports at risk
1991978-92-842-1115-9International Chamber of CommerceICC Guide to Effective Environmental Auditing
1991978-92-842-1119-7International Chamber of CommerceWicem II: Second World Industry Conference on Environmental Management
1985978-92-842-1122-7   ''Force Majeure and Hardship
1991978-92-842-1124-1International Chamber of CommerceThe Icc Model Commercial Agency Contract/No. 496
1992978-92-842-1125-8ICC Banking CommissionOpinions of the ICC Banking Commission on queries relating to Uniform customs and practice for documentary credits (UCP), 1989-1991 (Publication)
  ''978-92-842-1126-5International Chamber of CommerceUNCTAD/ICC Rules for Multimodal Transport Documents
  ''978-92-842-1128-9   ''Funds Transfer in International Banking
1996978-92-842-1131-9Charles E. H. Franklin · International Chamber of CommerceBusiness Guide to Privacy and Data Protection Legislation (ICC publication)
1983978-92-842-1132-6International Chamber of CommerceCommercial Agency
978-92-842-1133-3Retention of Title: A Practical Guide to 19 National Legislations (International Contracts)
1978978-92-842-1140-1International Chamber of CommerceUniform Rules for Contract Guarantees
1992978-92-842-1141-8WILLUMSFrom Ideas to Action
  ''978-92-842-1143-2International Chamber of CommerceICC Code on Environmental Advertising
978-92-842-1145-6Guide to ICC Demand Guarantees (ICC Publication)
1983978-92-842-1147-0International Chamber of CommerceUniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits
1994978-92-842-1152-4A. BossElectronic Data Interchange Agreements: A Guide and Sourcebook
1993978-92-842-1153-1International Chamber of CommerceIcc Model Distributorship Contract: Sole Importer Distributor (International Contracts Series)
  ''978-92-842-1155-5   ''Uniform Customs & Practice for Documentary Credits
1993978-92-842-1157-9Charles Del Busto · International Chamber of CommerceUcp 500 & 400 Compared: An Article-By-Article Detailed Analysis of the New Ucp 500 Compared With the Ucp400 (OECD Documents) (ICC publication)
1994978-92-842-1159-3Charles Del BustoICC Guide to ICC Documentary Credit Operations for the UCP
1993978-92-842-1160-9International Chamber of CommerceNew Standard Documentary Credit Forms for the UCP 500
978-92-842-1163-0Guide to ICC Arbitration (ICC Publication)
1993978-92-842-1164-7International Chamber of CommerceUniform Rules for Contract Bonds
  ''978-92-842-1166-1   ''The new legal framework for aviation in the European Community: Proceedings of the International Colloquium (ICC publication)
1994978-92-842-1168-5Jayant Abhyankar · S. I BijwadiaMaritime Joint Ventures (ICC publication)
  ''978-92-842-1175-3ICC Model Forms for Issuing Demand Guarantees: A Companion Guide to the Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees
978-92-842-1176-0Bills of Exchange: A Guide to Legislation in European Countries (ICC Publication)
978-92-842-1177-7The GATT Negotiations (ICC Publication)
1997978-92-842-1182-1Richard J. White · Richard WhiteContract Bonds and Model Forms (Guide to ICC Uniform Rules)
1995978-92-842-1183-8Charles Del Busto · Charles Busto delCase Studies on Documentary Credits Under Ucp 500 (ICC publication)
  ''978-92-842-1184-5International Chamber of CommerceICC Uniform Rules for Collections
  ''978-92-842-1185-2   ''ICC Uniform Rules for Bank to Bank Reimbursements
1995978-92-842-1186-9Jan Ramberg · Charles Debattista · International Chamber of CommerceIncoterms in Practice: Advice on the Application of Incoterms
1996978-92-842-1187-6International Chamber of CommerceKey Words in International Trade (ICC Publication)
1994978-92-842-1188-3International Commercial Arbitration in Europe. Special Supplement
1997978-92-842-1194-4Guillermo JimenezExport-Import Basics: The Legal, Financial & Transport Aspects of International Trade (ICC publication)
978-92-842-1198-2Roeland F. BertramsBank Guarantees in International Trade
1999978-92-842-1199-9Icc PublishingIncoterms 2000: ICC Official Rules for the Interpretation of Trade Terms
1995978-92-842-1201-9A Commentary on URC 522
1996978-92-842-1202-6Nick DouchManaging Foreign Exchange Risks
1995978-92-842-1203-3International Chamber of CommerceICC uniform rules for bank-to-bank reimbursements under documentary credits: A commentary, URR 525 (ICC publication)
1997978-92-842-1204-0International Chamber of CommerceIntellectual Property and International Trade - A Guide to the Uruguay Round TRIPS Agreement (ICC No. 552)
1995978-92-842-1208-8Counterfeiting in China
1997978-92-842-1210-1International Chamber of CommerceThe Icc Model International Sale Contract: Manufactured Goods Intended for Resale
2000978-92-842-1211-8ICC Model International Franchising Contract (with Diskette)
1996978-92-842-1213-2ICC Commercial Crime BureauFraud of the Century: Prime Bank Instrument Fraud II
  ''978-92-842-1214-9Lakshman Y. WickremeratneICC Guide to Collection Operations for URC 522
1995978-92-842-1218-7The status of the arbitrator (ICC publication)
978-92-842-1220-0Opinions of the ICC Banking Commission, 1995-96 (ICC Publication)
1997978-92-842-1221-7Icc World Payment Systems Handbook
1998978-92-842-1228-6Nick DouchManaging Interest Rate Risk
1997978-92-842-1231-6Icc Counterfeiting Intelligence BureauCountering Counterfeiting: A Guide to Protecting & Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights
  ''978-92-842-1232-3Dan TaylorIcc Guide to Bank-To-Bank Reimbursements
  ''978-92-842-1234-7International Chamber of Commerce · Daniel LapresBusiness law in China: Trade, investment, and finance (ICC publication)
2000978-92-842-1240-8Nick DouchInvesting and Trading in Emerging Markets
1998978-92-842-1243-9ICCGuide to the Prevention of Money Laundering (Publication) [Paperback]
1997978-92-842-1244-6The New 1998 ICC Rules of Arbitration: Proceedings of the ICC Conference Presenting the Rules
1998978-92-842-1245-3Jan RambergInternational Commercial Transactions
1990978-92-842-1246-0International Chamber of CommerceIncoterms Q & A: 42 Cases and the Official ICC Responses
1998978-92-842-1247-7Institute of International Banking Law a · Institute of International Banking Law and Practice Inc.International Standby Practices - ISP98 (Letters of Credit)
1999978-92-842-1249-1David PlantResolving International Intellectual Property Disputes
  ''978-92-842-1250-7Uwe Jahn · Uwe JahnBills of Exchange: A Guide to Legislation in European Countries, Asia and Oceania
1998978-92-842-1252-1W.W. Park · Jan Paulsson · W.L. CraigAnnotated Guide to the 1998 ICC Arbitration Rules
1998978-92-842-1253-8International Chamber of CommerceMore Queries and Responses on UCP 500
  ''978-92-842-1255-2International Chamber of Commerce · Benjamin G. DavisImproving International Arbitration: The Need for Speed, Liber Amicorum to Michel Gaudet (ICC No. 598)
2007978-92-842-1257-6International Chamber of CommerceIcc Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits; 2007 Revision
1998978-92-842-1259-0Resolving Business Disputes Worldwide
  ''978-92-842-1261-3ICC Counterfeiting Intelligence BureauEnforcement Measures Against Counterfeiting and Piracy - An International Survey. (ICC No. 608)
  ''978-92-842-1262-0Fabien GelinasInternational Commercial Arbitration in Asia
978-92-842-1263-7International Chamber of CommerceFighting Bribery - A Corporate Practices Manual (ICC No. 610)
1999978-92-842-1267-5Fabien GelinasArbitration in the Next Decade
2000978-92-842-1268-2Gary CollyerOpinions of the ICC Banking Commission: Queries and Responses on UCP 500, UCP 400 and URC 522
  ''978-92-842-1269-9Jan Ramberg · Philippe Rapatout · Frank Reynolds · Charles DebattistaICC Guide to Incoterms 2000
2000978-92-842-1270-5Jan Ramberg · Philippe Rapatout · Frank Reynolds · Charles DebattistaIncoterms 2000: A Forum of Experts
  ''978-92-842-1272-9ICC Model Occasional Intermediary Contract: Non-circumvention and Non-disclosure Agreements
2007978-92-842-1273-6Icc PublicationIcc Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits - English Leaflet Édition
1995978-92-842-1274-3Inc. ICC PublishingUniform Rules for Collections / URC 522 / Leaflet Version (100 copies)
2002978-92-842-1277-4Frank ReynoldsA to Z of International Trade (ICC Publication)
2000978-92-842-1280-4International Chamber of CommerceIncoterms 2000 Multimedia Expert
  ''978-92-842-1290-3Alan WilkieCombating 21st Century Commercial Fraud (ICC publication)
  ''978-92-842-1292-7Emmanuel JolivetArbitration, Finance and Insurance
2001978-92-842-1293-4Anti-counterfeiting Technology Guide: A Guide to Protecting and Authenticating Products and Documents
  ''978-92-842-1294-1Georges AffakiA User's Handbook to the Uniform Rules on Demand Guarantees: ICC Uniform Rules on Demand Guarantees
2002978-92-842-1297-2International Chamber of CommerceIcc Banking Commission Collected Opinions 1995-2001: Queries and Responses on Ucp 500, Ucp 400, Urc 522 & Urdg 458
2001978-92-842-1298-9Rolf A. Schutze · Gabriele FontaneDocumentary Credit Law Throughout the World: Annotated Legislation from More Than 35 Countries
2001978-92-842-1299-6The ICC Short Form Model Contracts: International Commercial Agency International Distributorship
  ''978-92-842-1303-0ICC ADR Rules & Guide to ICC ADR
2002978-92-842-1305-4Emmanuel JolivetADR International Applications
  ''978-92-842-1306-1International Chamber of CommerceUniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credit and Supplement for Electronic Presentation: Ucp 500 + Eucp Version 1.0 (Letters of Credit)
  ''978-92-842-1307-8Supplement to UCP 500 for Electronic Presentation (EUCP)
  ''978-92-842-1308-5ICCICC Guide to the eUCP
2003978-92-842-1309-2International Chamber of CommerceGuide to Export-Import Basics (Publication (International Chamber of Commerce), No 641.)
2002978-92-842-1310-8Emmanuel JolivetThe UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts: A Special Supplement of the ICC International Court of Arbitration Bulletin
2002978-92-842-1312-2Trade Finance Fraud
  ''978-92-842-1313-9International Chamber of CommerceThe Icc Model Commercial Agency Contract
2003978-92-842-1314-6Icc International Chamber of CommerceInternational Standard Banking Practice
2002978-92-842-1315-3IccThe ICC Model Distributorship Contract: Sole Importer-Distributor
  ''978-92-842-1317-7International Chamber of CommercePreventing Financial Instrument Fraud
2003978-92-842-1318-4Rules for Expertise
  ''978-92-842-1319-1ICC Commission on Commercial Law and PracticeIcc Force Majeure Clause 2003 and Icc Hardship Clause 2003: Make Sure That Contract Protects You If Disaster Strikes
  ''978-92-842-1320-7Andrew Berkeley · K. KarstenArbitration Money Laundering, Corruption and Fraud
2003978-92-842-1321-4Francois Vincke · Fritz F. HeimannFighting Corruption: A Corporate Practices Manual
  ''978-92-842-1322-1G. HeinePrivate Commerical Bribery a Comparison of National and Supranational Legal Structures
  ''978-92-842-1323-8ICC Model Contract for the Turnkey Supply of an Industrial Plant
2004978-92-842-1333-7Guler Manisali DarmanCorporate Governance Worldwide: A Guide To Best Practices For Managers
  ''978-92-842-1334-4International Chamber of CommerceCollected Docdex Decisions 1997-2003
978-92-842-1337-5Model Mergers & Acquisition Contracts
2004978-92-842-1338-2ICC Model Selective Distributorship Contract
  ''978-92-842-1339-9King Tak FungLeading Court Cases on Letters of Credit
978-92-842-1340-5ICC Model Turnkey Contract for Major Projects
2005978-92-842-1341-2Gary CollyerICC Banking Commission Unpublished Opinions 1995 -2004
2004978-92-842-1344-3International Chamber of CommerceArbitration and Oral Evidence
2004978-92-842-1346-7R. I. V. F. BertramsBank Guarantees In International Trade: The Law and Practice of Independent (First Demand) Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit in Civil Law and Common Law Jurisdictions
2005978-92-842-1352-8ICCParallel State and Arbitral Procedures in International Arbitration
  ''978-92-842-1353-5Alain Prujiner · Bernard ColesTreaties and International Documents: Used in International Trade Law No. 958
  ''978-92-842-1354-2Global Relections on International Law, Commerce And Dispute Resolution
  ''978-92-842-1356-6EditorsUnidroit Principles: New Developments and Applications
2007978-92-842-1361-0ICCICC Legal handbook of Global Sourcing Contracts
2006978-92-842-1362-7ICC Model Confidentiality Agreement
  ''978-92-842-1363-4International Chamber of CommerceEvaluation of Damages in International Arbitration
1991978-92-842-2005-2Guide pour les incoterms ed.1980
1991978-92-842-2088-5Guide des incoterms 1990
1992978-92-842-2094-6CCI - ICCReglas uniformes de la CCI relativas a las garantias a primer requerimiento
  ''978-92-842-2124-0Contrat modèle CCI d'agence commerciale
978-92-842-2153-0Contrat modèle CCI de concession commerciale. Avec exclusivité de l'importateur-concessinnaire
978-92-842-2155-4Règles et usances uniformes de la CCI relatives aux crédits documentaires
978-92-842-2159-2Charles De BustoGuide Cci DES Operations De Credit Docum
978-92-842-2177-6Les Negociations du Gatt: Comprendre les Résultats de l'Uruguay Round
978-92-842-2210-0Contrat modèle ICC de vente internationale: Produits manufacturés destinés à la revente (1Cédérom)
2000978-92-842-2211-7Contrat modèle ICC de franchise internationale de distribution
1995978-92-842-2218-6Le statut de l'arbitre (Publication ICC) (French Edition)
1997978-92-842-2239-1Règlement d'arbitrage de la CCI, Règlement de conciliation de la CCI
1999978-92-842-2247-6Règles et pratique internationales relatives aux Standby RPIS 98
  ''978-92-842-2267-4Arbitrage: regard sur la prochaine décennie. Actes de la conférence de célébration du 75e anniversaire de la Cour internationale d'arbitrage, Genève, 25 septembre 1998
978-92-842-2269-8Guide ICC des Incoterms 2000
2001978-92-842-2272-8Contrat modèle ICC d'intermédiation occasionnelle. Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure Agreement
  ''978-92-842-2299-5ICCContrats mmodéles simplifiés ICC
2002978-92-842-2313-8   ''Contrat modèle ICC d'agence commerciale (1Cédérom)