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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-92-806-0000-1Unicef Measuring Childhood Mortali
1990978-92-806-0004-9Not AvailableEliminating Social Distance Between North and South: Cost-Effective Goals for the 1990's
  ''978-92-806-0008-7Soledad ParadaPor la mujer: Organismos gubernamentales y no gubernamentales de apoyo a la mujer en Chile: evolución y perspectivas (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-92-806-0009-4Infancia y pobreza en la Argentina (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-92-806-0010-0Mucho, poquito o nada: Crisis y alternativas de política social en los '90 (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-92-806-0011-7Early child development, 12-30 June 1989: Summary report (No.1)
1990978-92-806-0025-4Socio-economic profiles: Kwale District, Kitui District, Embu District, Baringo District, Kisumu District, South Nyanza District, Nairobi City, Mombasa Municipality, Kisumu Municipality
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  ''978-92-806-0028-5Estimación de la demanda potencial de atención pre-escolar en sectores de extrema pobreza en Chile (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-92-806-0033-9Women in business: Grassroots success stories from eastern and southern Africa
  ''978-92-806-0034-6United Nations Environment ProgrammeChildren and the Environment: The State of the Environment 1990
1990978-92-806-0039-1Jeremy SwiftProviding services for nomadic people: A review of the literature and annotated bibliography (UNICEF staff working papers)
  ''978-92-806-0047-6Linda OldhamSociocultural factors influencing the prevalence of diarrheal disease in rural Upper Egypt: An ethnographic study in six villages: final summary report
  ''978-92-806-0049-0Hājir ḤadīdīSociocultural factors influencing the prevalence of diarrheal disease in rural Upper Egypt: An ethnographic study in two villages of Sohag: final report submitted to UNICEF
  ''978-92-806-0050-6Saneya WahbaSociocultural factors influencing the prevalence of diarrheal disease in rural Upper Egypt: An ethnographic study in two villages of Aswan: final report submitted to UNICEF
  ''978-92-806-0051-3Maggie BlackFrom handpumps to health: The evolution of water and sanitation programmes in Bangladesh, India, and Nigeria
1990978-92-806-0056-8Not AvailableChildren and Development in the 1990's: A UNICEF Sourcebook for Children, World Summit for Children, 29-30 September 1990 / Sales No 90.20.Usa.8
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1991978-92-806-0058-2Children and women in India: A situation analysis, 1990
1990978-92-806-0060-5Voices of Belizean children
  ''978-92-806-0064-3Africa's children, Africa's future: Implementing the World Summit Declaration
1991978-92-806-1001-7Raana HaiderImpressions of women and children in Bangladesh
  ''978-92-806-1006-2The situation analysis of mothers and children in Turkey (Country programme, 1991-1995)
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1991978-92-806-1024-6Integration for development: A resource guide for Belize
1992978-92-806-1029-1Children and women of Nepal: A situation analysis, 1992
1991978-92-806-1033-8Challenges for children and women in the 1990s: Eastern and southern Africa in profile
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1992978-92-806-1063-5Ecuador: Crisis, ajuste y política social en los años 80
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  ''978-92-806-1081-9Child development and nutrition in Nigeria: A textbook for education, health, and social service professionals
  ''978-92-806-1084-0Not AvailableStatistics on Children in UNICEF Assisted Countries
1992978-92-806-1090-1UNICEFEnvironment, Development and the Child
1997978-92-806-1599-9May Rihani · Khadija HaqE92xxusa4 Strategiespromote Gi
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  ''978-92-806-2008-5South Asia consultations on achieving the goals of the 1990s for children and development
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  ''978-92-806-2053-5Alicia GarcésSituación de las madres y los niños en la amazonia ecuatoriana: Análisis de situación e indicadores de subsistemas: demografía, educación: ... en la amazonia ecuatoriana (Spanish Edition)
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1992978-92-806-2056-6Domingo Martinez ParedezSituación de las madres y los niños en zonas de grandes proyectos: Diagnóstico situacional económico y social del area Shushufindi (Spanish Edition)
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1993978-92-806-2085-6La impresión de las cifras: Niños, mujeres, jóvenes y adultos mayores (Spanish Edition)
2000978-92-806-2087-0Mona MacksoudHelping children cope with the stresses of war: A manual for parents and teachers, including advice on clinging, bed-wetting, bedtime, night terrors, ... aggression, depression, grieving, risk-taking
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1999978-92-806-3033-6VIPP: Visualisation in Participatory Programmes - A Manual for Facilitators and Trainers Involved in Participatory Group Events
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1997978-92-806-3098-5E94xxusa2 Un Antipersonnel Land
1994978-92-806-3106-7Johannes ZuttChildren of war: Wandering alone in southern Sudan
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1994978-92-806-3147-0UNICEFEmergency Handbook
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978-92-806-3167-8E95xxusa2 Un Profilesuccess P
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1995978-92-806-3195-1Encuesta de condiciones de vida de los ecuatorianos (Spanish Edition)
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1996978-92-806-3232-3Atlas of South Asian children and women
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978-92-806-3333-7La situation des enfants dans le monde, 1998
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2001978-92-806-3698-7A force for change: Young people and HIV/AIDS in South Asia
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978-92-806-3720-5We the Children: Meeting the Promises of the World Summit for Children
2002978-92-806-3723-6United NationsJim Grant: Unicef Visionary
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978-92-806-3737-3Adolescence: A Time That Matters
978-92-806-3763-2Progress Since the World Summit for Children: A Statistical Review
978-92-806-3784-7La situation des enfants dans le monde 2003
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2002978-92-806-3792-2   ''Jovenes Y El Vih Sida Los: Una Oportunidad En Un Momento Crucial
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978-92-806-3848-6Contigo Cuento: 30 Autores Uruguayos Juntos Por La Infancia y La Adolescencia (Spanish Edition)
2005978-92-806-3860-8United NationsEmergency Field Handbook: A Guide for Unicef Staff
2006978-92-806-3861-5   ''Manuel Pour Les Situations D Urgence Sur Le Terrain: Guide a L Usage Du Personnel De L Unicef (cd Rom Inclus) (French Edition)
2006978-92-806-3862-2United NationsManual Para Situaciones De Emergencia Sobre El Terreno: Una Guia Para El Personal De Unicef (incluye Cd Rom) (Spanish Edition)
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2005978-92-806-3917-9United NationsSituation Des Enfants Dans Le Monde 2006: Exclus Et Invisibles (French Edition)
  ''978-92-806-3918-6   ''Estado Mundial De La Infancia 2006: Excluidos E Invisibles (Spanish Edition)
2006978-92-806-3926-1   ''Call to Action A: Children - the Missing Face of Aids
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2006978-92-806-3952-0United NationsLogros Y Perspectivas De Genero En La Educacion: El Informe Gap (Spanish Edition)
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2006978-92-806-3990-2United NationsProgreso Para La Infancia: Un Balance Sobre La Nutricion (Spanish Edition)
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  ''978-92-806-4035-9   ''Africas Orphaned and Vulnerable Generations: Children Affected By Aids
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2007978-92-806-4048-9   ''Pneumonia: The Forgotten Killer of Children
2006978-92-806-4050-2   ''Progress for Children: A Report Card on Water and Sanitation
2006978-92-806-4051-9United NationsProgres Pour Les Enfants: Un Bilan De L Eau Et De L Assainissement (French Edition)
  ''978-92-806-4052-6   ''Progreso Para La Infancia: Un Balance Sobre Agua Y Saneamiento (Spanish Edition)
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  ''978-92-806-4054-0   ''1946-2006: Soixante Ans Au Service Des Enfants (French Edition)
  ''978-92-806-4055-7   ''1946-2006: Sesenta Anos En Pro De La Infancia (Spanish Edition)
2007978-92-806-4120-2United NationsImmunization Summary: The 2007 Edition a Statistical Reference Containing Data Through 2005 (includes Cd Rom)
  ''978-92-806-4128-8   ''Children and Aids: A Stocktaking Report
  ''978-92-806-4150-9   ''Vitamin a Supplementation: A Decade of Progress
  ''978-92-806-4152-3   ''Enhanced Protection for Children Affected By Aids: A Companion Paper to the Framework for the Protection Care and Support of Orphans and Vulnerable Children Living in a World with Hiv and Aids
2008978-92-806-4183-7   ''Implementation Handbook for the Convention on the Rights of the Child: Fully Revised (with Cd-rom)
2007978-92-806-4184-4United NationsMalaria and Children: Assessing Progress in Intervention Coverage
  ''978-92-806-4188-2   ''Human Rights Based Approach to Education for All: A Framework for the Realization of Childrens Right to Education and Rights Within Education
2008978-92-806-4191-2   ''State of the World's Children 2008: Child Survival
  ''978-92-806-4192-9   ''Situation Des Enfants Dans Le Monde 2008 La (French Edition)
  ''978-92-806-4193-6   ''Estado Mundial De La Infancia 2008 (Spanish Edition)
2007978-92-806-4194-3United NationsProgress for Children: A World Fit for Children Statistical Review
  ''978-92-806-4195-0   ''Progres Pour Les Enfants: Un Monde Digne Des Enfants Bilan Statistique (French Edition)
  ''978-92-806-4196-7   ''Progreso Para La Infancia: Examen Estad!stico De Un Mundo Apropiado Para Los Ninos Y Las Ninas (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-92-806-4198-1   ''World Fit for Us: The Children's Statement from the Un Special Session on ChildrenFive Years on
  ''978-92-806-4199-8   ''Un Monde Digne De Nous: La Declaration Des Enfants Reunis a La Session Extraordinaire De L' Nu Consacree Aux EnfantsCinq Ans Plus Tard (French Edition)
2007978-92-806-4200-1United NationsUn Mundo Apropiado Para Nosotros: Declaracion De Los Ninos Y Ninas Para La Sesion Especial De Las Naciones Unidas En Favor De La Infancia - Cinco Anos Despues (Spanish Edition)
2007978-92-806-4219-3United NationsChildren and the Millennium Development Goals: Progress Towards a World Fit for Children
2008978-92-806-4220-9   ''Enfants Et Les Objectifs Du Millenaire Pour Le Developpement Les: Progres Accompli Dans L Edification D Un Monde Digne Des Enfants (French Edition)
  ''978-92-806-4266-7   ''Children and Aids: Second Stocktaking ReportActions and Progress (includes Cd-rom)
  ''978-92-806-4304-6   ''Sustainable Elimination of Iodine Deficiency: Progress Since the 1990 World Summit for Children
  ''978-92-806-4305-3   ''L Elimination Durable De La Carence En Iode: Progres Realises Depuis Le Sommet Mondial Pour Les Enfants De 1990 (French Edition)
2008978-92-806-4306-0United NationsEliminacion Sostenible De La Carencia De Yodo: Progresos Desde La Cumbre Mundial En Favor De La Infancia De 1990 (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-92-806-4315-2   ''Progress for Children: A Report Card on Maternal Mortality
  ''978-92-806-4316-9   ''Progres Pour Les Enfants: Mortalite Maternelle Bilan Statistique (French Edition)
  ''978-92-806-4317-6   ''Progreso Para La Infancia: Un Balance Sobre La Mortalidad Materna (Spanish Edition)
2009978-92-806-4318-3   ''State of the Worlds Children 2009: Maternal and Newborn Health
2009978-92-806-4319-0United NationsLa Situation Des Enfants Dans Le Monde 2009: La Sante Maternelle Et Neonatale (French Edition)
  ''978-92-806-4320-6   ''Estado Mundial De La Infancia 2009: Salud Materna Y Neonatal (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-92-806-4363-3   ''Children and Conflict in a Changing World: Machel Study 10 Year Strategic Review
  ''978-92-806-4364-0   ''Enfants Et Les Conflicts Dans Un Monde En Mutation Les: Examen Strategique Decennal De L Etude Machel (comprend Des Cd-rom) (French Edition)
  ''978-92-806-4365-7   ''Infancia Y Los Conflictos En Un Mundo En Transformacion La: Examen Estrategico 10 Anos Despues Del Informe Machel (incluye Cd-rom) (Spanish Edition)
2009978-92-806-4369-5United NationsChildren and Aids: Third Stocktaking Report 2008
2009978-92-806-4370-1United NationsEnfants Et Sida: Troiseme Bilan De La Situation 2008 (French Edition)
  ''978-92-806-4376-3   ''Child Friendly Schools Manual
  ''978-92-806-4378-7   ''Manual: Escuelas Amigas De La Infancia (conjunto De 10 Folletos Y Cd-rom) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-92-806-4439-5   ''Progress for Children: A Report Card on Child Protection
  ''978-92-806-4440-1   ''Progres Pour Les Enfants: Un Bilan De La Protection De L Enfant: Numero 8 Septembre 2009 (French Edition)
2009978-92-806-4441-8United NationsProgreso Para La Infancia: Un Balance Sobre La Proteccion De La Ninez: Numero 8 Septiembre De 2009 (Spanish Edition)
2009978-92-806-4442-5United NationsThe State of the Worlds Children: Special Edition: Celebrating 20 Years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child
  ''978-92-806-4443-2   ''La Situation Des Enfants Dans Le Monde: Numero Special: Celebrer Les 20 Ans De La Convention Relative Aux Droits De L Enfants (French Edition)
  ''978-92-806-4444-9   ''Estado Mundial De La Infancia: Edicion Especial - Conmemoracion De Los 20 Anos De La Convenciin Sobre Los Derechos Del Nino (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-92-806-4445-6   ''State of the Worlds Children 2010: Statistical Tables (The State of the World's Children)
  ''978-92-806-4446-3   ''La Situation Des Enfants Dans Le Monde 2010: Tableaux Statistiques: Numero Special (French Edition)
2009978-92-806-4447-0United NationsEstado Mundial De La Infancia 2010: Tablas Estidistacas Edicion Especial (Spanish Edition)
2016978-92-806-4466-1United NationsFacts for Life
2010978-92-806-4467-8   ''Savoir Pour Sauver Quatrieme Edition (French Edition)
  ''978-92-806-4468-5   ''Para La Vida Cuarta Edicion (Spanish Edition)
2009978-92-806-4474-6   ''Children and Aids: Fourth Stocktaking Report 2009
2010978-92-806-4475-3   ''Enfants Et Sida: Quatrieme Bilan De La Situation, 2009 (French Edition)
2010978-92-806-4477-7United NationsLa Infancia Y El Sida: Cuarto Inventario De La Situacion, 2009 (Spanish Edition)
2009978-92-806-4482-1   ''Tracking Progress on Child and Maternal Nutrition: A Survival and Development Priority Within Our Reach
2010978-92-806-4483-8   ''Suivre Les Progres Dans Le Domaine De La Nutrition De L Enfant Et De La Mere: Une Priorite En Matiere De Survie Et De Developpement (French Edition)
  ''978-92-806-4484-5   ''Seguimiento De Los Progresos En La Nutricion De Los Ninos Y Las Madres: Una Prioridad En Materia De Supervivencia Y Desarrollo (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-92-806-4537-8   ''Progress for Children: Achieving the Mdgs with Equity
2010978-92-806-4538-5United NationsProgres Pour Les Enfants: Realiser Les Omd Avec Equite
  ''978-92-806-4539-2   ''Progreso Para La Infancia: Lograr Los Objetivos De Desarrollo Del Milenio Con Equidad (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-92-806-4552-1   ''Children and AIDS: Fifth Stocktaking Report, 2010
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