International Maritime Organization

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978-92-801-5217-3Resolutions and Other Decisions of the 25th Assembly: Resolutions 989 - 1010, 19 November - 29 November 2007 (Arabic Edition)
2014978-92-801-5994-3IMOInternational Convention for Safe Containers, 1972 (CSC 1972), 2014 Russian Ed
  ''978-92-801-5995-0International Maritime Organization28th Session (Res. 1060 - 1092), Chinese Edition
  ''978-92-801-5996-7International Maritime Organization2010 HNS Convention, 2013 Chinese Edition
  ''978-92-801-5997-4   ''Hong Kong Convention, 2013 Chinese Edition
2012978-92-801-5999-8   ''27th Session 2011 (Res 1033 - 1059), Chinese Edition
2004978-92-801-6049-9   ''ISPS Code, 2003 Chinese Edition
  ''978-92-801-6051-2   ''Collision Regulations Convention (COLREGS), 2003 Chinese Edition
2010978-92-801-6076-5International Maritime OrganizationBasic Documents: Volume I, 2010 Chinese Edition
2011978-92-801-6079-6Internaqtional Maritime OrganizationMARPOL Consolidated 2011 Chinese Edition
  ''978-92-801-6081-9International Maritime OrganizationFacilitation Convention (FAL), 2011 Chinese Edition
2000978-92-801-6086-4EditorImo Cop Carriage Cargoes Persons
1999978-92-801-6093-2SOLAS: International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974: 1997/1998 amendments
  ''978-92-801-6094-9No author.Comprehensive Manual on Port Reception Facilities
  ''978-92-801-6095-6IMO/ILO guidelines for the development of tables of seafarers' shipboard working arrangements and formats of records of seafarers' hours of work or hours of rest
  ''978-92-801-6096-3Imo Manual Chemical Pollutionia630
1999978-92-801-6098-7Provisions concerning the reporting of incidents involving harmful substances under MARPOL 73/78
  ''978-92-801-6099-4Amendments to the code on intact stability for all types of ships covered by IMO instruments: Resolution MSC.75(69), amending resolution A.749(18)
  ''978-92-801-6101-4SOLAS: International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974: Resolutions of the 1997 SOLAS Conference relating to bulk carrierr safety
  ''978-92-801-6103-8IMOMaster and Chief Mate (Model Course 7.01) (TA701E)
1999978-92-801-6104-5IMOChief and Second Engineer Officer (Motor Ships), (Model Course 7.02)
  ''978-92-801-6106-9Imo Officerchargeengineering
978-92-801-6109-0Specialized Training for Liquefied Gas Tankers (Model Course 1.06)
1999978-92-801-6110-6Radar Navigation, Plotting and Arpa (Model Course 1.07)
  ''978-92-801-6111-3IMO(Model Course 1.08) Radar, ARPA, Bridge Teamwork and Search and Rescue, Radar Navigation at Management Level, 1999 Edition
2000978-92-801-6117-5International Maritme OrganizationElementary First Aid (Model Course 1.13)
  ''978-92-801-6118-2IMOModel Course 1.14 Medical First Aid Course + Compendium
2008978-92-801-6119-9International Maritime OrganizationProficiency in Personal Survival Techniques: Model Course 1.19
2010978-92-801-6121-2   ''Flag State Implementation
2003978-92-801-7008-5Imo Isps Code CD Version 1 2003
978-92-801-7023-8Solas on CD
2009978-92-801-7027-6Imdg Code for Windows (V 9.1) 2009
978-92-801-7028-3Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) Manual CD-ROM
978-92-801-7029-0Imo Solas 2009 Consolidated ed Cdr
2010978-92-801-7030-6Not AvailableThe Imo-vega Database 2009
  ''978-92-801-7033-7   ''Imdg Code for Windows
2010978-92-801-7034-4Not AvailableShips' Routeing on Cd (V5.0) 2010
2013978-92-801-7039-9Imdg Code for Windows (Version 11), 2012
978-92-801-7040-5The IMO Vega Database Version 17 - D17A