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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-91-89098-00-8Andrew Reynolds · Ben Reilly · Sarah BirchHandbook of Electoral System Design with Other
1997978-91-89098-03-9Leo TindemanDemocracy in Romania: Assessment Mission Report (Capacity-Building Series 1/97)
  ''978-91-89098-04-6Bengt Save-SoderberghVoter Turnout from 1945 to 1997: A Global Report on Political Participation
1998978-91-89098-07-7French EditionDemocracy Burkino Faso(french) (English and French Edition)
  ''978-91-89098-19-0Azza M. Karam · Frene Ginwla · Nadezhda Shvedova · Gehan Abu-Zayd · Richard E. Matland · Drude Dahlerup · Karen Olsen De Figueres · Shirin RaiWomen in Parliament: Beyond Numbers
2002978-91-89098-22-0Peter Harris · Ben Reilly · Mark AnsteyDemocracy and Deep-Rooted Conflict: Options for Negotiators
1998978-91-89098-23-7International Institute for Democracy and Electoral AssistanceDemocracia en Guatemala: Lamisión de un pueblo entero, informe de la misión (Spanish Edition)
2002978-91-89098-24-4Haridiata Dakoure · Francois Tambi Kabore · Amidou Ouedraogo · Amina Ouedraogo · Halidou OuedraogoDemocracy in Burkina Faso: Assessment Mission Report: Dialogue for Democratic Development (Capacity-Building)
1998978-91-89098-25-1Democracy in Guatemala: The mission for an entire people, synthesis report - síntesis del informe (Capacity building)
1999978-91-89098-31-2Patricio Aylwin AzocarYouth Voter Participation: Involving Today's Young in Tomorrow's Democracy
2002978-91-89098-32-9Roel Con Meijenfeldt · Carlos Santiso · Martin Angeby · Grace D'Almeida Adamon · Christopher BakweseghaDialogue for Democratic Development: Policy Options (Capacity-Building)
2000978-91-89098-42-8International Institute for Democracy and Electoral AssistanceDemocratization in Indonesia: An Assessment (Capacity-Building Series, 9)
2002978-91-89098-44-2Hussaina Abdullah · Said Adejumobi · J Bayo Adkanye · Adigun A Agbaje · Muyiwa AdekeyeDemocracy in Nigeria (Capacity-Building)
  ''978-91-89098-50-3Democracy Y Conflictos Profund
  ''978-91-89098-52-7Bengt Save-SoderbergyDemocracy in the Arab World: Challenges, Achievements and Prospects (Capacity-Building)
2002978-91-89098-57-2Peter McQuibban · Marc Cabane · Michael Kulesza · Adolfo Sanchez-MoronAdvancing Democracy in Slovakia Through Local Self-Governance: Lessons Learned from Other European Countries (Capacity-Building)
  ''978-91-89098-61-9Dieter Nohlen · Bengt Save-SoderberghVoter Turnout Since 1945: A Global Report
  ''978-91-89098-73-2Timothy D. Sisk et al.Democracy at the Local Level: The International IDEA Handbook on Participation, Representation, Conflict Management, and Governance
  ''978-91-89098-74-9Review*no ValueHandbook on Funding of Parties and Election Campaigns: Overview
2003978-91-89098-79-4Andrew Reynolds · Ben Reilly · Marie-Jose ProtaisLa Conception de Systèmes Électoraux (Handbook of Electoral System Design): French edition
2002978-91-89098-81-7Aly KaramMujeres En El Parlamento (English and Spanish Edition)
2003978-91-89098-82-4Julie Ballington · Marie-Jose Ballington · Marie-Jose Protais · Karen Fogg · Grace D'AlmeidaLes Femmes au Parlement (Women in Parliament): French edition
  ''978-91-89098-83-1International IdeaLA Conception De Systemes Electoraux/Handbook of Electoral System Design (French Edition)
2002978-91-89098-84-8Protais M.-JoseLes Femmes Au Parliment
2003978-91-89098-88-6Karen FoggInternational Electoral Standards: Guidelines for Reviewing the Legal Framework of Elections
2003978-91-89098-91-6International IDEA · Priscilla B. Hayner · Stef Vandeginste · Brandon HamberReconciliation After Violent Conflict: A Handbook
  ''978-91-89098-92-3Karl-Heinz Nassmacher · Daniel Zovatto · Julie BallingtonFunding of Political Parties and Election Campaigns
2004978-91-89098-97-8International IDEADemocracy at the Local Level: A Guide for the South Caucasus
  ''978-91-89098-99-2   ''The Implementation of Quotas: Asian Experiences (International IDEA Quota Reports series)