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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1985978-91-86702-03-8Amalendu GuhaDevelopment alternative
1990978-91-86702-04-5Abu F. DowlahPerestroika: An Inquiry into Its Historical, Ideological, and Intellectual Roots (Political economy series)
1988978-91-86702-05-2Wilfred A NdongkoCritical essays on African and Third World economic development (Africa, the awakening giant)
1989978-91-86702-06-9Wilfred A NdongkoEconomic development of Cameroon (Africa - the awakening giant)
1990978-91-86702-07-6Franklin VivekanandaBilateral and multinational economic co-operation in West Africa: Self reliance through putting the resources together (Africa, the awakening giant)
  ''978-91-86702-08-3Jaglul AlamEmergence of Bangladesh and big power role in 1971
  ''978-91-86702-09-0Wilfred A. NdongkoBilaterial and Multinational Economic Cooperation in West Africa
1993978-91-86702-10-6Felix A RyanFinding new routs [sic] in old paths: Linking cultural needs to technical knowledge appropriate technology inspires developing societies concept, ... (Series in international political economy)
1991978-91-86702-11-3Moudud AhmedBangladesh: Constitutional quest for autonomy, 1950-1971
1994978-91-86702-14-4Franklin VivekanandaTiger torture under one-party rule: Exploring Africa's human rights abuses in Kenya, with a discourse on Rwanda, Somalia and Malawi (Africa, the awakening giant)
1992978-91-86702-27-4Elipha G MunkonoweshuroZimbabwe: Ten years of destabilization: a balance sheet (Africa - the awakening giant)
  ''978-91-86702-28-1Olayiwola AbegunrinNigeria and the struggle for the liberation of Zimbabwe: A study of foreign policy of an emerging nation (Africa, the awakening giant series)
1995978-91-86702-29-8Sylvester Ogoh AluboBeyond the illusion of primary health care in an African society: The political economy of health care and crisis in Nigeria: with a discourse on ... Brazil, Cuba (Africa, the awakening giant)
1992978-91-86702-30-4Anthony Gozie AnwukahCurriculum development for responsive education in Third World countries: Theoretical foundations (Africa - the awakening giant)
1993978-91-86702-34-2Daniel MouNew hopes but old seeds: The political economy of capital accumulation, state, national development, agrarian transformation and the Nigerian peasantry (Africa, the awakening giant)
1991978-91-86702-35-9Andre Gunder FrankThe underdevelopment of development (Series in political economy)
1993978-91-86702-39-7Amalendu GuhaCredit productivity: Creating stability power in the international financial market (Series in international political economy)
1996978-91-86702-40-3Austin M ChakaodzaAvalanche of structural adjustment programs in Third World by the IMF and World Bank: Is the human rights factor missing in structural adjustment programs? ... (Africa - the awakening giant series)