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  ''978-91-85937-05-9Xiaolin Guo · Johan AlvinEngaging with the Issue of Myanmar: A New Perspective
978-91-85937-06-6Gazprom's Monopoly and Nabucco's Potentials: Strategic Decisions for Europe (Silk Road Paper)
2007978-91-85937-07-3Sangsoo LeeThe 17th South Korean Presidential Election: No More Sunshine for North Korea?
  ''978-91-85937-08-0Svante Cornell · Johanna Popjanevski · Niklas NilssonLearning from Georgia's Crisis: Implications and Recommendations
2008978-91-85937-12-7Stephen BlankThe Putin Succession and Its Implications for Russian Politics
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2008978-91-85937-14-1John C.K. DalyKazakhstan's Emerging Middle Class (Silk Road Papers)
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2008978-91-85937-24-0James SherrThe Implications of Russia's Elections: Relations with the 'Near Abroad'
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2008978-91-85937-30-1Xiaolin GuoDealing with Myanmar: A Unity of Divided Interests
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2008978-91-85937-45-5Japan and the Challenge of Human Security: The Founding of a New Policy 1995-2003
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2009978-91-85937-51-6Jon E. ChickyThe Russian-Georgian War: Political and Military Implications for U.S. Policy
  ''978-91-85937-52-3Bert EdströmProblems and Perils of a Prime Minister, Aso Taro and Japan's Political Autumn (Asia Papers)
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  ''978-91-85937-58-5China, Africa and Globalization: The "China Alternative" (Asia Papers)
2009978-91-85937-60-8Bert EdströmSecurity and Development in Asia: New Threats and Challenges in the Post-Postwar Era
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2009978-91-85937-65-3Winston Set AungThe Role of Informal Cross-border Trade in Myanmar (Asia Paper)
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