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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-91-85639-00-7Torkel Sjostrand1207
  ''978-91-85639-01-4Bjorn Almqvist · Kalle Assbring · Nils akessonOuternational: A story about Trinity Sound System
  ''978-91-85639-02-1Ivar Andersen · Kristian BorgPlayground Sweden (English and Swedish Edition)
  ''978-91-85639-03-8Markus Mai · Thomas WiczakWriting The Memory Of The City: The Avantgarde Spirit of Berlin Graffiti Writing
978-91-85639-04-5Markus MaiDas Gedächtnis der Stadt schreiben
2007978-91-85639-05-2Martha CooperTag Town: The Evolution of New York Graffiti Writing
  ''978-91-85639-07-6Ivar Andersen · Kristian BorgPlayground Sweden
2008978-91-85639-08-3Uzi WufcGraffiti Coloring Book
2008978-91-85639-10-6Tobias Barenthin LindbladMeta Graffiti
  ''978-91-85639-12-0Torkel Sjostrand · Tobias Barenthin LindbladOverground 3: Trans Europe Express (Bk. III)
  ''978-91-85639-13-7Lisa HolmqvistPaint with the Masters Coloring Book
2009978-91-85639-16-8Tobias Barenthin LindbladFINSTA GRAPHICS
2015978-91-85639-17-5First LastWriters United: The Story About A Swedish Graffiti Crew
  ''978-91-85639-18-2First LastOPEN BOOK
2009978-91-85639-19-9Torkel SjostrandSubway World: Graffiti on Trains
2015978-91-85639-20-5First LastLIKE LIPSTICK TRACES
  ''978-91-85639-21-2   ''CHOLO WRITING
2015978-91-85639-22-9First LastLIFE GEOS ON
2012978-91-85639-27-4Martha CooperTokyo Tattoo 1970
2010978-91-85639-28-1Jacob KimvallGraffiti Coloring Book 2: Characters
2015978-91-85639-29-8First LastFeel the Darkness
  ''978-91-85639-30-4   ''STREET ART COOKBOOK (HC)
2010978-91-85639-35-9Alain Maridueña · Cousin FrankRockin' it Suckers: New York City's Most Wanted Graffiti Vandals
2011978-91-85639-36-6Rosy OneCause We Got Style!: European Hip Hop Posing from the 80s and Early 90s
2010978-91-85639-38-0Zia Krohn · Joyce LagerweijConcrete Messages: Street Art on the Israeli - Palestinian Separation Barrier
  ''978-91-85639-39-7Martin AnderSubway Sketchbook
2015978-91-85639-40-3First LastSUBWAY SKETCHBOOK 5 COPY COUNTER PACK
2011978-91-85639-41-0Oscar NilssonLowrider Coloring Book
  ''978-91-85639-42-7Bjáörn AlmqvistGraffiti Burners
  ''978-91-85639-43-4Thomas JeppeOld Men's Tattoos
2011978-91-85639-44-1Torkel SjKaos: Vandals In Motion
  ''978-91-85639-45-8Magnus FrederiksenSkateboarding Coloring Book
  ''978-91-85639-46-5Benke Carlsson · Hop LouieStreet Art Cookbook: A Guide to Techniques and Materials
978-91-85639-47-2Brandplats 3
2012978-91-85639-49-6Bj AlmqvistGraffiti Coloring Book 3: International Styles
  ''978-91-85639-50-2Alan Fleisher · Paul IovinoClassic Hits: New York
  ''978-91-85639-51-9Jonnie CraigI'll Kick You In The Head With My Energy Legs
2012978-91-85639-53-3Martin AnderHip Hop Board Book
  ''978-91-85639-54-0Steve WheenThe Little Book of Little Gardens
  ''978-91-85639-55-7Martha CooperMartha Cooper: Postcards from New York City
  ''978-91-85639-56-4Horfe HorfeHorfe: Bad Culture
2013978-91-85639-57-1Edwin PHADE Sacasa · Alain KET MaridueShirt Kings: Pioneers of Hip Hop Fashion
  ''978-91-85639-58-8Frank Steam156 MaltStreet Art London
2013978-91-85639-59-5Fran ChastanetDishu: Ground Calligraphy in China
  ''978-91-85639-60-1Bj Almqvist · Torkel Sj · Tobias Barenthin LindbladGraffiti Cookbook: A Guide to Techniques and Materials
  ''978-91-85639-61-8Martin AnderCut and Fold Subway Sketchbook
2014978-91-85639-63-2Super Blast · HELLERAU European Center for the Arts DresdenFuture/Memory: Street Culture and Contemporary Art
  ''978-91-85639-64-9Magnus Frederiksen · Ebba CronstedtTattoo Activity Book
  ''978-91-85639-65-6MOMENT AGENCY MOMENT AGENCYScandinavian Moments
2015978-91-85639-68-7Jacob KimvallTHE G-WORD: Virtuosity and Violation, Negotiating and Transforming Graffiti
2014978-91-85639-70-0Joseph Inniss · Ralph Miller · Peter StaddenRapper's Delight: The Hip Hop Cookbook
2015978-91-85639-73-1Nicholas GanzSTREET MESSAGES
2016978-91-85639-83-0Mark 563HIP HOP COLORING BOOK
2019978-91-85639-91-5Bianca DyroffUrban Scrawl Pocket Notes