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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-91-85509-02-7Carola Aili · Lars-Erik NilssonIn Tension Between Organization and Profession: Professionals in Nordic Public Service
  ''978-91-85509-05-8Anders Persson · Stellan WelinContested Technologies: Xenotransplantation and Human Embryonic Stem Cells
2009978-91-85509-07-2Harvey J. Graff · Alison Mackinnon · Bengt Sandin · Ian WinchesterUnderstanding Literacy in Its Historical Contexts: Socio-Cultural History and the Legacy of Egil Johansson
2010978-91-85509-15-7Bengt Sandin · Maija RuncisNeither Fish nor Fowl: Educational Broadcasting in Sweden 1930-2000
  ''978-91-85509-17-1Mats Morell Janken MyrdalThe Agrarian History of Sweden: From 4000 B.C. to 2000 A.D.
2009978-91-85509-22-5Karin Aggestam · Annika BjörkdahlWar and Peace in Transition: Changing Roles of External Actors
  ''978-91-85509-23-2Anders Gullberg · Karolina Isaksson · Jonas Eliasson · Greger HenrikssonCongestion Taxes in City Traffic: Lessons Learnt from the Stockholm Trial
2010978-91-85509-30-0Jonas Frykman · Nils GiljeBeing There: New Perspectives on Phenomenology and the Analysis of Culture
  ''978-91-85509-31-7David Denis AldrigdeAdmiral Sir John Norris: And the British Naval Expeditions to the Baltic Sea 1715-1727
2010978-91-85509-32-4Stevan DedijerStevan Dedijer - My Life of Curiosity and Insights: A Chronicle of the 20th Century
  ''978-91-85509-33-1Anne Eriksen · Jón Viðar SigurðssonNegotiating Pasts in the Nordic Countries: Interdisciplinary Studies in History and Memory
  ''978-91-85509-35-5Tom O'DellSpas: The Cultural Economy of Hospitality, Magic and the Senses
  ''978-91-85509-36-2Mariah Larsson · Anders MarklundSwedish Film: An Introduction and a Reader
2011978-91-85509-37-9Kristina JennbertAnimals and Humans: Recurrent Symbiosis in Archaeology and Old Norse Religion (Vagar Till Midgard)
2014978-91-85509-38-6Anders AndrénTracing Old Norse Cosmology: The World Tree, Middle Earth and the Sun in Archeaological Perspectives (Vagar Till Midgard)
2011978-91-85509-39-3Annika Egan Sjölander · Jenny Gunnarsson PayneTracking Discourses: Politics, Identity and Social Change
  ''978-91-85509-48-5Lise Widding IsaksenGlobal Care Work: Gender and Migration in Nordic Societies
2011978-91-85509-49-2Henrik Stenius · Mirja Österberg · Johan ÖstlingNordic Narratives of the Second World War: National Historiographies Revisited
  ''978-91-85509-54-6Martin ÅbergSwedish and German Liberalism: From Factions to Parties 1860-1920
  ''978-91-85509-56-0Janken Myrdal · Mats MorellThe Agrarian History of Sweden: From 4000 BC to AD 2000
2012978-91-85509-57-7Erik Carlquist · Peter C. Hogg · Eva ÖsterbergThe Chronicle of Duke Erik: A Verse Epic from Medieval Sweden
2011978-91-85509-59-1Barbara Törnquist-Plewa · Krzysztof StalaCultural Transformations After Communism: Central and Eastern Europe in Focus
2012978-91-85509-60-7Hanne Fjelde · Kristine HöglundBuilding Peace, Creating Conflict?: Conflictual Dimensions of Local and International Peacebuilding
2011978-91-85509-61-4Marko Lamberg · Marko Hakanen · Janne HaikariPhysical and Cultural Space in Pre-Industrial Europe: Methodological Approaches to Spatiality
  ''978-91-85509-63-8Mariah Larsson · Ann SteinerInterdisciplinary Approaches to Twilight: Studies in Fiction, Media and a Contemporary Cultural Experience
2012978-91-85509-64-5Anna Maria Forssberg · Mats Hallenberg · Orsi Husz · Jonas NordinOrganizing History: Studies in Honour of Jan Glete
  ''978-91-85509-66-9Nikolas GloverNational Relations: Public Diplomacy, National Identity and the Swedish Institute 1945-1970
2012978-91-85509-70-6Anna Sparrman · Bengt Sandin · Johanna SjöbergSituating Child Consumption: Rethinking Values and Notions of Children, Childhood and Consumption
  ''978-91-85509-71-3Catharina Raudvere · Jens Peter SchjødtMore than Mythology: Narratives, Ritual Practices and Regional Distribution in Pre-Christian Scandinavian Religions
  ''978-91-85509-73-7Ida BlomMedicine, Morality, and Political Culture: Legislation on Venereal Disease in Five Northern European Countries, c.1870-c.1995
  ''978-91-85509-87-4Mats BurströmTreasured Memories: Tales of Buried Belongings in Wartime Estonia