Societas Upsaliensis pro Geologia Quaternaria

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1977978-91-7388-002-2Ingemar PahlssonA standard pollen diagram from the Lojsta Area of Central Gotland (Striae)
  ''978-91-7388-004-6Maj Britt FlorinLate-glacial and Pre-boreal vegetation in Southern Central Sweden (Striae)
  ''978-91-7388-005-3Ingemar CatoRecent sedimentological and geochemical conditions and pollution problems in two marine areas in South-western Sweden (Striae)
  ''978-91-7388-006-0Ulf QvarfortSome problems associated with exploration geochemistry in mining areas (Striae)
1994978-91-7388-069-5Ning ShiThe late Cenozoic stratigraphy, chronology, palynology, and environmental development in the Yushe basin, north China (Striae)