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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-90-8622-074-83 Biggetjes FR
2007978-90-8622-077-9Traditional365 Bedtime Stories
2006978-90-8622-102-8Soft Book Rattle FR: trein
  ''978-90-8622-103-5Soft Book Rattle FR: schaap
  ''978-90-8622-104-2Soft Book Rattle FR: koe
  ''978-90-8622-105-9Soft Book Rattle FR: bal
  ''978-90-8622-146-2Maxi Peekaboo: Ready for school W&S
978-90-8622-239-1"contes ; collages et coloriages ; rouge ; blanche neige"
2007978-90-8622-367-1Gezondheidsgidsen: meditation FR
2007978-90-8622-371-8Gezondheidsgidsen: Healing With Herbs FR
2008978-90-8622-411-1I play & Learn: 3-5 geel boot
978-90-8622-459-3Maxi Peekaboo: Shapes, Colours and Opposites
978-90-8622-554-5Coucou sur la route
978-90-8622-585-9La cuisine della mamma: Les secrets de la cucina povera
2008978-90-8622-655-9Je t'aime: Mini Gift Books - I love you - FRE
2008978-90-8622-656-6Guéris vite: Mini Gift Books - Get well soon - FRE
  ''978-90-8622-657-3Bonne chance!: Mini Gift Books - Good luck! - FRE
  ''978-90-8622-658-0Le Petit Livre des Chats: Mini Gift Books - Little Book of Cats - FRE
  ''978-90-8622-659-7Le Petit Livre des Chiens: Mini Gift Books - Little Book of Dogs - FRE
  ''978-90-8622-660-3Le Sens de l'Amitié: Mini Gift Books - Best Friends - FRE
2008978-90-8622-661-0Le baiser: Mini Gift Books - My kiss to you - FRE
  ''978-90-8622-662-7L'amour, toujours.: Mini Gift Books - Love is forever - FRE
  ''978-90-8622-663-4Je t'aime, maman !: Mini Gift Books - I want to snuggle you - FRE
  ''978-90-8622-664-1Dans tes bras !: Mini Gift Books - I want to snuggle you - FRE
  ''978-90-8622-665-8Amis pour la vie !: Mini Gift Books - Friends are forever - FRE
2008978-90-8622-666-5Vive le Bonheur: Mini Gift Books - Be happy - FRE
  ''978-90-8622-667-2Super Papa: Mini Gift Books - Daddy Cool - FRE
  ''978-90-8622-669-6101 raisons de t'aimer: Mini Gift Books - 101 reasons why I love you - FRE
  ''978-90-8622-670-2Vive la vie: Mini Gift Books - Life's so good - FRE
978-90-8622-679-5Yoyo's Medieval Castle Carousel
978-90-8622-720-4Maxi Peekaboo di Natale
978-90-8622-725-9My First Words School
978-90-8622-726-6My First Words My Day
2008978-90-8622-766-2Les 3 premiers livres de bébé - Blue box: Baby Gift Pack - Blue - FRE
978-90-8622-767-9Mon livre de contes inoubliables: Big Fairy Tale Book - Franse uitgave BK-France
2008978-90-8622-785-3Colorio +2-64 pg
  ''978-90-8622-786-0Colorio +3-64 pg
2008978-90-8622-787-7Colorio +4-64 pg
  ''978-90-8622-788-4Colorio +5-64 pg
2011978-90-8622-910-9TraditionalVroom (Babys' First Library)