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2013978-90-78088-00-4Timothy Ahrensbach · Joost Beunderman · Alice Fung · Indy Johar · Joni SteinerCompendium for the Civic Economy: What our Cities, Towns and Neighborhoods Can Learn from 25 Trailblazers
2006978-90-78088-01-1Agung Jenong · Gerardo MosqueraStani Michiels & Arjan van Helmond: Jakarta Megalopolis: Horizontal and Vertical Observations
  ''978-90-78088-07-3Maria RoosenMaria Roosen: My Friends, Mis Amigos, Mes Amis, I Miei Amici, Meine Freunde, Mijn Vrienden
2007978-90-78088-08-0Laurence Benaïm · Domeniek RuytersAnuschka Blommers & Niels Schumm: Anita and 124 Other Portraits
2006978-90-78088-09-7S. Lebesque · I. OosterheerdLangs het IJ: architectuurtochten door gebieden aan de Zuidelijke IJoever, Amsterdam architectuurtochten door gebieden aan de Zuidelijke IJoever, Amsterdam
2008978-90-78088-17-2Jennifer Allen · Sophie Berrebi · Beatrice von Bismarck · Maaike Bleeker · Jeroen Boomgaard · Nicolas Bourriaud · Deborah Cherry · Hal FosterRight About Now: Art and Theory Since the 1990s
  ''978-90-78088-22-6Kitty Zijlmans · Richard Anderson · Elizabeth De Bièvre · Jean Borgatti · Donald Brown · John Clark · Thomas Kaufmann · Ellen DissanayakeWorld Art Studies: Exploring Concepts and Approaches
2009978-90-78088-24-0Cornel Bierens · Edwin Carels · Guus Beumer · Valentijn Byvanck · Chris DrakeThis Is the Flow: The Museum as a Space for Ideas
  ''978-90-78088-29-5Wouter Davidts · Kim Paice · Julia Gelshorn · MaryJo Marks · Kirsten SwensonThe Fall of The Studio: Artists at Work (Antennae)
2010978-90-78088-34-9Pascal GielenThe Murmuring of the Artistic Multitude: Global Art, Memory and Post-Fordism (Antennae)
  ''978-90-78088-35-6Kitty Zijlmans · Thomas Crow · Barbara Hooper · Caroline van EckTake Place: Photography and Place from Multiple Perspectives
2010978-90-78088-38-7BAVOToo Active to Act: cultureel activisme na het einde van de geschiedenis
2017978-90-78088-49-3Wouter DavidtsTriple Bond: Essays on Art, Architecture and the Museum
2011978-90-78088-50-9Paul De Bruyne · Pascal GielenCommunity Art: The Politics of Trespassing
  ''978-90-78088-51-6Paul O'NeillLocating the Producers: Durational Approaches to Public Art
2015978-90-78088-52-3Rudi LaermansMoving Together: Making and Theorizing Contemporary Dance
2011978-90-78088-53-0Janneke WesselingSee It Again, Say It Again: The Artist as Researcher
  ''978-90-78088-55-4Andrew Blauvelt · Vito Campanelli · Sven Ehmann · Martin Ferro-Thomsen · Jeff GomezI Read Where I Am: Exploring New Information Cultures
2012978-90-78088-56-1Camiel van WinkelDuring the Exhibition the Gallery Will Be Closed: Contemporary Art and the Paradoxes of Conceptualism
  ''978-90-78088-57-8Tessa Overbeek · Jeroen Boomgaard · Stefan HertmansTeaching Art in the Neoliberal Realm: Realism versus Cynicism
2013978-90-78088-58-5Studio MonikerConditional Design Workbook
  ''978-90-78088-59-2Jeroen Boomgaard · Jouke KleerebezemPoster No. 524: The Deconstruction of the Contemporary Poster
2013978-90-78088-63-9Francesca Miazzo · Mark MinkjanFarming the City: Food as a Tool for Today's Urbanization
  ''978-90-78088-68-4Pascal GielenInstitutional Attitudes: Instituting Art in a Flat World (Antennae)
2014978-90-78088-70-7Frederike HuygenJurriaan Schrofer 1926-1990: Graphic Designer, Pioneer of Photo Books, Art Director, Teacher, Art Manager, Environmental Artist
  ''978-90-78088-72-1Maria Rus Bojan · Alessandro Cassin · Thomas McEvilley · Charlemagne Palestine · Laurie Anderson · Timea Lelik · Tevz Logar · Lena PislakWhispers: Ulay on Ulay
  ''978-90-78088-73-8Ank MarcarWillem Sandberg, Portrait of an Artist
2013978-90-78088-80-6Indira van 't KloosterReactivate!: Innovators of Dutch Architecture
2015978-90-78088-85-1Michel Van Der Aa · Franz Billmayer · Bernard Darras · Willem Elias · Arnon GrunbergArts Education Beyond Art: Teaching Art in Times of Change
2014978-90-78088-87-5Karolien Byttebier · Sidi Cherkaoui · Arne De Boever · Kathelin GrayThe Ethics of Art: Ecological Turns in the Performing Arts
  ''978-90-78088-92-9Sepake Angiama · Ruth Buchanan · Silvia FedericiGrand Domestic Revolution Handbook
2015978-90-78088-94-3Nancy Adajania · Ariella Azoulay · Amelia Barikin · Nikos Papastergiadis · Manuel Beltrán · David Graeber · Michelle Kuo · Dora HegyiFuture Publics (The Rest Can and Should Be Done by the People): A Critical Reader in Contemporary Art
2015978-90-78088-95-0Gert KeunenAlternative Mainstream: Making Choices in Pop Music (Antennae)
  ''978-90-78088-98-1Sophie BerrebiThe Shape of Evidence: Contemporary Art and the Document