Allard Pierson Museum

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-90-71211-16-4C. M. StibbeLaconian Mixing Bowls: A History of the Krater Lakonikos from the Seventh to the Fifth Century B.C.
1991978-90-71211-20-1H. A. G BrijderSiana cups II: The Heidelberg painter (Allard Pierson series)
1992978-90-71211-21-8J. H. CrouwelChariots and Other Wheeled Vehicles in Iron Age Greece
1994978-90-71211-22-5C. M StibbeLaconian Drinking Vessels and Other Open Shapes: Laconian black-glazed pottery, Part 2 (complete in itself).
2000978-90-71211-33-1   ''Laconian oil flasks and other closed shapes (Allard Pierson series)
  ''978-90-71211-34-8H. A. G BrijderSiana cups III: The Red-black Painter, Griffin-bird Painter and Siana cups resembling lip-cups
2002978-90-71211-35-5Dietrich Von Bothmer · Andrew J. Clark · Jasper Gaunt · Benedicte GilmanEssays in honor of Dietrich von Bothmer (Allard Pierson series)
2003978-90-71211-36-2Wim RegterImitation and Creation: Development of Early Bucchero Design At Cerveteri in the Seventh Century BC