Kugler Publications

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-90-6299-170-9H Weerda · R. SiegertAuricular and Middle Ear Malformations, Ear Defects and Their Reconstruction
1999978-90-6299-171-6J Junger-TasBullying and delinquency in a Dutch school population (Meijers' series)
2000978-90-6299-181-5J.J. RosowskiThe Function and Mechanics of Normal, Diseased and Reconstructed Middle Ears
2002978-90-6299-190-7M. BarbaraManual of Temporal Bone Dissection
  ''978-90-6299-191-4T. Kubo · Y. Takahashi · T. IwakiCochlear Implants-An Update
2005978-90-6299-208-9G.J. Nolst TrenitéRhinoplasty - Book & DVD (3rd enlarged edition): A practical guide to functional and aesthetic surgery of the nose
2018978-90-6299-250-8C.J. Roberts · W.J. Dupps Jr. · J.C. DownsBiomechanics of the Eye
2017978-90-6299-251-5H.W. Roberts & J. Gale & K.R. MartinCurrent Clinical Evidence in Ophthalmology
  ''978-90-6299-253-9Constance OkekeThe Building Blocks of Trabectome Surgery, Volume 1: Patient Selection
2017978-90-6299-265-2T. Stadsbader · F. WuytsDizzy Me
2018978-90-6299-269-0I. Goldberg · N. GoldmannFighting Glaucoma
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  ''978-90-6299-466-3M.J. Mannis · A.A. MannisThe History of Ophthalmology - The Monographs volume 6: Corneal Transplantation- A History in Profiles (second edition)