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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1976978-90-6258-042-2P. KappertDie osmanischen Prinzen und ihre Residenz Amasya im 15. und 16. Jahrhundert (Pihans) (German Edition)
1979978-90-6258-044-6S GreengusOld Babylonian Tablets from Ishchali and Vicinity (Uitgaven Van Het Nederlands Historisch-Archaeologisch Instit)
1982978-90-6258-051-4BJ SlotArchipelagus Turbatus: Les Cyclades entre colonisation latine et occupation ottomane c. 1500-1718 (Pihans) (French Edition)
1986978-90-6258-057-6VeenhoffCuneiform archives and libraries: Papers read at the 30e Rencontre assyriologique internationale, Leiden, 4-8 July 1983 (Publications de l'Institut historique-archéologique néerlandais de Stamboul)
  ''978-90-6258-061-3J RoodenbergLe mobilier en pierre de Bouqras: Utilisation de la pierre dans un site néolithique sur le Moyen Euphrate (Syrie) (Pihans) (French Edition)
1988978-90-6258-063-7MN van LoonHammam et-Turkman I: Report on the University of Amsterdam's 1981-84 Excavations in Syria (Pihans)
1990978-90-6258-066-8C HillenbrandA Muslim Principality in Crusader Times: The Early Artuqid State (Pihans)
1992978-90-6258-069-9Grant FrameBabylonia 689-627 B.C: A political history (Uitgaven van het Nederlands Historisch-Archaeologisch Instituut te İstanbul)
1994978-90-6258-070-5B TeissierSealing and Seals on Texts from K|ltepe Karum Level 2 (Pihans)
1995978-90-6258-074-3Wh Van SoldtSolar Omens of Enuma Anu Enlil: Tablets 23 (24) - 29 (30) (Pihans)
1997978-90-6258-082-8G BorgMit Poesie vertreibe ich den Kummer meines Herzens: Eine Studie zur altarabischen Trauerklage der Frau (Pihans) (German Edition)
1998978-90-6258-083-5J. SchmidtFrom Anatolia to Indonesia: Opium Trade and the Dutch Community of Izmir, 1820-1940 (Pihans)
2002978-90-6258-096-5G van DrielElusive Silver: In Search of a Role for a Market in an Agrarian Environment. Aspects of Mesopotamia's Society (Pihans)
1996978-90-6258-209-9H WillemsThe World of the Coffin Texts: Proceedings of the Symposium Held on the Occasion of the 100th Birthday of Adriaan de Buck, Leiden, December 17-19, ... Uitgaven - Egyptological Publications)
1999978-90-6258-213-6Benedict G. DaviesWho's Who At Deir El-Medina: A Prosopographic Study of the Royal Workmen's Community
2005978-90-6258-313-3WH van SoldtEthnicity in Ancient Mesopotamia: Papers Read at the 48th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale, Leiden, 1-4 July 2002 (Pihans)
2006978-90-6258-317-1G DeutscherThe Akkadian Language in its Semitic Context: Studies in the Akkadian of the Second Millennium BC (Pihans)
2008978-90-6258-321-8S Alpaslan RoodenbergLife and Death in a Prehistoric Settlement in Northwest Anatolia: The Ilipinar Excavations, Volume III. With Contributions on Hacilartepe and Mentese (Pihans)
2012978-90-6258-331-7Gojko BarjamovicUps and Downs at Kanesh: Chronology, History and Society in the Old Assyrian Period
1987978-90-6258-402-4Heleen Sancisi-Weerdenburg · Amelie KuhrtThe Greek Sources: Proceedings of the Groningen 1984 Achaemenid History Workshop (Achaemenid History Series Vol 2)
1988978-90-6258-403-1Amelie KuhrtMethod and Theory: Proceedings of the London 1985 Achaemeniel History Workshop (Achaemenid History Workshop Series, Vol 3)
2002978-90-6258-412-3D KaptanThe Daskyleion Bullae: Seal Images from the Western Achaemenid Empire: Volume I: Text. Volume II: Catalogue and Plates (Achaemenid History)