year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1974978-90-6196-102-4W AlbersAsymptotic Expansions and the Deficiency Concept in Statistics (Mathematical Centre Tracts)
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1979978-90-6196-173-4J. M. van WouweGo-spaces and generalizations of metrizability (Mathematical Centre tracts ; 104)
  ''978-90-6196-188-8P.J.M. HallenbergBranching Processes with Continuous State Space
1980978-90-6196-196-3I JuhászCardinal functions in topology, ten years later (Mathematical Centre tracts)
  ''978-90-6196-199-4G Van Der HoekReduction Methods In Nonlinear Programming
  ''978-90-6196-202-1G Van der LaanSimplicial Fixed Point Algorithms
  ''978-90-6196-203-8a M. CohenEindige Groepen
1981978-90-6196-217-5P W. HemkerNumal: Numerical Procedures in Algol 60 General Information and Indices
1981978-90-6196-228-1H. R. Bennett · D. J. LutzerTopology and Order Structures (Mathematical Centre tracts)
1982978-90-6196-239-7T H. KoornwinderStructure of Real Semisimple Lie Groups
  ''978-90-6196-248-9H W. LenstraComputational Methods in Number Theory
  ''978-90-6196-249-6   ''Computational Methods in Number Theory
1983978-90-6196-250-2P J. HoogendoornCursus Cryptografie
  ''978-90-6196-252-6H a W M. KneppersCovariant Classificaton of Two-Dimensional Smoothe Commutative Formal Groups Over An Algebraically Closed Field of Positive Characteristics
  ''978-90-6196-256-4A. RezusAbstract Automath
1983978-90-6196-259-5J J. DikTests for Preference
  ''978-90-6196-261-8F A van der Duyn SchoutenMarkov Decision Processes With Continuous Time Parameter
  ''978-90-6196-265-6J.H. EvertseUpper Bounds for the Numbers of Solutions of Diophantine Equations
1980978-90-6196-267-0D.H.J. EpemaSurfaces with canonical hyperplane sections
  ''978-90-6196-268-7J.J. DijkstraFake topological Hilbert spaces and characterizations of dimension in terms of negligibility
  ''978-90-6196-269-4A.J. van der SchaftSystem theoretic description of physical systems
1984978-90-6196-274-8M H van HoornAlgorithms and approximations for queueing systems
1984978-90-6196-275-5C P J. KoymansModels of lambda calculus
  ''978-90-6196-277-9C G van der Laan · N M. TemmeCalculation of special functions: the gamma function the exponential integrals and error-like functions
1985978-90-6196-283-0W H. HundsdorferThe numerical solution of nonlinear stiff initial value problems and analysis of one step methods
1986978-90-6196-284-7D. GruneOn the design of ALEPH
1985978-90-6196-287-8R J P. GroothuizenMixed elliptic-hyperbolic partial differential operators: a case study in Fourier integral operators
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1986978-90-6196-294-6B F. SchrieverOrder dependence
  ''978-90-6196-296-0D P van der VechtInequalities for stopped Brownian motion
1986978-90-6196-299-1a F. MonnaMethods, concepts and ideas in mathematics: aspects of an evolution
  ''978-90-6196-300-4a J W. KolenTree network and planar rectilinear location theory
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  ''978-90-6196-307-3P W H. LemmensDiscrete wiskunde: tellen, grafen, spelen en codes
1980978-90-6196-309-7J van de LuneAn introduction to Tauberian theory: from Tauber to Wiener
1987978-90-6196-316-5M L. EatonLectures on topics in probability inequalitites
1987978-90-6196-323-3Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica Netherlands AmsterdamVacantiecursus 1987: de personal computer en de wiskunde op school
  ''978-90-6196-328-8   ''Vacantiecursus 1983 complexe getallen
1988978-90-6196-347-9J.B. DijkstraAnalysis of Means in Some Non-standard Situations
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1993978-90-6196-431-5B. P. SommeijerParallelism in the Numerical Integration of Initial Value Problems (CWI Tracts)

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